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Virgo Sun Gemini Moon

virgo-sun-gemini-moonMind power is your strength – and your weakness. It is your strength because you are rational, capable of figuring things out analytically, and of grasping details and intricacies. It is your weakness because, through absorption with mental matters, you are likely to neglect the emotional side of your life, which nevertheless rises up to cause you trouble. Your faith is in reason and you are consequently confounded and baffled in the presence of emotional experience. You are sentimental rather than romantic or passionate, and either indecisive or inconstant in matters of love. Without being self-sufficient, you none the less hesitate to pin yourself down to any one person, and even when you do, your critical nature can lessen love by picking flaws. You are a good deal of an intellectual aristocrat, a little scornful of the men and women whose intellectual equipment, or training, has not been up to yours. Your adaptability is likely to bring you success in some degree, for you are a conscientious student and workman, succeeding best in personal or independent types of intellectual activity, such as the arts and the professions. You are eager for progress, an opportunist taking advantage of every opening, and not always considerate of one who gets in your way. You are impressionable but somewhat cold in response, your affinities tending to intellectual rather than romantic, for your mind always stands a censor and judges people. Thus, though you may be erratic, impulsive and independent in intellectual matters, you are not swept off your feet by your emotions. You are a little overbalanced on the mental side, and appear “good” through having few temptations to overcome – you stay on the beaten track because the by-paths don’t lure you. You have to be careful that too much mental work doesn’t produce nervousness – “all work and no play…”

Watch out for becoming a bookworm to the neglect of your physical, as well as emotional, well-being; you need exercise, rest, and relaxation to take care of your enormous mental and nervous energies.

Grant Lewi

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