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Virgo Sun Cancer Moon

virgo-sun-cancer-moonYou are reserved, sentimental, and naturally shy, although self confidence grows with the years. However, you don’t get over a certain reticence of manner and adherence to the conventions of social usage. You have an underlying sweetness and charm which your shyness and sensitivity may conceal too effectively. You live by a code of some kind or other, usually based on the conventions of your circle but varied by you from time to time (and even from moment to moment) to suit your own purposes as they arise. You are very protective and defensive, and being agile mentally can think up reasons and excuses why what you do is all right, though you may condemn it sharply in another.

When you step off the beaten track in any way, you do it not from any conviction that you are doing as you should, but with an active consciousness of sin. Where your emotions are concerned and when you’re in the process of defending yourself, you are capable of being illogical, and you have to be allowed to work yourself out of moods the best way you know how. Your sensitivity finds armors to protect itself with, against which both reason and affection fail. And once you have entrenched yourself in your citadel, only you can lead yourself out again. You are loving and affectionate, but a little aloof, from shyness rather than from pride, for you are really very sociable at heart and, when you let yourself go, can be the life of the party – from which hilarity you can suddenly, and for no reason, lapse into the sulks and gloom. This is probably due to physiological causes, for your vitality is not high, and your nervousness exhausts it quickly. You are very particular about matters of health and diet, and with good reason, though this can go over to finickyness and even hypochondria if you get to feeling sorry for yourself. You love attention and are capable of playing sick to get it. You are affectionate, and loyal and devoted in love. With respect to people you meet, you are alternately too suspicious and too gullible, your judgment being based on your emotions. Mentally, you are quick, clever, facile, and adaptable, with a ready intuitive grasp of details and an ability to keep several things, or jobs, going in your mind at the same time. You are temperamental with respect to work, doing it in fits and starts rather than with concentrated drive. Private non-executive work of a creative nature is your best medium. You are full of ideas, and expressive of them and a valuable business asset.

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amardeep shrestha 03-11-2014, 16:41

Hello sir

This is my sign and i want to improve my personality what i have to do?



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