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Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope

According to various surveys it is estimated that around 90% of the UK population know the sign under which they were born and some of the characteristics associated with it. Aries revels in its leadership skills, Capricorns are proud of their ambition and Librans relish their role as diplomats and peacemakers. Virgos, however, tell a rather different story, appearing diffident, defensive or even apologetic when divulging their birthday month. They believe others see them as critic, workaholic and hypochondriac. Even a cursory knowledge of astrology indicates that this can’t be the whole story as every sign has both its negative aspects and its positive qualities. Virgos are kind, discerning, conscientious, practical and helpful, – beacons of industry and idealism in what they sometimes see as an increasingly sloppy world. This is probably the most under-rated and yet one of the most interesting signs of the zodiac and Virgos frequently come as a real surprise package to those who have never looked past the slightly negative press.

In the early days of the Roman Empire the vestal virgins were well-born, highly respected and honourable women whose role was to nurture and to maintain both the royal home and the sacred sites. They performed quite ordinary and mundane tasks with love and devotion to duty and took enormous pride in the excellence of their work. The Virgo rationale has always been ‘service to others’ and modern day Virgins still understand the importance of hard work and life’s necessary routines and, like their forebears, are rightly proud of their achievements. Their strong work ethic, however, leads them to think that they have to sweat blood and tears before deserving praise and remuneration and also at the back of every Virgo mind is the thought that perhaps they are not quite good enough. Thus, they set themselves impossibly high standards and usually have unrealistic expectations of those around them too.

The perception that Virgos are the epitome of destructive criticism derives from their need to educate and to improve. On the positive side, of course, with their talents channelled in the right direction, they make some of the very best teachers and trainers. There are probably many who can thank a Virgo for making a complicated subject seem simple, encouraging an interest or for pushing a talent that might otherwise have lain dormant. Virgos like to think that their criticism of anything, or anyone, is strongly positive and nothing but helpful, but when told, in no uncertain terms, that their pettifogging behaviour is unwelcome, are genuinely baffled. It takes time for them to understand that sometimes it’s essential to keep quiet if they are not to lose friends and colleagues along their efficiently signposted highway.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign: astrologically earth is associated with order, security, stability and practicality while mutable signs are versatile, adaptable and innately good at disseminating information. It is ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods, who rushed hither and thither, but not always for the right reasons nor with the best of intentions. Virgos usually possess the quick, mercurial mind and, for a sign so closely associated with the rather solid and practical side of life, a surprisingly quick wit. They are no slouches when it comes to a verbal joust or spotting a flaw in an argument. Like Mercury they too are restless creatures, prone to fidgeting and finding it difficult to relax. It’s not easy, either, to help Virgos. They are often reluctant to ask for assistance or to be in any way dependent on family, friends or neighbours and thus often take on, alone, duties and responsibilities that could easily be shared. And it’s that notion of ‘alone’ that’s very significant where Virgo is concerned. This is a sign that’s programmed to like its own company. Alone and loneliness are two different states and while Virgos are no different from other signs in loving company and seeking important relationships, they are rarely unhappy when the party’s over and they have time on their own.

The other, and very important, Virgo attribute, is their genuine kindness: they are excellent listeners, full of practical advice and help and haven’t a malicious bone in their body. Nothing is too much trouble and they will always be first in line to cope most efficiently with a crisis. It’s also very difficult for Virgos to stand back and watch anyone making a right mess of things. They’ll grit their teeth and mutter encouragement for a bit, but before very long just have to rush right in and take over. Virgo can’t wait to bring order out of chaos. ‘Neat and tidy’ is an epithet rightly associated with Virgo. No marginally dusty surface or rumpled cushion is safe from the Virgoan compulsion to clean or clear and most Virgos can’t settle to either work or play if surrounded by clutter. However, the Virgoan perfectionism can, at worst, mean that they fret and fuss their way through life, becoming obsessed with the minutiae and unable to see the bigger picture. Virgos have always been noted as the workaholics of the zodiac. Their attention to detail can make it really difficult for them to leave a job half done and time management for many of them becomes a nightmare. In turn colleagues and bosses wonder if their Virgo employees are up to the job as they seem to take such ages to complete the simplest task. They take enormous pride in producing one peerless piece of work but somehow fail to appreciate that the other tasks associated with the project have not been touched! The need to get things right in life can also manifest as a distinct inability to realise that they might occasionally be wrong. At least with Virgo, genuine and charming apologies are usually forthcoming

On the whole, Virgos do not seek to be centre stage: if they are up front, it’s because they are in a teaching role of some kind. They truly flourish as the power behind the throne and Virgos understand how much more influence they can wield through a quiet word in the ear than through very public pronouncements. It is from the back seat, too, that they can effectively rein in someone else’s big ego or unrealistic plans. The Virgo glory comes from seeing a boss promoted, a spouse achieve success, a child excel at school or a protégé, of any kind, reap rewards. Their innate attention to detail makes them excellent technicians, analysts, researchers and administrators and they can easily turn their hands to any household emergency. Routine, order and fixed points are essential parts of the Virgoan lifestyle whether it’s little early morning rituals or locking up at night.

Virgos are never likely to clatter noisily through life. Their preferred mode of behaviour is to stay quietly in the background, assessing their surroundings and the company until they are absolutely sure of their ground. They make charming and knowledgeable conversationalists and take a genuine interest in those around them. That, together with their ability to tell a very amusing story, ensure they are much appreciated at get-togethers of all kinds. And if the occasion is a bit sticky, Virgos will roll up their sleeves, literally or metaphorically, and get things moving in the right direction.

Cancer is usually thought of as the zodiac’s greatest worrier but Virgo, on the whole, inches past the Crab to win that particular crown. Not content with their own worries, Virgos often take other people’s problems to heart, and the cares of the world as well, even when they know they can do absolutely nothing to change the situation. Emotionally, life for Virgos isn’t easy. Their analytical brain takes over from the heart and instinctively wants to dissect every romantic nuance and to worry about what their feelings could mean. ‘Go with your heart’ is advice they never take because they don’t know how to. They are often intensely private people and direct questions to a Virgo of a sensitive nature can be met with an extremely frosty response, or complete silence, thus ensuring that they rarely share their troubles. This build up of worry and seemingly insurmountable problems then causes Virgo to panic, which in turn leads to health problems, often to do with the stomach. As to their health generally, Virgos never have colds, it’s always flu, and they often turn up to work or social events carrying a bag of pills and potions. On the plus side, of course, they are a walking Wikipedia of medical terms and remedies of all kinds and very keen to share that knowledge. Helpful, caring and capable: that is Virgo with a bit of hypochondria thrown into the mix.

 Never underestimate Virgos. They are hard-working, discriminating and just as likely as the more ambitious signs to realise their full potential. These are people to have on your side and never to take for granted: they see through spongers and ne’er-do-wells and know exactly where to draw the line when it comes to being fair and reasonable. Their charity to those in really difficult and trying circumstances is boundless and their high standards are those to which everyone should aspire, even if Virgos themselves don’t meet their own exacting criteria either.

The Virgo Man

The Virgo male is one of the most attractive in the zodiac, not because he is inherently the best looking, although Virgos frequently possess a face of great distinction, but because he has so much to offer once he’s overcome his initial shyness and feels at ease in company. Often much derided by his more assertive Aries and Leo friends or the fiercely ambitious Capricorns and the charming Librans, Virgo is invariably the quiet, unassuming fellow who walks off with the most stunning and intelligent person in the room, leaving the above-mentioned group slack-jawed in amazement.

On the whole he does not embody grand romance, sentimentality and dramatic emotional scenes. Pragmatism, a sharp intellect and unselfish devotion are his strengths and while he can flirt his way around a room with all the skills of a Sagittarian, and certainly with more discretion, he’ll be fastidiously choosy about his conquests and will frequently prefer to end the evening on his own. He is looking for a genuine relationship and really isn’t bothered with one-night stands, which is not to say he doesn’t indulge from time to time. There are many Virgo men who can exist for a long time without feeling the need for a partnership or even a sexual relationship. Then they suddenly wonder whether celibacy is beckoning, reassure themselves that it is not by indulging in a short bout of quite promiscuous behaviour, regret it, and happily wait for that very special person who will match up to their sometimes rather exacting standards. Invariably the Virgo man chooses a strong partner who is able to act as friend, lover and chief organiser, thus leaving his own analytical mind free to concentrate on the details while the partner copes most effectively with the bigger picture.

Rather like his Piscean astrological opposite, the Virgo man is really rather a gentle soul. He’ll often use the excuse of ill health or work pressures to get out of both personal and professional situations he would rather not face, especially if he feels it’s all going to be a load of hassle. Rather than tell colleagues that a meeting is a waste of time or imply to friends that he’s not enjoying the party, it’s easier to retire with a headache, allergy or indigestion. At work he will always be considered as the one to get things done, often ending up feeling thoroughly put upon and used. On the other hand, when he wants to be of service to those he loves, he’ll run himself ragged, thus over-taxing his quite fragile nervous system and ensuring an exhausted retirement either to his bed or the sofa.

It takes time to understand the Virgo man’s emotional set-up. At first he can seem quite aloof and very self-contained, and that is exactly how he copes when his feelings are under some kind of siege. What he says, therefore, when it comes to affairs of the heart, he truly means – for better or worse. The Virgo man can be the kindest and most dependable member of the zodiac, but also the most neurotic, – at worst a rather fussy hypochondriac. His attributes, however, greatly outweigh his shortcomings and in many ways the Virgo man is the zodiac’s unsung hero.

The Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman is efficiency personified. Just like her male counterpart she’s up there at the top of the league of people to call on in times of crisis, and taking time to relax is never slotted into her timetable. Routine and order are essential to the Virgo woman’s well being. While most do not conform to the role of the obsessive housewife, there are certainly many Virgoans who are only really comfortable in a fairly tidy environment. The Virgo desk is probably the one with least clutter, and whether at home or at the office she usually feels she cannot get on with the day’s work until certain daily chores have been completed, taking great comfort in the habits she has chosen to adopt. She watches her friends having a great time and often secretly wishes she could be like them, with seemingly not a care in the world. She, however, has been born to worry about everyone and everything and it doesn’t come naturally to her to throw her very sensible attitude to the winds and to let her hair down. Yet, she has some very forthright views behind that modest exterior. Never ask a Virgoan woman for an honest opinion unless you really want to hear it! With Mercury, planet of communication, as their ruler, Virgo women are often very well read, extremely good conversationalists and take a great interest in the world around them. Whilst her appearance will tend to be smart and neat, she tends to have a very raunchy and earthy sense of humour which invariably comes as a huge surprise to people who have perhaps seen her as a little genteel.

The Greek goddess, Demeter, earth mother and ruler of the orderly cycles of nature, is usually depicted as the Virgin symbol. She holds sway over a time of year much concerned with fruitfulness and fecundity and she was always attended by her priestesses. These attendants gave sexual favours as a sacrifice to the goddess so that she would look kindly on man and sustain his life force – a theme that seems rather at odds with the idea of virginity. Demeter and the other great earth goddesses are invariably portrayed as wives and mothers but also as women who are spiritually whole and pure. The virgin state in this context has nothing to do with sexual purity but indicates a woman complete in herself, belonging to and needing no-one. This theme is very appropriate to Virgo women who would often prefer to be alone than with someone who is less than a perfect partner.

The Virgo woman is a much more complex individual than would first appear. She can be both powerful and glamorous and not at all afraid of making tough decisions, but it’s her thoughtfulness and discrimination, however, that shine through, together with her fervent support for those she loves.

Virgo Zodiac

Virgo Zodiac

Relating to Virgo

The most obviously compatible signs for Virgo are the other two earth signs who understand the Virgin’s sensible attitude to life, or the water signs who nurture and comfort them. However, they tend to fall for the fire signs who quickly shatter their ordered life, or the air signs who make Virgos feel thoroughly unsettled.

Virgo and Aries

These two very different signs are irresistibly drawn to each other but too much fire (Aries) turns earth (Virgo) to dust and too much earth completely extinguishes the flames. At the beginning, Virgo just wishes it could be as adventurous and devil-may-care as Aries, and the Ram knows life would be so much easier if it could adopt Virgo’s steady approach. Virgo definitely seems to come alive in the company of Aries and no other sign can awaken the latent Virgoan sexuality in quite such a dramatic manner. Aries gets a buzz from the fact that Virgo provides a haven of stability and order to which it can return after doing battle with the world. However, before too long Virgo can be driven to distraction by the impatient and demanding Aries and the Ram becomes frustrated by the innate passivity and caution of Virgo, to say nothing of the nit-picking which drains Aries of its enthusiasm and enterprise. Aries also likes to leap into action on the spur of the moment which annoys Virgo who prefers to conduct risk assessments before setting out. Financially, these two are chalk and cheese. Aries is gung-ho about money and Virgo frets over every bit of expenditure. However, given tolerance on both sides, Aries gains enormously from Virgo’s industrious and orderly approach to life and Virgo learns from Aries how to enjoy a bit of adventure. After all, Virgo is the perfect partner to help to put the Aries plans into action: Aries has the ideas, Virgo the application and attention to detail to make them work, and is usually highly supportive of the Aries endeavours. Equally Aries has the fire, enthusiasm and initiative to take Virgo’s projects out into the world. Sexually this relationship can be brilliant as long as Virgo remembers that Aries thrives on spontaneity. After the initial and sometimes frenzied fascination this duo usually comes to a cross roads. For some it is a short-lived but unforgettable experience: for others a wonderful long haul beckons and with it a learning curve in moderation and adaptability.

Virgo and Taurus

Taurus is probably the best earth sign partner for Virgo, and this relationship can be one of the most loving and sensual. Each understands the other’s need for stability and security which establishes a very firm foundation for the partnership. However, these two signs do have very different ways of going about things and although they will always concur on not taking risks and on establishing routines, there will be plenty of issues on which they will disagree. Taurus has a large appetite for the good things in life, which is in stark contrast to the more modest and abstemious Virgo, and there could be severe differences of opinion on both financial matters and what constitutes the basic necessities of their existence. Then there is the question of independence. Virgo needs a certain amount of privacy and solitude and can become extremely annoyed at the Taurean possessiveness and neediness. Taurus is probably the most stubborn member of the zodiac and, for the more adaptable and versatile Virgo, it can be a real trial dealing with someone who is so inflexible. On the other hand, Virgo’s fussing and worrying can try the Taurean patience to its limits. Despite these potential problems, the biggest danger for this couple could be sheer boredom. Both tend to avoid life’s highs and lows in favour of a middle and untroubled road and both are in the business of being busy. Neither sign is keen to dive into deep emotional waters: anything remotely concerning partnership problems is swept right under the carpet. These two personify a common sense and feet-on-the-ground relationship which is frequently enough to cope with emotional upheavals of all kinds. They often stay together for years as extremely good friends, with the initially very sensual sexual relationship sometimes relegated to the back burner. On balance this partnership usually stands the test of time, particularly because it improves as the years go on, once the follies and the idealistic expectations of youth are forgotten.

Virgo and Gemini

These earth (Virgo) and air (Gemini) partners can end up either victims of a dust storm or clamped down and suffocated, so from the start this relationship has the potential to go off the rails. As is often the case with signs from conflicting elements, these two are usually extremely attracted to each other and, particularly so, because they are both ruled by Mercury and therefore appreciate the other’s intelligence and liking for an extremely busy life. Shared interests, including further education of one kind or another, also cement this partnership. Both tend to think from the head rather than the heart as they analyse and rationalise emotions: this is often a relationship of much talk and little real communication despite the fact that they have quickly become best friends. Gemini admires Virgo’s grounded approach while Virgo is charmed by the Twin’s quick-witted, amusing and lively attitude to life. However, Virgo likes a relatively ordered life, busy but under some kind of control, and Gemini tends to take on far too much and has major timing issues. Gemini starts to see Virgo as obsessed with detail, fussy and over-concerned about getting things right while the Twin prefers to see every day as an expensive magic carpet ride waiting to happen. Arguments over money abound with these two as Gemini spends regardless of what’s in the kitty and Virgo frets over a bank balance veering towards the red. Sexually this relationship often starts out with much passion, but after the initial attraction has worn off it can cool quite rapidly because both find it difficult to relate at an emotional level. When they start to sense that their sex life is less than fulfilling, each blames the other for the problems. A disappointing sex life, however, won’t in itself break up this relationship. Both are adaptable and versatile and neither is prone to taking a fixed stance on anything: for that very reason these two can often stay together for years, their busy lives, a strong mental rapport, shared interests and a good friendship successfully papering over any cracks in the relationship.

Virgo and Cancer

Cancer can be an excellent partner for Virgo if for no other reason that Cancer truly understands the Virgo anxieties and neuroses and is adept at administering anything from pills and potions to gin and sympathy. Virgo, in turn, proves to be a wonderfully stable partner for the over-emotional Cancerian, carefully and gently putting the Crab’s problems into perspective. Unfortunately, no astrological partnership is perfect and the Virgo/Cancer relationship can certainly have its difficulties. The Virgo tendency to carp and criticise can seriously undermine the more vulnerable Cancer who then escapes into one of its hurt silences. Cancer is also pretty good at shooting some verbally cruel and destructive arrows, usually as a form of self-defence, and both can be guilty of harbouring resentment. If both decide to sulk rather than communicate, the relationship can be slowly eroded. Cancer is capable of fussing just as much as Virgo, but in a way that seems either smothering or demanding and which provokes Virgo into distancing itself. Virgo needs ‘alone’ time but should also remember that Cancer is often, despite all signs to the contrary, unsure and in need of a lot of reassurance. Cancer may well be gentle, but it is also ambitious and can be very intolerant of what it sees as Virgo’s inability to make the most of its talents. These two tend to have a very satisfying physical relationship although perhaps not one of the most exciting: they are instinctively at home with each other and feel they have nothing to prove, let alone in the area of sexual gymnastics. At worst, these two great worriers can end up thoroughly stressed, whereupon Cancer will cling tenaciously to Virgo who is thinking more and more about removing itself from the scene. At best this can be a thoroughly rewarding partnership for both and frequently flourishes to great effect in a family environment as both make wonderfully caring and nurturing parents. But family life or not – these two are usually destined to enjoy a long partnership.

Virgo and Leo

Like all next-door signs Virgo and Leo are radically different. Leo is certainly a better fiery partner for Virgo than Aries or Sagittarius because it’s far more stable, is more tolerant of Virgo’s fretful nature and is very receptive to the Virgoan need for an ordered existence. Virgo is also warmed by the steady Leo flames and, with Leo’s protective encouragement, starts to look at life’s broader picture. Leo in turn is charmed by Virgo’s diligent application to every aspect of life and, more particularly, its ability to flesh out Leo’s grand plans and to bring them to practical fruition. Far more to the point for Leo is the fact that Virgo is more than happy to work behind the scenes and in no way wants to take a starring role. Virgos are often rather shy and the Lion will be brilliant at helping its partner gain social confidence. Leo is very strong-willed and obstinate and likes to have things its own way and although Virgo is adaptable and never likely to seek out conflict, won’t be pushed around or bullied for any length of time. Leo often makes the big mistake of underestimating a Virgoan partner who, in fact, is perfectly able to crush the carefully hidden Leo sensitivity with a formidable barrage of plain speaking. Financial matters can also be a source of much argument between these two. Leo’s extravagance versus Virgo’s moderation and thrift can be a thorn in this relationship’s flesh but invariably, after a lot of discussion, agreement is reached on how to manage the cash. Sexually, this can be a great partnership because both have a strongly sensual nature, but Leo has to learn to nurture its Virgo partner: earth signs like to take things slowly and the fire signs are about fast and furious. If this duo survives what can be a very thrilling but somewhat bumpy start they can be very complementary partners and will learn to weather the challenges the relationship is likely to bring. Much give and take will be needed on both sides and a lot of gentle persuasion will go a long way to making this relationship a success.

Virgo and Virgo

Any relationship between two people of the same sign brings the same delights and the same problems: each sees its own qualities reflected in the other and their faults staring them in the face. Thus when times are good and both Virgos are at their best the relationship is wonderful. When both are in perfectionist or critical mode it can be a mutually destructive experience. These two will certainly thrive on a busy schedule and on the practical concerns of day-to-day living. They will also be supportive of each other’s endeavours and understanding of their anxieties although, as they are both consummate worriers, soothing each other’s fears could be very challenging. There will be plenty of talk in this relationship: each rationalises everything, especially feelings, but nothing will ever come straight from the heart. That makes it almost impossible for them to get to the real causes of any deep-rooted or personal problems and to achieve mutual understanding. The innate Virgo restlessness also makes it certain that there will rarely be an element of calm in this partnership. Ultimately a Virgo/Virgo relationship can founder on emotional misunderstandings and increasing tensions which neither is able to diagnose or alleviate. Time management will always be a problem and it’s easy for this couple to put the welfare of the relationship at the end of a very full schedule. However, many double Virgo partnerships thrive because they are great friends: they have a tremendous ability to jog along together and there’ll certainly be agreement on all matters financial. This is not a duo for great emotional or sexual fireworks, which is not to say that their sex life is unimportant or likely to be a failure. Each understands the other’s strongly sensual nature and that business should always come before pleasure, a factor that frequently puts paid to other Virgo relationships. Once a double Virgo relationship gets into its stride, there is no reason at all why it shouldn’t last a very long time.

Virgo and Libra

With all sorts of problems inherent in an earth/air partnership, it is surprising that Virgo and Libra frequently get on extremely well. Libra is also a far better air sign for Virgo than Gemini or Aquarius as it is much more accommodating and a little less concerned with being permanently busy than the other two. Relationships generally, and a good partnership in particular, are vital to the Libran well-being and it will move heaven and earth to ensure that its partner is happy. Both signs are also rather idealistic about relationships and each expects the other to put a great deal of effort into making the partnership work. That’s fine, just as long as both understand exactly what is expected of them. Should standards slip, both are likely to be extremely judgmental. The Virgo ability to create order out of chaos is fully appreciated by Libra who is often so busy weighing the pros and cons of every action that it achieves nothing. Virgo is also encouraged by Libra to take a more laid-back attitude to life rather than fussing about everything and Libra will certainly listen to Virgo’s worries with a great deal of tenderness and concern. Libra, however, is often too ambitious for Virgo who comes to resent the sometimes rather shallow Libran social whirl. In turn Libra thinks Virgo tends to be a bit of a stick-in-the-mud and feels that it is hiding its social potential under a very large bushel. Rather like the Virgo/Leo relationship, money matters can become a bone of contention: Libra is a big spender and can fritter money away and Virgo quickly loses patience with what it sees as an irresponsible attitude to financial security. Sexually this partnership is probably not going to hit great heights, but nevertheless can be very loving and stimulating as both will care greatly about mutual contentment and satisfaction. These two can stay together for years, sometimes because moving on is just too much trouble, but more often because they frequently make a good team, genuinely like each other and truly care about each other’s happiness and well-being.

Virgo and Scorpio

A Scorpio partner can be one of the most successful for Virgo and there will be nothing half-hearted about this relationship. Of the three water signs Scorpio is probably best suited to Virgo as it has neither the over-emotional moodiness of Cancer nor the escapist tendencies of Pisces, but still possesses the nurturing qualities that are going to bring out the best in Virgo. Any potential problems in this relationship will stem from Virgo’s inability to acknowledge its feelings and Scorpio’s insistence on keeping so many secrets. Emotionally, the Scorpio waters run very deep and Virgo sometimes just can’t be bothered to delve that far down to find out what is really going on. In turn Scorpio sees Virgo as shallow and sometimes emotionally rather cool simply because it doesn’t wear its heart on its sleeve. The Scorpio stubbornness could also make Virgo feel it constantly has to back down, whilst forgetting that its own tendency to worry fuels the Scorpio anger. Although Scorpio will resent the Virgo tendency to criticise, Virgo will also have cause to fear any Scorpio outburst: the Scorpion takes the gold medal when it comes to hitting a partner’s raw nerve and then picking at it. Away from the highs and lows of this relationship, both can happily find a middle road: Virgo plans, organises and acts as the power behind the Scorpio throne, and Scorpio provides a sense of strength and steadfastness for the more restless Virgo. Most of all, however, the Virgo/Scorpio duo usually revels in a highly sensual and dynamic sex life and it is in their intimate moments that they solve their problems and have their most constructive communication. Whilst many astrological couples can exist very harmoniously together long after the initial passion has settled into either an intermittent sex life or none at all, this is unlikely to be one of them. For these two, it could be vital to keep the fires of passion burning: this partnership can easily last a lifetime, with both experiencing great sexual satisfaction to a ripe old age.

Virgo and Sagittarius

As so often happens with two signs that are clearly not made for each other at all, Virgo and Sagittarius are drawn together in mutual fascination and attraction. On an intellectual level these two are immensely compatible and each has tremendous admiration for the mental capabilities of the other. Discussion, argument and general banter make this a relationship of much talk and laughter but perhaps very little in the way of true communication. Initially Virgo is entranced by the Sagittarian verve, warmth and confidence and also by its innate wisdom. Sagittarius, who tends to live in a state of organised chaos, is intrigued by Virgo who has everything in order, plans brilliantly and is charmingly modest as well. Socially, the Virgo/Sagittarius duo is a real asset to any gathering: both can be very quick-witted, are good raconteurs and take a great interest in other people and the Archer helps Virgo to gain social confidence. To add to the initial excitement of this relationship there is invariably a huge amount of chemistry going on, and a sex life of great quality and quantity can easily disguise all sorts of developing problems. One of the basic difficulties in this relationship is that Sagittarius is forever the optimist and looking for change. Virgo sees the ideas and plans as totally unrealistic and starts to think of Sagittarius as irresponsible. In turn, the Sagittarian resents the Virgo negativity and sees the well-ordered Virgoan lifestyle as fussy and unadventurous. Virgo may not be one of the steadiest signs of the zodiac, despite being an earth sign, but it begins to look very firmly rooted indeed when compared with the Sagittarian’s often inconsiderate manner and lack of commitment to anything or anyone. The Virgo/Sagittarius relationship can be filed in the ‘fools rush in’ category because these two rarely take things slowly: they tend to sweep themselves into early commitment and then find that the stress of living together takes a huge toll. For this relationship to reach a major anniversary a great deal of compromise is usually required and each needs its own space.

Virgo and Capricorn

Capricorn and Virgo are invariably in a relationship for life. Both are earth signs, intent on finding a stable and committed partnership and sticking with it. Their life together might well be short on excitement and long on routine and predictability, but both will gain a real sense of security from such steadiness and certainty. Capricorn is one of the most ambitious signs in the zodiac and Virgo often gets a tremendous thrill from playing an active, but behind the scenes part, in its success and can be a great asset to Capricorn on the social scene, oiling the wheels when it comes to small talk and the niceties of life. Capricorn, in turn, is well able to soothe the Virgo worries and to understand its workaholic tendencies. Capricorn is also the ideal partner to offer help and support if Virgo wants to get on in the world. However, on the downside, the partnership can suffer from all work and no play, leading ultimately to nervous stress for Virgo and sheer exhaustion for Capricorn. A lack of spontaneity and an excess of discussion over every issue can lead to domestic tensions, only alleviated if Virgo is prepared to be more adaptable than the rather dyed-in-the-wool Capricorn. At least there will be no hassle over finances: neither is likely to spend recklessly. Their physical relationship can be very satisfying as both possess an earthy sexuality and take the view that they are in this for the long term. They are therefore prepared to take the practice makes perfect approach. This partnership thrives on doing, rather than feeling, and difficulties in their sex-life come about when both sense the closeness of the relationship is in jeopardy and neither is good at dealing with emotional issues. However, by the time they could be heading for the rocks, (later rather than sooner), the majority of Virgo/Capricorn relationships are totally comfortable in a very pleasant rut. For a few, however, the idea of something new is irresistible: Capricorn feels younger by the year and Virgo is ready for change!

Virgo and Aquarius

Aquarius is probably one of the last signs to be thought of as compatible with Virgo so it’s therefore no surprise that they invariably find each other utterly compelling. Very quickly they start to move down the rocky road often associated with this partnership. Intellectually, Virgo and Aquarius can be very stimulating as each admires the other’s grasp of issues, debating skills, range of knowledge and academic curiosity. There can also be a real compatibility in the fact that both rationalise their emotions. However, as Aquarius generally distances itself and Virgo becomes over-analytical when feelings are under discussion, the end result is often much talk and very little communication, ultimately leading to frustration and misunderstandings. On the other hand, both are kind, helpful and witty and as a friendship it invariably works wonderfully well but as a committed and nurturing partnership it can frequently get into difficulty. Aquarius is often far too much of an individual for the more conventional Virgo and certainly won’t fit in easily with the ordered Virgoan lifestyle. As far as the Aquarian is concerned, Virgo seems bogged down with routine, never does anything remotely zany and worries about everything, especially money which is never one of the Waterbearer’s main concerns. Aquarius is unlikely to be attuned to Virgo’s very sensual nature and Virgo will soon tire of the Aquarian’s rather detached manner to all things intimate. The sexual side of this partnership, after an exhilarating start, can quickly come to a halt. However, if they are determined to make the relationship work it can be invigorating and fulfilling to both. The adaptable Virgo will learn to go along with the Aquarian’s independent manner and will soon realise that, while Aquarius has many grand plans, it’s a fixed sign and doesn’t rush to change the status quo. Aquarius will also start to appreciate Virgo’s ability to run an efficient ship to which the more scattered Aquarian can safely return. Crucially, each will understand the other’s need for space and “alone time” in the relationship.

Virgo and Pisces

Virgo and Pisces would appear to be ideal partners. Pisces is more than capable of gently soothing away the Virgo worries and can make a wonderfully nurturing partner. Virgo, in turn, helps Pisces to turn its dreams into reality and to put flesh onto its creative bones. The problem with this relationship is that both signs are inherently restless and a sense of direction and stability is often lacking, thus causing each to believe the other is feckless. Virgo starts to feel it’s permanently clearing up after Pisces and loses patience with its escapist and idealistic attitudes while the Fish hates being organised and contained. Virgo’s initial efforts to organise Pisces can seem quite enchanting to the rather dreamy Fish but after a time can cause great resentment. It is difficult for Virgo to understand that the Pisces’ creativity cannot be programmed and just as difficult for Pisces to comprehend Virgo’s workaholic tendencies and its inability to chill out. The Piscean sensitivity and emotionalism is also vulnerable to Virgo’s more critical approach to life, and Virgo becomes frustrated with the Piscean’s love of lost causes and lack of self-discipline. Pisces can also be quite needy and after the initial charm of being almost indispensable, Virgo seeks ‘alone’ time which Pisces then sees as rejection The Virgo/Pisces partnership, however, is one that frequently stands the test of time as compassion and kindness are usually the key to this relationship. Both tend to walk away from problems rather than confront them and somehow they manage to stop their differences being a constant bone of contention. The Piscean inability to balance any financial books is deftly handled by Virgo thus shutting down arguments over money. As with all opposites there is an intense attraction between these two, usually resulting in a thoroughly fulfilling sex life, rich in fantasy and romance. If these two decide to stay together, then that’s exactly what they’ll do: adaptability is their forte and, for them, love is the key to their happiness.

Virgo and Sex

Virgo is an earth sign and extremely sensual, and behind the Virgin’s seemingly buttoned-up approach to life there’s a powerful sexuality. Because Virgos tend to have problems in verbalising their deepest feelings, many take the view that actions speak louder than words and therefore find intimacy an easier and more pleasant route to expressing their emotions. As in every other aspect of their life, Virgo is often seriously underrated where it comes to sex: they too can make the earth move.

As befits a sign that likes to get things right, Virgos leave nothing to chance and that applies too when it comes to setting out on the road to sexual fulfilment. Instinct is all well and good, but it’s far better to have read the textbook and to understand the mechanics of the business. So, no early fumbling, clueless as to which buttons to press, but over the long term this somewhat clinical approach to sex can tend to verge on the mechanical and the predictable which ultimately leads to the greatest bedroom turn-off: boredom. That’s a shame because the Virgo sensuality always has the potential to take a partner to ecstatic heights. A reluctance to embark on anything that could open them to ridicule or accusations of incompetence means impromptu innovation is not their scene at all. A fire or air sign, however, could probably persuade them to enter the realms of experimentation and to throw away the manual.

Virgo operates much more from the intellectual zone than from the emotional, and finds talking about sex not only a marvellous form of foreplay, but also quite erotic in itself. It is frequently forgotten just how raunchy Virgo can be and anything from a double entendre, suggestive text or passage from a mildly pornographic book can often be much more of a turn-on than a wonderfully toned six pack or a set of exotic underwear. Despite rumours that Virgos tend to shower before and after sex and that hygiene is paramount, the reality is that no Virgo is going to feel comfortable in a messy environment that could do with a good clean and is most unlikely to be seduced by anyone whose attitude to personal cleanliness is less than whole-hearted. As to that bath or shower, as far as Virgo’s concerned, that’s a sharing moment anyway and is often an important part of the whole sexual experience. Like the other earth signs, Virgos are very tactile and usually love a massage, which greatly enhances their sexual satisfaction.

“Moderation in all things” is the Virgo maxim for life and that includes their sex life. In fact, many Virgos can exist for a long time without a meaningful sexual relationship, and with their health worries and business before pleasure attitude (which precludes any enthusiasm for prolonged post-coital tenderness) they sometimes embark on a celibate lifestyle almost by accident. Because they also take the view that there is a time and a place for everything, they often miss out on exciting sexual initiatives. But, as a considerate, gentle lover who will usually have a surprise or two to add to the intimacy, Virgo is a joy.

Virgo and Commitment

The other two earth signs, Capricorn and Taurus, are typical of their element in that they crave stability and security and will not abandon a relationship quickly. Virgo, on the other hand, is restless and the most self-sufficient sign in the zodiac: it’s very content with its own company. Contrary to popular belief, they are not loners, but would certainly prefer the single state to staying in a relationship that was devoid of any sense of companionship. However, no Virgo will ever go into any serious relationship without an enormous sense of commitment and a determination to make it work. They look upon themselves as steady and reliable and like to feel that a partner can depend on them, but they also need to be cherished in return, not just seen as the one who gets things organised and keeps the finances in order.

For a Virgo to stray there have to be serious misunderstandings about their attitude to work, their concern with perfection and, most important of all, their tendency to let worries get out of perspective. As a sign ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, they thrive on lots of chat and discussion and if there is no stimulating response from the partner, Virgo will be out there looking for more congenial company. Virgo can also be difficult to read as there’ll be no great song and dance about anything that might be going wrong, thus making it very difficult for a partner to realise how near the edge the relationship might be heading. Silence will indicate, graphically, that things are far from perfect and no Virgoan will exit with the drama of a slammed door. Purposeful to the last, Virgo will pack its bags and quietly disappear although probably not without a final insult or put down.

Once Virgo has entered a committed relationship it will take a lot to make them walk out and the thought of an expensive end to a partnership is enough to bring on a fit of the vapours. For those who fully appreciate their many qualities and are sympathetic to their little idiosyncrasies, Virgo will prove to be a lifelong companion and gifted lover.

Virgo and Money

Virgo sees money as a route to both a comfortable lifestyle and a flexible one. First and foremost, they put their earnings to very practical use and are conscious of the essentials, making sure the mortgage or rent is paid and money set aside for bills, food and other necessities. They do not, for the most part, waste cash on follies and fripperies and are not in the business of making extravagant financial gestures. That is not to say that they never indulge in an impulse purchase, but Virgo’s so-called financial recklessness is always tinged with an element of caution. They will never blast a hole in the budget without being pretty certain that they can quickly fill the cavity, and they always look to see if that rash purchase is either good value for money or a solid investment. Virgos usually spend wisely and well, hate extravagance of any kind and can sniff out a bargain at a hundred paces. Whilst they usually give generously to a good cause and to a friend in dire straits, they’ll be quite censorious about an underserved hand-out.

Virgos are, on the whole, financial pragmatists but are well aware that life throws a few curved balls. To this end, they put money into savings schemes, all carefully researched to get the best rates, and will always be on the look-out for a better return. When times are tough Virgos are able to live frugally and very simply and yet maintain a reasonable lifestyle. Give them a strict budget and they’ll manage brilliantly, having a detailed analysis of exactly where every last penny should be going. However, it is this obsession with detail and the immediacy of any financial situation that can frequently blind them to the broader implications of borrowing or debt. Looking at the bigger and long-term picture is not their style and they often founder on the rocks of short-term expediency, the full consequences of which they either ignore or, more likely, have never even considered.

Because the work ethic is so strong in the Virgo nature, many of them happily continue to collect a pay packet long after they have signed on for the bus pass. Pension plans will have been part of their strategic financial planning from an early age but they will always get a very special kick from earning their money and that won’t change, however old they get. A retirement spent on the cruise liner or with feet up in front of a screen is probably not for them but hobbies are another story: at last Virgo has time for them. They are most unlikely to whinge about lack of cash or to become dependent on the charity of others: if they can work, then they can earn. Unlike their astrological neighbour, Leo, luxury living is never going to be their goal. They’ll ensure the basics are always taken care of and a few luxuries are enjoyed, but it’s their fundamental belief in moderation that stands them in excellent stead on the financial front.

Virgo at Home

As far as most Virgos are concerned cleanliness is next to godliness with tidiness racing up not far behind. On the whole they love airy and bright surroundings and frequently feel ill at ease anywhere crowded, dark and gloomy. As for domestic disarray, it leaves them feeling distinctly unsettled and sometimes physically ill. ‘A place for everything’ is their motto and routines are quickly established. Many Virgos will huff and puff that, contrary to everything said about them, they are quite happy to live in a rather muddled environment. That’s no doubt true, but books and CDs will still be arranged alphabetically, the contents of a drawer meticulously ordered and at least one kitchen cupboard will be a shining example of tessellated brilliance. And talking of the kitchen, Virgos are often talented cooks and zealously follow recipes. They do not throw ingredients together and hope for the best.

Virgos are much concerned with the acquisition of knowledge and most of them will have a goodly and, some would say, discerning collection of reading material. They may not be the zodiac’s best small-talkers but they are some of the most interesting conversationalists on subjects they know about and on which they have their facts correct. Never take a Virgo publicly to task if they are clearly misinformed: they will want to see irrefutable evidence before they’ll admit the error. Their particular red rag is a story full of sweeping generalisations. Far from enjoying the scope of the tale, they’ll want a thorough description of this and a precise account of that. However, that does not make them slouches when it comes to telling a good story or keeping company amused. Under their sometimes rather prim exterior there lurks both bawdiness and an innate ability to see the funny side of very mundane situations, both of which will surface when they feel secure and popular in company. Forget a string of blue jokes and a load of sexual innuendo: that, to Virgo, is tantamount to poor taste and bad manners.

 All Virgo homes possess one absolute essential – the medicine chest! Whether through an innate interest in fitness and general well-being or something akin to hypochondria, everything from bandages and cold cures to an array of herbal remedies and various books on alternative therapies will be there. Stoicism in the face of aches and pains is not a Virgoan strength.

The preferred Virgo décor tends towards the plain. This is a sign far more comfortable with the minimalist than the gaudy. Intricate posies of small and brightly coloured flowers, often interspersed with plants that coincide with the harvest, are preferable to grand and showy arrangements. In their dress sense, Virgos are frequently beacons of understatement and good taste and immediately feel comfortable with people who look smart and elegant. Dark blues, browns and the deeper shades of green are all colours associated with Virgo and perhaps are particularly appropriate for a sign that is not hell-bent on standing out from the crowd. Their greatest achievement is to look appropriately dressed whatever the occasion. As in their dress sense, so with jewellery: Virgos favour good quality and nothing flashy, and rather than invest in precious stones sometimes prefer aquamarines, topaz and sardonyx, all traditionally associated with their sign. Musically, they feel comfortable with a mellow tone, clean-cut artistes and lyrics that make sense. Whether it’s a mansion or a bed-sit, the Virgo environment will be both a model of restraint and an aesthetic delight.

Virgo at Leisure

How does the zodiac’s most conscientious worker find time to relax, let alone enjoy its spare time? Some Virgos might reply “with difficulty”. They rarely take chances and seldom abandon plans in a hurry. If Thursday is scheduled for cleaning, ironing, hair-washing, emails/social media, paperwork – anything in fact that another sign might forego with alacrity in favour of an unexpected date – little will budge the Virgoan. Of course, from time to time they ditch the principle of never doing anything on a whim, but behind the jolly partying there’s a very worried soul fretting about how best to cope with a backlog.

On the whole Virgos are neither naturally competitive nor hugely interested in team games, which is not to say that they never get involved. Many are probably the mainstay of their local football, rugby or cricket sides for one reason or another. Their skills are usually put to best use in sports where individual skill and excellent technique are called for and where they are up against their own best score or fastest time. The precision needed at the snooker table or for archery is right up the Virgo street. Although sport for many Virgos often gets shoved to the sidelines of life, exercise of some kind is very important to them and they understand the value of long walks, cycle rides and fresh air. Nervous tension, often such a problem for Virgos, is often alleviated through involvement in yoga, tai chi or meditation. With an almost compulsive need to be physically or mentally on the go, it is difficult for them to sit through a three-act play or a long film without their concentration wandering or desperately needing to stretch their legs.

Totally befitting an earth sign, Virgos have a natural affinity with the land. Whether it’s a garden, allotment or window box, a hands-in-the-soil session can revitalise them, as can a trip to a garden centre or DIY superstore. Virgo pastimes tend to be constructive and practical, detailed and varied, – anything from amassing a collection of potentially valuable bottle tops to meticulous joinery: many Virgoans are gifted craftsmen and women. With the pursuit of learning so important to this sign, it’s not surprising that they are often the first to sign up for adult education classes, weekend courses or an evening lecture. They are avid readers, even finding something of interest on the back of the cornflakes packet. Books are also likely to be part of any Virgo holiday package. Lolling around in the sun, doing nothing, is simply not their scene, but if they must relax (hat, sunglasses and factor 50 to hand), they’ll be engrossed in the local guidebook or the latest bestseller. They’ll certainly want to explore landmarks and buildings that have an interesting history but they are not ones to plough new furrows. Surroundings that have too close an acquaintance with strange customs can leave them feeling thoroughly unsettled and discomfited. Virgos on the whole choose their holiday destinations with great care. Health resorts and spa towns have a traditional association with the sign, as does Switzerland, renowned for its clear mountain air, cleanliness and clinical efficiency.

Virgos don’t waste time: they ensure their leisure hours are as well organised as the working day. From childhood to retirement they like to be busy and it’s often in the later stages of life they are fully able to enjoy their many interests.

Food, Drink and Diets for Virgo

Virgos will be a mine of information about nutritional values and the latest piece of research about anything from cheese to cognac. Despite the fact that a small proportion of Virgos can be almost cranky about what they eat, the majority tend to indulge in a sensible eating programme founded on fresh, wholesome ingredients. Enter a Virgo home and, more often than not, it’ll be obvious that someone’s been baking or making soups and meals to put in the freezer, adding to the numerous bags of garden produce already there. Virgos are frequent visitors to the pick-your-own establishments and generally love to root around market stalls and specialist shops, ensuring that the cupboard is never bare.

Unlike, say, Taurus, Virgos find it difficult to cope with too rich a meal. There will obviously be some who are quite at home with the largest and juiciest steak, the hottest curry, alcoholic sauces and the most calorie-laden items from the dessert menu, but not for long. Their delicate stomach soon rebels – and Virgos probably have more in the way of intestinal problems than any other sign. Herbs and their uses are very much in the Virgo domain and, when it comes to flavours, they are usually expert at knowing which will enhance what. No one sign could be said to be the vegetarians of the zodiac, but Virgo comes close and many feel, and have always felt, that a meat-free diet was designed especially for them!

Their common sense approach to eating also manifests in the Virgo attitude to drink. ‘A little of what you fancy does you good’ is probably how they generally view alcohol but just as they can occasionally binge on the wrong foods, so can they imbibe with the best of them. The only difference for Virgos is that, after a heavy session with the bottle, they firmly decide to invest in mineral water. Most Virgos, at all times, like a glass of water to hand and are often more partial to tea than to coffee.

On the whole Virgos tend not to suffer from too many problems of excess weight but, should the surplus pounds appear, they will do well on any diet that comes with meticulous instructions: they love analytical detail. Just like any sign, however, Virgo has its weak spot, and as far as diets are concerned there is no other group so willing to try out every latest fad. Time and failure usually bring them back to their more sensible and moderate habits that, despite glorious lapses from time to time, are truly at the heart of the Virgo existence.

Presents for Virgo

Virgos definitely appreciate quality but are forever practical. Although a gift might well have a designer label or be the latest ‘must have’, if it can’t be easily cleaned or serves no practical purpose, it’s not likely to receive the recognition it deserves. Their clothing generally tends towards simplicity and an excellent cut and where it comes to ties, belts, handbags and jewellery, the plainer the better. The flimsy and flamboyant are not for them: Virgos like to feel they are people of substance.

Wafting around in a cloud of rather heavy scent or aftershave is definitely not the Virgo manner. Just as in their general attitude to their appearance, they favour a more understated fragrance, perhaps something as simple as lavender water or eau de cologne, which was originally invented as a refreshing pick-me-up after a hard day’s work, and therefore singularly apt for this industrious sign.

Any gift that shows a concern for their well-being is invariably grasped with both hands. Anything from a fruit tea or books on alternative therapies to something from the health food shop will be greatly appreciated and the green-fingered Virgos will be very happy with pot plants, bulbs, herbs and even packets of seeds. Their culinary skills shouldn’t be forgotten and useful gadgets for the kitchen will always have a place in the Virgo home.

The acquisition of knowledge, so much part of the Virgo character, can obviously be nurtured through books. They are certainly not averse to the family saga or a bit of romantic froth but on the whole prefer their fiction to be combined with useful information, and perhaps based on fact. Works of reference, magazine subscriptions and anything that encourages them to develop a hidden talent are usually enormously welcome as is anything that helps to organise their very busy schedule. Bearing in mind the Virgo passion for order, wrapping a present for a Virgoan can be tricky: torn paper, loose ends and tatty bits of sticky tape show a very slapdash approach!

 Last, but by no means least, Virgos have an earthy sense of humour. The cheeky card and a slightly risqué gift might be hidden away rather quickly, but could secretly be the present cheerfully remembered long after the books have been discarded and the plants have perished.


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