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Taurus Sun Taurus Moon

taurus-sun-taurus-moonThe stubbornness that made you a highly difficult child changes as you grow older into great determination and reasonableness, which gives you an irresistible power both over people and over your own environment. You assume responsibility readily, and your shoulders are broad and capable of carrying almost any load. You have a fine insight into all manner of things: people, the arts, business; and a fixed idea of your own worth and ability that impresses other people strongly. Superiors and those in authority over you are impressed by it at the beginning, and when you yourself get into a position of authority those under you are impressed by it.

You know how to take orders, but only because of your future oriented conviction that the way to become an order-giver is first, and cheerfully, to be an order-taker. Your respect for authority is based on the determination to become the authority yourself. Thus you make a good subordinate – except for the fact that if the boss doesn’t look out you’ll eventually have his job.

You are not unscrupulous, but you are hard-headed, and though you are loyal, you are not likely to have any loyalties that will interfere with your progress. You are an ardent and passionate lover as well as a very imperious one. You’ll rule your own home or know the reason why. Where your personal pride or emotions are in any way touched you are capable of stubbornness, temper, and anger of a truly childish nature – though in impersonal matters you can be patient, calm, reasonable with an almost Machiavellian detachment.

You have a tongue-in-cheek diplomacy which humors your opponents until in the end you have your own way, and you don’t mind waiting a long time to get it. Thus by patience, worldliness, and great energy, you’re pretty likely to be successful in whatever field you choose to make your life work.

Your great gifts and magnetism will have their best chance for expression when you are acting, thinking, and speaking from a detached and objective viewpoint, for under the stimulus of emotional or personal excitement, your energies disappear in anger, stubbornness, and fretfulness. Don’t hold grudges – they eat you out from within. Scorn your enemies but don’t hate them or try to think up ways to get even. Cultivate magnanimity, objectivity, and dispassionate logic and there are few heights to which you cannot go.

Grant Lewi

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