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Taurus Sun Libra Moon

taurus-sun-libra-moonYou are a confirmed romantic, and whatever your station or occupation may be, your success, your failure, your happiness, and your disappointments come directly through your emotional nature. You may be an actor and derive success and satisfaction through the emotional stimulus from your audience; a poet and express your feelings and those of the world in particularly appealing form; a husband or wife and get your greatest satisfaction from your spouse; but wherever you go it is your heart-interest in one form or another that counts to you.

No matter how powerful your intellect may be, nor how detached and intellectual you may seem; no matter how impersonal your aggressiveness may appear, you have a real need for sympathy and affection. You are basically constant and fix your devotion in one person or in your family.

In any case this is a position of high nervous tension.

You are capable of having an important and popular career in anything which deals either with the public or with young people, for the double influence of Venus (both Sun and Moon being in one of Venus’s signs) gives you a great deal of charm which even high nervousness cannot dissipate.

If a man, you will be a favorite with women – and love it! If a woman you will never lack for admirers and sweethearts. Although the ramifications of your love life will generally lead at some time or other to hurt and disappointment. Self-dependence is what you chiefly need – the ability to feel that you are in yourself complete, for the devotion to another, though fine and romantic, can leave you bewildered and confused if the proper person is not forthcoming, or if in some way your love is forced to come to an end. Eventually you will have to learn the lesson of self-reliance, and if you learn it early you will be spared a good deal of unhappiness and readjustment in later life.

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Suzanne Strachan 03-02-2015, 11:21

I’m a Taurus Sun & Libra Moon! X


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