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Taurus Sun Gemini Moon

taurus-sun-gemini-moonPersonal discontent will run away with you and make a muddle of your life if you don’t learn to control your critical attitude toward other people. You think yourself loyal, devoted, persistent, and capable, but as a matter of fact, you have a tendency to fly, emotionally, from one thing to another and especially from one person (sweetheart, friend) to another. You start out a personal relationship all fire and love and devotion, and before you know it you’re finding something the matter with the loved one. Like as not you think that he (or she) has become unworthy of the great love you have to offer, or you find some flaw in his (her) character, manner of speech, or brand of hair tonic (or lipstick).

You have an aggressive and adventurous spirit, and in both a figurative and geographic sense are likely to wander a good deal during your years on earth. Your emotional and business stability will develop directly in proportion to your intellectual training. Get as much schooling as you can, and if you can’t get formal schooling, satisfy that curious mentality of yours with facts and figures rather than with mere idle talk and speculation. Study will steady you down. You’ll find yourself more contented, less restless, more constant in love, and more successful in business in proportion as you occupy your mind with some set course of study. Study by correspondence – learn how to play the piano or draw the plans for a bridge, in seventeen easy lessons – and you’ll be surprised how everything straightens out as you give your mind something tangible and concrete to bite on. At the same time that you do this stay in one spot and don’t allow yourself to gossip or listen to idle talk.

People are always coming to you with wild yarns about your friends, and you’re impressionable and likely to be swayed, though at heart you are loyal. But what you are at heart doesn’t make much difference if you don’t put it into practice. Study, read, and if you don’t create, get into some occupation that keeps your mind busy – secretarial or the like; salesmanship is good – this gives you a chance to express yourself with cash advantages.

Grant Lewi

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