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Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon

taurus-sun-capricorn-moonSecurity is of the utmost importance to you – not wealth, perhaps, but security of home, of position, and of prestige. You are proud, and a sweet and gracious exterior conceals an inner sense of your own worth which you like to see made manifest in the material things of the world – your accomplishments or your surroundings. You are idealistic, but more than this, you are a realist; you would rather have dignity and comfort in this life than all the fame in the world after death. You will “take the cash, and let the credit go.” This leads to an appearance of materialism which is not entirely justified, for you’re the most honorable of human beings and your idealism is of a practical work-a-day variety that counts for most in the world of things as they are.

You believe in fair dealing and practice it; yours are the virtues of earth rather than the virtues of heaven. Your bent is critical and executive for, despite a deeply underlying sentimentality, you are a good analyst of people and of situations – a shrewd judge of the public consciousness and also of the consciousness of your intimates. You have an instinct for knowing what people are thinking and what they are going to be thinking in a little while. An ability to gauge the public temperament, and what it will take, is your greatest asset toward worldly success.

Though needful of security, your real yen is for influence. You like to control and direct, and feel that you are responsible for the thoughts and actions of your public, whether it be great or small.

Grant Lewi

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