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Taurus Sun Cancer Moon

taurus-sun-cancer-moonYou have a highly sensitive nature, are easily hurt, and likely to become very resentful of real or imagined slights or offenses. You are an ardent lover and a permanent hater, though you can conceal your dislikes very well and have a sort of protective diplomacy about you that makes it difficult for others to know just where you stand or what you are thinking about, in either personal or business matters.

You are a dangerous enemy or opponent, changing your position and tactics to suit your purposes, and popping up on the flank without warning while your victim is busy protecting his vanguard. Your ambition is of a deep seated, personal nature, closely allied with your vanity. Your apparent self-assurance is only skin deep and underneath you’re jittery and nervous as a schoolgirl on her first date]. But despite all this you are likely to arrive, by diplomacy and the judicious using of influence, at some position of authority though you are not a real executive, and there are flaws in your executive procedure.

Your capacity for conciliating all parties makes you appear weak, even when you know your own mind and what you want. Learn to take a stand, even if you antagonize someone or some faction, for otherwise your success, though possibly great on the surface, will rest on shifting sands. You need security and, even if for your affaires du coeur (which you probably are), require the stabilizing influence of a home. Both male and female of this combination do best after marriage, even though they are frequently late in settling down.

You must develop determination rather than stubbornness; forthrightness rather than diplomacy. Excess diplomacy can amount to weakness, and agreeableness to unreliability; just as hedging on important issues can amount to having no convictions at all. Take a stand and be damned for it; a good knockdown and drag-out argument is what you need once in a while. Learn, when you know you’re right, to give no quarter. You can so easily see the other fellow’s viewpoint that it disrupts your own. Let the other fellow give ground once in a while, or eventually he’ll push you to the wall – and that’ll be that.

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