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Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon

taurus-sun-aquarius-moonYour affability, sunniness, good looks, and generally easy and gracious manner conceal a core of hard purpose which will amaze your friends when they run into it. You give ground with a smile, you yield (up to a point), you back and fill and sashay around tactfully and charmingly, but you never forget for a single instant what you want. You have taken the advice of St. Paul: “Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” Only rarely do you have to put your foot down in open conflict for you’ve learned the art of getting around things, instead of crashing through them, and though you don’t waste much energy or time in the circumnavigation, you’d rather win people over than force them to your will. This makes you a sure bet for success along any one of a dozen lines, for you’re versatile and capable of controlling either others, as in a business or political career, or yourself, as in an artistic or professional career.

Deeply romantic and even sentimental, you’ve learned to translate your emotional energies into practical use. Genuinely interested in people, you are able to understand them because you understand yourself, and you seem to realize instinctively that loving your neighbor as yourself means little if you don’t love yourself somewhat. An inferiority complex is something you simply haven’t got. You are independent, a self-starter capable of going far under your own power, and you’ll rarely ask help from the outside, though your many and influential friends stand ready to help you. But your pride keeps you plugging along on your own, and your ability justifies your efforts. You’ll probably marry early in life, for you have an ardent and romantic love-nature together with a high degree of conventionality. There are some rocks and reefs in store for your idealism as you learn that the world does not have the same clear and high-minded outlook that you have.

People are attracted to you as flies to sugar; they sense both your idealism and your sympathy, and your underlying conviction that humanity is very frail doesn’t come to the surface to distress them. You are a lover of peace, both for your own personal uses and for the benefit of the world; in fact, all your convictions and thoughts pass swiftly from the personal to the broad and general. If the education is strong this will make you a leader politically, or place you in a position of authority over others in some public way. Though a shrewd business man, your honor never deserts you. You scorn to get by foul means what you can so easily find out how to get by fair, and if you can’t get it by fair, you skip it.

This is a very magnanimous position, and though you can be deeply hurt and may never forget an injury, you will forgive, according to your code of fair dealing.

Grant Lewi

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