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Sun opposition Moon

sun-opposition-moonSun in hard aspect to the Moon: Your innermost will feels like it’s in a constant state of trying to make peace with your feeling, emotional side. Even so this lack of complete harmony within yourself can provide the spark that motivates you toward personal achievements. Most likely there existed some kind of tension between your parents. Even if this was not openly expressed, you picked up on it as a child. As a result you may have inner expectations that relationships must contain a certain element of conflict. At any rate, this also means that Mom and Dad kept each other in line somehow.

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Sun opposition Moon: The oppositions bring about awareness through compromise. Conflict within the opposition can involve either internal or external issues. The child has the Sun in opposition to the Moon, which is the Full Moon phase. This produces fluctuating energy flows. These children need to learn to take advantage of the highs to get things done and take a rest during the lows. The emotions and the basic willpower tend to compete, so these kids can be highly logical or, alternatively, extremely emotional.

This child will learn to understand through simple debate, or this could be seen as straight out arguing with friends and peers. They are likely to seek the viewpoints of friends in order to gain confidence but will make up their own minds. The child will still argue the point because other people’s opinions will be the yardstick for this child, not the rulebook. There will be a tendency to have strong opinions, and these kids will usually fight for what they believe to be right. But they still want and need those alternative ideas and ideals. Alternatives give a sense of perspective to the basic philosophy.

These kids will seek truth. They will enjoy true stories about true heroes. Scientific and modern technology will intrigue because there is a real curiosity about progress and the world at large. Later, the child will respect people who make history or change the world in a big way. Idols will be great leaders and legends rather than a “five-minute-wonder” pop star idol.

You feel that others do not understand you and constantly oppose your ideas or goals. Close relationships suffer if you vent anger or resentment. At times, you may feel pulled in two directions. If your life is one of endless indecision and emotional turmoil, you must recognize that the conflict is within you. Rely on inner feelings to validate your actions. In times of stress you will find what “works for you” and use your enormous energy in a positive manner.

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Sun opposition Moon: You will find yourself torn between an environment that is very comfortable and supportive versus a real need to grow, progress, and push out on your own. You are always being caught in the middle, forced to choose between surroundings that are supportive (but not progressive) and new directions that bring advancement that may be at the expense of your comfort. Getting these two opposing directions to work together may require some real compromising skills on your part. This could manifest as a love of history versus future trends, older persons versus younger, and so on.

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