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Scorpio Sun Leo Moon

scorpio-sun-leo-moonYou have a strong, positive personality; fixed opinions and emotions; great stability of purpose; and if you do not let yourself live on the strictly emotional side of your nature – which is very strong – you are capable of becoming a person of considerable influence and importance. The danger of your nature comes from emotional involvement; you are strongly impressed by romantic considerations, and you can take up all your energy dreaming and thinking about the far away and long ago, or about love in some manifestation or other. You are, with respect to love, somewhat idealistic, but with a realistic approach to matters of sex; you are no prude, though you give, and expect in return, loyalty and fidelity.

You have a very complete ideology of life, not all of it too realistic; for emotional disappointments and frustrations have driven you to ideals, concepts, and abstractions of philosophy which seem visionary to more practical people. None the less, you find a lot of satisfaction in your dreams, your only danger being that they will absorb you too completely. Few people can live up to the high standards you set for them; and even when you are swept off your feet by anger, romance, hatred, jealousy, or revenge, you maintain the idea that you are really an idealist, and that your temporary lapse isn’t really you at all. This is all right, if the lapses don’t become habitual; but you have to hold yourself very strongly in leash, so that the Old Adam in you doesn’t beat down the Regenerate Man. You can be of the earth earthy; and sensationalism can gain a tremendous hold on you if you are not careful. It is to combat this tendency, of which you are conscious (or subconscious), that you have built up your complex system of ideals.

Your great magnetism, when working without the disadvantage of personal bias, can make you a leader, for you can make people do as you want, and can gain tremendous control over them when you have learned objectivity and detachment from your emotions.

Grant Lewi

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