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Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon

scorpio-sun-cancer-moonYou are a magnetic individual, with a tremendous amount of self-confidence, and an intuitive understanding of the world and of people. You don’t go out of your way very much for people; you think well of yourself and let your friends come to you. If they don’t come, that’s all right, too; you are capable of self-sufficiency that can amount to smugness if you aren’t careful. You are strongly opinionated, capable of defending your position by argument, although logic is not so important to you as winning your point. You have a twisting-and-turning type of mind that can be the despair of your adversaries in discussion, especially if they are so foolish as to think they can hold you down to reason.

Your emotions are very powerful, your intuitions keen, and you have a great respect for your hunches. You are extremely sensitive, emotionally impressionable, and also able to impress the opposite sex. You absorb your sweethearts and demand that they toe the mark pretty strictly. Your method of reasoning in this matter is strongly tinged with emotion and especially with jealousy; the emotion of dislike or even hate can take up all your emotional force and completely drive out love, if you think your feelings have not been properly considered; and you are capable of swinging like a pendulum between extremes of emotion. You are suspicious, shrewd, especially when a personal issue is at stake, and will probe into people to get at their private lives if they give you half a chance; contrariwise, you shut up like a clam about your own private life, and things concerning yourself can’t be pried out of you with a crowbar.

This is a good position for a doctor or a nurse.

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