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Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope

A 16th Century description of a Scorpio character went as follows: “charisma and cruelty, monstrous and magnetic” which in essence tells exactly what this sign is all about. Charismatic and magnetic are very apt descriptions of the basic Scorpio personality, and whilst cruel and monstrous aren’t words that would ever be used today or even, all those centuries ago, be accepted by astrologers, they all give the sense that Scorpio is a sign to be reckoned with. What this particular assessment got right, and which still holds true in the 21st century, is the vast range of very strong emotions that emanate from every member of the Scorpio family. Capricorn, Leo and Scorpio are all synonymous with power, but Scorpio wins the gold medal and sits proudly at the top of the table.

In classical mythology the Scorpion comes into a couple of stories. First, it is the monster that caused the horses of Apollo to run wild when they were in the inexperienced hands of Phaethon, thus warning about the dangers of taking power without the wisdom to use it. Secondly, when Orion the Hunter threatened to kill all the wild fauna of Crete the gods sent the Scorpion to sting him and kill him. Both the Scorpion and Orion were placed in the heavens but opposite one another. Thus when Scorpio rises above the horizon the Hunter sinks below it, still not wishing to confront the deadly foe. In nature, Scorpions live in very harsh conditions and yet win extraordinary battles: human Scorpios, although clearly living in more favourable circumstances, understand all about confrontation and victory.

Astrologically, Scorpio is a fixed water sign and thus embodies inflexibility and an inbuilt dislike of change. Once it’s embarked on a course of action nothing will change its mind and, even at a crisis point when it would be good to turn back, Scorpio will rarely admit defeat. The water element concerns hidden and unfathomable depths which make it difficult for the Scorpion emotionally to let go of, or to deal with, its very strong feelings. The highs and lows of a Scorpio’s life tend to be of the all or nothing variety: this sign doesn’t do the easy middle road. Scorpio’s ruler is the dwarf planet, Pluto, who in mythology, was god of the underworld, and its astrological association is with buried emotions and the unconscious. The very secretive Scorpio nature, its intuition and its immensely powerful persona are all associated with those hidden realms.

Anyone with a modicum of interest in the sun signs knows not to mess with a Scorpio! This is a sign of boundless energy, incisive thinking and great determination that comes across not only as charismatic, but passionate and exciting as well. The passion associated with Scorpio is not necessarily sexual (although that can’t be ruled out) but has far more to do with the enthusiasm and commitment Scorpios put into everything they undertake. It has also been called the worst sign of the zodiac which, of course, is nonsense as there is no such thing as a best or worst sign. What is slightly unnerving with a Scorpio is its overwhelming emotional force mixed with a very private persona. Well focused, this powerful sign is a fount of creativity, loyalty and goodness. On the negative side, there’s jealousy and resentment and there is nothing quite as alarming as a Scorpio seeking revenge.

Scorpions are some of the big achievers in life and every member of this sign needs to feel it has goals to reach of one kind or another. Some head up large corporations and others make a few million before leaving school, but most Scorpions have more moderate mountains to conquer and are content to prove they can do better than expected, especially if it means moving up in the world. On the whole they don’t rush in where angels fear to tread but act almost stealthily to gain a foothold on the career ladder and craftily make their ascent. Scorpio has a natural affinity with anything involving huge sums of money and all financial institutions are home to many Scorpions. They understand what power is all about and most, of course, use it wisely: many will say that a Scorpio boss is firm but fair and everyone knows where they stand. Those Scorpions that don’t understand the responsibilities associated with power try the short cuts to the top and perhaps, just as they reach the summit, their past actions come back to haunt them and off they go down the snakes and ladders board. It is said that Scorpios possess something akin to a “self-destruct” button which has absolutely nothing to do with suicide but is part of its win-at-all-costs mentality. Scorpios fail to take into their calculations, when trying to outdo the opposition, that they themselves could be the ones to take a massive fall.

The most distinctive Scorpio features are the eyes. These are not the dreamy eyes of the Piscean, but a piercing gaze that seems to penetrate the soul. Scorpio’s strong association with the mysterious depths of the personality are manifested in that look which seemingly gives the Scorpion power over its prey who, in turn, senses its every fibre is being silently examined. It can also, of course, be a look of adoration and respect, to say nothing of sexual attraction. Equally, the Scorpio eyes are the indicators of subjects that mustn’t be mentioned and a closure to a conversation. It’s as though a blind has come down, communication cut off, and being blanked is totally evident. Despite their confident air and powerful presence, Scorpios are also sensitive and vulnerable which in turn can lead to jealousy and vindictiveness. This is probably why the idea of the “cruel” Scorpio came in. This is not physical cruelty but verbal: Scorpio’s ability to severely wound through very cutting remarks is legendary. Once angered or jealous, Scorpio is off down a one way street of obstinate and obsessive behaviour and its envy won’t be just about a relationship but anything that triggers the green eye.

No-one wants to make an enemy of a Scorpio but everyone would love to have one as a friend. This is a sign that will fight on behalf of family, friends and colleagues and its loyalty in times of trouble is assured. Determination and gumption also mean that Scorpio doesn’t give up on anything until it’s gone the extra mile. Equally, the loving and supportive Scorpio can envelop people in its charismatic and passionate embrace and all who experience that will feel comforted, protected and adored. Even more timid souls who are not always comfortable with the Scorpion’s forceful personality recognise a champion when they see one.

 This eighth sign of the zodiac, so very different from its neighbours, the easy-going Libran and the straightforward Sagittarian, plumbs the depths and hit the heights, gaining experience along the way. It is totally in tune with the best and the worst of human nature, and many Scorpios have an innate ability to help those who have fallen, encouraging and empowering those who wish to make a new start in life. At the other end of the scale there are, of course, those Scorpios who are attracted to the modern day underworld and there must be many Scorpios in the vice squads of police forces around the world. The armed forces are also home to many Scorpios. To destroy and to heal comes with the Pluto territory of life, death and ultimately re-birth of some kind. Death in this case is not a physical demise, more the ending of a life phase and the beginning of another. Scorpions, after tragedy or defeat, have the potential, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, to fly higher and in brighter colours, victorious above the fray.

On the whole, Scorpios are very sociable and good company but the Scorpion gives away nothing unless forced to do so, while its interest in those around them can seem a bit like an interrogation. No question is off limits. After such a conversation most come away from a Scorpion feeling quite intoxicated at the level of interest shown towards them but then realise that they have given away much and gained absolutely nothing in return. In other words, Scorpio is still a complete stranger. However, it’s always easy to pick a Scorpio out from the crowd. Not only are the eyes absolutely fascinating but it radiates is own forceful and intense personality which, once noticed, is rarely forgotten.

In many ways Scorpios are very noble, wanting to improve the world and to make a difference, and frequently that’s exactly what they manage to achieve. Their reputation as people to be both admired and respected is well justified, and the world would be a poorer place without Scorpio’s energy and passion for life, its powerful presence and total loyalty to those it loves.

 The Scorpio Man

This is perhaps the most attractive man in the astrological family, not because he is necessarily the best-looking, but because of his charm and his ability to make people feel very special. There is something wonderfully magnetic about the Scorpio man who always seems to stand out from the crowd. This man has presence. He doesn’t bound into a room with a great deal of fanfare but arrives quietly and with a great deal of confidence and self-assurance. Before the discovery of Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet was Mars and, like Aries, there is a good deal of the courageous hero in the Scorpio man and few of this sign are content to play a supporting role in life: they like to be out in front and taking control.

The Scorpio man likes good manners, consideration for others and the common courtesies that make life pleasant for everyone. Yet, he is more than capable of ruffling a few feathers by dominating a conversation with his views rather than engaging in conversation. He’s certainly forthright and would never want to be known for wishy-washy thinking, let alone act as a mediator. In fact if, in his opinion, an occasion becomes a bit dull and the chit chat rather bland, he will happily play devil’s advocate and come out with some outrageous statement that gets everyone talking. Preparing to hold one’s ground is essential in any debate with the Scorpion.

However, these men are never likely to be boring and generally are wonderful company. They usually have a rather sardonic sense of humour, which they use to great effect, and take a lot of trouble to make people feel welcome at home or in business. However, for the Scorpio man life is about extremes: he loves and he hates, so fall foul of him and expect to be frozen out without any explanation whatsoever. He also has a penchant for the company of women, not because his sexual antennae have gone into over-drive, although that could never be ruled out because this is a passionate Scorpio, but usually because he finds women such delightful company. He certainly knows how to flatter and, as he looks straight at them with that piercing gaze, he appears to know them through and through. Unnerving!

Sometimes when the shutters come down and he hides behind a veil of secrecy and obstinacy he can be difficult to deal with, and there will also be times when resentment and obsession can take over. With his all or nothing approach to life, he can be obsessive about things one minute and very laisser-faire the next. Where he will always toe the line is in his clothing: most Scorpio men do not embrace the very colourful or outrageous and certainly don’t want their apparel to be a talking point. These men are, on the whole, rather conventional.

 Anyone who has a Scorpio man as a friend, colleague or partner, will count themselves lucky. He will be loyalty personified, honour his commitments and determinedly go for his goals. Even better, this man is a fund of deep feelings and, whether positive or negative, knows all about emotional communication even though he often ignores his own intuition. In good times and bad, the Scorpio man is a force to be reckoned with and one to be cherished.

The Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman is probably the zodiac’s most enigmatic female and it takes time and effort really to get to know her. Behind a very charming persona there lurks a thoroughly calculating mind and she quickly works out who and what is to her advantage. She understands, too, about power and what it can bring and, equally, take away. Perhaps more than her male counterpart she is very aware of the pros and cons of getting involved in the power politics of the work place or the school gate and she is also much more in tune with the Scorpio intuition. She is also one of the most elegant of the astrological women. Never into any kind of questionable “glamour” she is always smartly and appropriately dressed and usually causes a bit of a stir or admiring comment whenever she makes an appearance.

It is said that the Scorpio woman can be your best friend or your worst enemy and there is no middle road. That is true in that she puts all her energies into the peaks and the troughs and doesn’t bother with people or situations that fit in with neither. The peaks are reached through hard work, commitment and playing the power game and she is adept at making the right contacts in order to get to the top. In the troughs are those who have seriously blotted their copybook with her and the only way she deals with them is usually through ostracism or possibly just a drip, drip of catty reminders as to why their friendship ended.

Jealousy, of course, is the Scorpio weak spot and for the woman this is usually more of a problem than it is for the man. For him it’s invariably a work situation or a romantic drama that brings on the green eye. For the Scorpio woman, it’s everything from one friend’s new house, car or jewellery to another’s very successful child or colleagues climbing the career ladder ahead of her. These all tend to become a bit of an obsession and rather than let things go she must have her say, usually resulting in an outcome she really didn’t want. She takes time to understand that she’s possibly her own worst enemy.

On the social scene, she is a superb hostess and appearances matter. She’s a little snobbish and likes to feel that the ‘right’ people are coming to her door. Being a guest is not quite as easy for her as she’s happier when she’s in control of the proceedings. Just like the Scorpio man, her eyes definitely have it. This passionate woman can convey all her feelings in one glance or longer gaze but she’s essentially a very private individual. At times of stress, anger or when someone has strayed into territory that is far too personal, she completely shuts down. At those moments, there is no seductive woman oozing sex appeal on show at all: the one turning the cold shoulder or, worse, plotting vengeance has taken her place. However, to have a Scorpio woman batting on your side is fortunate indeed: she will not let you down and will happily take over when the going gets tough. In addition she’ll give devotion, loyalty and that Scorpio courage that puts the rest of the world to shame.

Scorpio Zodiac

Scorpio Zodiac

Relating to Scorpio

All the water signs should gravitate to each other, or to the earth signs that provide stability and security, but they tend to fall headlong for the fire signs that boil the water and overheat the emotions and the air signs that cause major storms and upheavals.

Scorpio and Aries

Before the discovery of Pluto, Scorpio was ruled by Mars (ruler of Aries) and therefore these two share energy, action, enterprise and courage, which is a good start to the relationship. Scorpio is also drawn to the Aries dash and verve whilst Aries is thrilled by the latent Scorpio power and determination. Both thrive on being busy and both are very ambitious but it’s their very different emotional approach that can cause all sorts of problems. Aries really doesn’t do feelings and certainly not at the level of the deeply emotional Scorpio, and once conversations turn away from the tangible, Aries is probably out of the room pretty quickly. Scorpio gradually becomes more and more frustrated, goes into itself and finally erupts in an over the top rage or just disappears. Equally, Aries doesn’t understand the jealousy and resentment that courses through Scorpio’s veins and loses patience with its worries and obsessions. Aries is the most straightforward sign in the zodiac and Scorpio one of the most complex and, with Scorpio personifying the hidden depths of water and Aries the raging bush fire, there is an innate incompatibility. Aries thrives on change and being on the move and Scorpio is inflexible and stubborn. Money can also be a bone of contention. Both strive to be big earners and to have the lifestyle that goes with it, but Scorpio is keen to save while Aries is a spender. Luckily these two usually start a relationship by falling in lust and it’s the sexual side of the partnership that often keeps them together long enough to work out whether it will just be a glorious fling or something more permanent. If they decide that it’s love as much as lust and they’re in it for the long term, it’ll be intimacy that helps with the emotional impasse and both will learn how best to cope with Scorpio’s depth of feeling and the Aries lack of sensitivity . It could take time for them to establish a truly comfortable relationship but if two such strong personalities decide to go for it – then it’s likely to turn out very well indeed.

Scorpio and Taurus

 Scorpio and Taurus are opposite signs in the astrological circle and each usually feels that in some strange way it’s met its other half. The water of Scorpio nourishes the Taurean earth which in turn channels the sometimes turbulent Scorpion. The emotional and passionate Scorpio thinks it has found a very stable partner in the placid, warm-hearted Taurean, with whom it feels very secure. Both are very determined and have the same ideas about earning money and keeping spending under control. So what can go wrong? Taurus is ruled by Venus and keen to live a quiet, harmonious life. Scorpio is a power player and thrives on drama and the highs and lows of life rather than the middle road. The highly emotional Scorpio needs the occasional battle and gets enormously frustrated when Taurus backs away from a good argument. However, when the Bull has had enough of the Scorpion’s attention-seeking, it makes a verbal charge and Scorpio realises the Taurean has quite a temper. Arguments between these two rarely have any way of being solved because neither is rational and both can be fiercely stubborn. Scorpio is always on the go and tends to think Taurus is lazy but it’s just that Taurus takes a more measured approach to life and certainly wouldn’t dream of filling the diary just for the sake of it. Perhaps the most troublesome aspect of this partnership is that they both tend to be jealous and possessive which means that trust is frequently absent from the relationship. Their sex life, however, could be wonderful: both are very sensual and demonstrative and Taurus will be able to calm the obsessive and obstinate Scorpio. This partnership certainly has potential for longevity but a lot of compromise and understanding will be needed. Each can be a very nurturing and encouraging partner but it will take time for this duo to find its feet and work out how best to deal with the problems. But, as they say, love conquers everything!

Scorpio and Gemini

Water and air signs tend to start relationships with a huge amount of fizz and hope but sometimes the sparkle can quickly die, leaving both feeling very flat and wondering what that was all about. Initially Scorpio is fascinated by the versatile, witty and intelligent Gemini with its open and inquisitive nature, which is totally at odds with the Scorpion who keeps its cards very close to its chest. Also, the fact that Gemini can talk about any subject under the sun is a sheer delight. Scorpio also senses that the Twin is a rather canny individual and that appeals enormously because the Scorpion loves anyone who understands subterfuge and secrecy. Unfortunately, the day will come when Scorpio realises that Gemini can be a bit underhanded and doesn’t keep secrets and that, to the Scorpion, is a great betrayal. Scorpio likes a busy but well-organised life and the fact that the Twin is always late or having to re-arrange dates is charming at first, but highly irritating after a time. Gemini and time management are complete strangers to each other. The powerful Scorpio is nectar to Gemini who revels in its success but the Scorpion finds Gemini’s erratic career path very worrying. Gemini thrives on change and Scorpio on certainty and a sure-footed ascent to the top. The Scorpio jealousy is incomprehensible to Gemini, whose extensive social life and numerous friendships, many with the opposite sex, seem to cause the Scorpion so much angst. Money-wise, these two are at odds. Gemini spends what it earns and certainly doesn’t strive for material goods and a showy existence. Scorpio earns a lot, spends a lot, but also saves for a rainy day. Sexually, the emotional depths of Scorpio will rarely be reached by a Gemini and it’s this lack of any genuine intimacy that often brings this relationship to an early conclusion. However, all is not lost. Gemini is very adaptable and it’ll probably fall to the Twin more than the Scorpion to put the relationship on the right track for a long, companionable journey.

Scorpio and Cancer

These two water signs tend to fall deeply in love at first sight: each recognises the other’s great emotional depths and knows it has found a soul mate. Scorpio immediately understands that Cancer needs to be protected and cared for, while the Crab realises that the Scorpion can do just that, with the possibility of financial security as well. Both are also highly intuitive: they can read each other like a book. Cancer is very sentimental and nurturing and Scorpio magnetic and exciting and both are very ambitious. While Scorpio is all about exercising power and the sooner, the better, Cancer takes a more measured approach to the top. Scorpio is also delighted with the Crab’s attitude to money: Cancer is cautious and shrewd and is never going to throw money down the drain, while Scorpio enjoys what it has earned, but never forgets that a rainy day could come out of nowhere. So, where is the possible problem with this duo? In short, it’ll be about icy silences, moody behaviour and cutting comments. Cancer frets over anything and everything and its way of dealing with these worries is often to crawl back into its shell and become thoroughly moody (or “just thinking” as most Cancerians would put it). Scorpio, when crossed, upset or dealing with a very strong emotion like jealousy, retreats behind firmly closed shutters. Both can also be secretive which effectively erodes trust and creates suspicion. At the other end of the scale, both can come out with extremely cruel and forthright comments and convince themselves that it’s all the other’s fault. Communication can quickly break down. However, sexually, this is a very hot relationship through which they can easily achieve understanding and mend the emotional hiatus. Many Scorpio/Cancer partnerships last for years and can’t imagine life without each other. The ones that fail early on are usually defeated by Cancer’s inability to forget a slight or Scorpio’s obstinate and resentful behaviour.

Scorpio and Leo

The Scorpio/Leo relationship is about power and two very dogmatic and stubborn individuals. Both are fixed signs, each therefore sticking with the status quo and with little or no room for flexibility and manoeuvre. At the beginning there is a great deal of mutual fascination. Scorpio is dazzled by the Leo glamour and the Lion is drawn to the Scorpion’s magnetic personality. Scorpio also loves Leo’s warmth and broad-minded attitude, to say nothing of its big-hearted enthusiasm for life. In turn, the Lion admires Scorpio’s drive and energy and its passionate approach to everything it undertakes. The Scorpio’s rather secretive ways, however, are slightly irritating to the very open Leo whose sometimes bossy and interfering nature irks the Scorpion. Leo’s generous nature can also come up against Scorpio’s resentment and envy. Leo also finds it difficult to trust the Scorpion’s intuition: for the Lion, what it can’t see and rationalise simply doesn’t exist and gut feelings don’t fit in anywhere. As with any water/fire combination, the initial contact of water with fire makes the flames burn hotter and brighter, but ultimately puts it out. Fire, of course, warms water but in the end the water evaporates. So, it’s not surprising that many Scorpio/Leo relationships fizzle out at an early stage. On the other hand both signs understand about loyalty and neither rocks the boat before a great deal of thought about the possible consequences. Financially, both enjoy the fruits of their labour, but Scorpio’s forthright comments about Leo’s immoderate spending habits become very tedious. Sexually this can be a great relationship. Scorpio is passionate, Leo warm and loving and, for these two, intimacy is the key to their emotional bond. For two such obstinate characters, it’s surprising that so many in this relationship very happily stay together for a long time. If it’s not going to work, Leo will probably depart with a roar, but Scorpio will quietly disappear, leaving a rather icy chill in the air.

Scorpio and Virgo

Virgo can be a very supportive and loving partner for Scorpio, mainly because they each have a well-defined role to play in the relationship. Scorpio is the ambitious one, seeking power and influence out in the world whereas Virgo is just as content either being the power and influence behind the Scorpion’s throne or seeking to achieve its own more modest goals. Both in their own way are workaholics so making time for each other is vital if the initial passion and fascination are to thrive. Communication between these two signs is usually excellent and neither holds back when it comes to forthright opinions. A shared sense of humour also ensures that most disagreements end on a conciliatory note. The Virgo tendency to criticise and be rather fussy is quite difficult for Scorpio to handle, whilst its own penchant for stubbornly refusing to compromise or its very chilly or secretive manner when refusing to enter into a discussion is just as annoying to Virgo. The Scorpio jealousy is not likely to cause a problem in this relationship as Virgo is certainly not seeking to outdo the Scorpion and isn’t likely to indulge in emotional games which play havoc with Scorpio’s equilibrium. However, there will be times when Virgo will have to gently tease the Scorpion out of some very obstinate behaviour: Virgo is the adaptable one and is also clever enough to ensure that Scorpio is always seen as the problem solver. Financially these two are likely to be on the same page, though Virgo might worry about Scorpio’s more extravagant purchases. A highly sensual and exciting sex life acts as a powerful dynamic for these two despite the fact that Virgo finds it very difficult to understand Scorpio’s hidden emotional depths while Scorpio thinks the Virgin lacks feelings. The Scorpio/Virgo partnership is usually very stable and very loving and, with Virgo’s gentle persuasion, Scorpio finds life extremely fulfilling. In turn Scorpio broadens Virgo’s horizons and for both everything gets better by the year.

Scorpio and Libra

Scorpio and Libra are next-door signs in the zodiac and radically different. In some ways that will work well and in others it could mean that it’s hello and goodbye in very short order. Libra quickly picks up on the Scorpio magnetism and the Scorpion is charmed by the easy-going and urbane Libran. Initially there is a great deal of interest and attraction between the two. Scorpio, who frequently feels compelled to say things that are best left unsaid, loves the Libran’s diplomatic calm and ability to smooth troubled waters. Socially the Libran is also a real gift as it charmingly works a room and manages to find exactly the right people to meet the powerful and ambitious Scorpion. For Scorpio, however, one of the first problems with the Libran is its gullibility. The Scorpion is highly intuitive and senses danger a long way off. To watch Libra rush into a dodgy situation with not a care in the world makes Scorpio question its judgment, to say nothing of having to extricate Libra from the mess. Libra is also very flirtatious which plays havoc with the jealous Scorpion who then reins in its partner. All Librans crave to be in a relationship: for them, it’s almost a sin to be a singleton. As they can also be indecisive and changeable, Scorpio will wonder whether it’s the person or the relationship that matters more to Libra. Emotionally it will be difficult for the Libran really to understand the depth of Scorpio’s feelings, while the Scorpion will begin to see Libra as needy and a bit shallow. Financially these two are worlds apart. Both are ambitious and strive to earn big money which Libra will then spend with no thought as to whether the accounts are going to balance. Scorpio will certainly spend, but with a great deal more caution. Sexually, these two will think it’s all going to be marvellous and it’s certainly likely to tick all the right boxes to start with. Generally, though, they usually find there are too many differences to make a relationship viable in the long-term and yet, there are always exceptions that prove the rule.

Scorpio and Scorpio

Same sign relationships do not usually get a good press and certainly, for two Scorpios, the headlines would call it a clash of the titans. On the one hand, a Scorpio duo could be both dynamic and highly successful but on the other an emotional vortex that saps their energy and causes nothing but worry and possibly grief. There’s no doubt at all that this relationship could be intense, passionate and very exciting and emotionally these two will certainly understand how the other one operates. Whether, fundamentally, that is going to help in getting them to talk or just force them to further bury their feelings is a moot point. As both are secretive, there is no gentle way to find out what’s bothering the other, as both will retreat behind an impenetrable wall of silence. Scorpios are ambitious and seek power so there’s likely to be much mutual support for what they want to achieve in life. Success, however, for one could bring out jealousy in the other, thus creating another situation that is difficult to discuss. Intuition, with which they are abundantly blessed, can be a help and instinctively each should know how best to solve problems. Whether they choose to embark on sensitive topics is quite another matter. This duo is forceful and energetic and a busy lifestyle often keeps them together. Separate interests and lots of discussion about practical matters are also helpful to this relationship. Money matters won’t be a problem unless, of course, one is earning far more than the other. Resentment at continually bailing out a partner who perhaps is not really pulling its weight could arise. Sexually, these two will have the same drive and passion and the physical side of the relationship can keep them both very happy, but to achieve a long-term relationship much thought will have to be given to the day to day business of living together. A mutual charm offensive and that magnetic attraction will only go so far but neither gives up on anything quickly and two Scorpios will take pride in defeating the odds.

Scorpio and Sagittarius

Scorpio and Sagittarius are adjoining signs and inherently different and yet this is a relationship of astrological neighbours that works better than most. The open and honest Sagittarian is like a breath of fresh air to Scorpio who is also bowled over by the Archer’s confidence and almost happy-go-lucky attitude. In turn Sagittarius loves the Scorpio intensity and determination and sees it as being a very stable influence. Scorpios stop and think before rushing in which, of course, is a bit of a novelty to the Sagittarian. Very often, too, these signs share a great sense of humour which gives them a head start in overcoming problems. Sagittarius can teach Scorpio about not taking things quite so seriously. Where there is a fundamental difference is that Scorpio is resistant to change and Sagittarius thrives on it, so much so that the Scorpion wonders, day to day, what the Archer is planning. For the Sagittarian, boredom can set in with Scorpio because of its stubborn refusal to take a chance on life. The Archer also resents the Scorpion’s endless questions about who it has met and what it’s been up to. Sagittarians are great on the social scene, ready to mix with all and sundry and certainly enjoy a bit of flirtation. Scorpio thinks the worst, believes the Archer is ready to flee and jealousy makes it behave in ways that force the Sagittarian to question the relationship. Perhaps Scorpio is upset that the Archer seems oblivious to the Scorpion’s own magnetic effect on people! Sagittarius is trusting and wishes Scorpio could be the same. Money can be a bone of contention as the Archer is a free spender and Scorpio is not, but sexually this is usually a wonderful relationship and Sagittarius can be a good listener and counsellor when Scorpio decides to divulge all those hidden emotions and secrets. Sagittarius makes life fun for Scorpio and from the Scorpion gains passion and loyalty. There will be hiccups early on for these two but, if they make a commitment, they’ll be together for years.

Scorpio and Capricorn

Scorpio immediately sees in Capricorn ambition, power and the possibility of great mutual success while Capricorn recognises the Scorpion’s determination, inner strength and magnetic attraction. The sexual vibes between these two are usually instant and passionate. Scorpio tends to plot and plan its way to the top and sees that Capricorn also favours a steady climb. Neither sign likes to go off piste or take rash decisions. Capricorn’s dry wit is also a tonic for Scorpio who sometimes gets so involved in the power games that it forgets to wind down and see the lighter side of life. Both tend to be workaholics and this is the first possible problem for these two. Whatever their area of work, they will give it their all and this is a couple who, before too long, are putting date nights in the diary. Scorpio and Capricorn are also prone to pessimism, Scorpio shutting itself away in silence and Capricorn convinced that life is about to dish out a load of negativity. There can also be quite a bit of jealousy and unkindness when these two are at odds and although neither is really able to tease out the problems, in fact both prefer to resolve issues on their own. Unfortunately, each then sees the other as secretive and emotionally cool, causing distance to develop in the relationship. When, of course, a dam bursts and all the feelings eventually come out, it’s never a pretty sight. Where money matters are concerned, both signs are on the same page: they want to earn a lot and really enjoy the good life. They also tend to agree on having something set aside, although Capricorn is often more concerned with this than Scorpio. Sexually, this is usually a highly passionate relationship and many of their difficulties can be solved in the bedroom as this is often the only way they communicate on an emotional level. Their mutual goals are very often the glue that keeps the relationship on track but at the same time they rarely think about going their separate ways. Better together than apart.

Scorpio and Aquarius

Scorpio and Aquarius are both fixed signs, signifying that both tend to be very opinionated, rather stubborn and extremely reluctant to rush into change. As with other water (Scorpio) and air (Aquarius) signs, there is a great deal of initial fizz and excitement but within a relatively short time the relationship can leave a lot to be desired. Nevertheless these two are usually strongly drawn to each other and in this case it is probably the attraction of opposites. Aquarius certainly doesn’t want to venture into the emotional arena but Scorpio is a mine of complex emotional depths which tend to drown everything else. Scorpio is extremely ambitious and Aquarius just wants to be happy in whatever it undertakes. For Scorpio, money and power are important goals, whereas neither is particularly high on the Aquarian agenda. Scorpio is also highly suspicious of the Aquarian’s need for space and independence, immediately thinking it spells trouble. Aquarius then suffers from Scorpio’s machinations to curtail any chance of the Waterbearer doing its own thing. On the plus side, Scorpio admires the Aquarian’s very modern thinking combined with more conventional ideas and Aquarius sees Scorpio as very powerful and determined, admiring the way it gets what it wants from life. Aquarius loves the idea that Scorpio can provide a good living and the more circumspect Scorpion sees Aquarius as a very useful conduit to interesting people and a good social life. Loyalty is a characteristic shared by both signs and, together with a strong sexual rapport, usually ensures that these two stay in a relationship longer than expected. Their sex life is perhaps the one area where lots of problems are solved. Simmering Scorpio anger or jealousy can be calmed as can any Aquarian discontent and restlessness. This partnership is never going to be one of the easiest and yet, if both are keen to give it a go, separation won’t be on the cards.

Scorpio and Pisces

Pisces can be an excellent partner for Scorpio. Its feelings are more on the surface, usually accompanied by copious tears, thus enabling Scorpio to know what’s going on and the compassionate Fish is able to delve into the Scorpion’s complex emotions. Scorpio also picks up on the Piscean sensitivity and kindness, and with both signs being highly intuitive, each thinks it is definitely on the other’s wavelength. In particular the Fish sees it has a champion in the very powerful Scorpio, and feels it can swim around happily without coming to too much harm. It takes a bit of time for the Piscean to realise that the Scorpion is saving Pisces from itself, as the Fish has a tendency to be too trusting or perhaps too idealistic. The Scorpion loses patience with the Piscean’s tendency to adopt waifs and strays of all kinds and its ability to make, what Scorpio thinks, are quite dubious friendships. Scorpio is ambitious and has a very powerful persona which Pisces finds very comforting as clearly someone is taking charge of events and forging a life path. The Scorpion also encourages the Piscean’s ambitions and helps to focus and direct them. Problems tend to arise when Scorpio digs in its heels, and becomes obstinate in the extreme, which goes against the more fluid and accommodating attitude of Pisces. Scorpio sometimes sees Pisces as vacillating and escapist while the Fish looks at the Scorpion and sees narrow vision and obsession. Money matters can also cause trouble between these two as Pisces just loves to fritter away the cash while Scorpio, although not averse to a big spend or three, is also very conscious of future security. Sexually, this is usually a glorious relationship: both are very sensual and tuned in to each other’s needs and, most important of all, are able to confide in each other. This duo usually celebrates many anniversaries, but if things don’t go to plan both would agree that it was a wonderful and memorable experience.

Scorpio and Sex

Astrologically there are certain terms that happily go together: Sagittarius/tactless, Leo/bossy, Libra/indecisive etc, but the one everyone knows about is Scorpio and sex. Scorpios are passionate by nature and although this passion can be just as much about a career or a hobby it’s invariably associated with its love life. For many signs, the absence of sex for a short, or even slightly longer time, is nothing to get too worried about, but for Scorpios it’s a very serious matter. For them it’s a life force and an essential to their well-being and few of their relationships will survive for long without an active and very satisfactory sexual understanding.

Many Scorpios are interested in sex from an early age, usually just curiosity as to what it’s all about and reading a lot under the duvet. Their sexual adventures, however, also tend to start relatively young: they know there is a lot to learn and the sooner they begin to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the subject, the better. Many will relate very interesting stories about their first time, whether it was with a much older person, a teenage experiment or even in the red light district. Scorpio is known for its all or nothing approach to life and sexually it’s no different. There are certainly some Scorpions who have chosen celibacy, their innate passion being diverted into other areas of life. Most, however, happily rush down the road marked “all” and there is probably nothing that is, at first, off limits. Internet dating holds no fears for Scorpios. On the one hand, their ‘gut feeling’ about people will probably save them from a really bad encounter but, on the other, they are drawn to the daring and different.

Because Scorpio’s emotional and sexual needs are very much intertwined, it needs to feel comfortable and at ease with a partner. They can be very discerning and need to feel that there is an intuitive sense of connection before making that move to intimacy. With the Scorpion’s passionate nature, it’s not going to be too worried about the setting for seduction. Its mind certainly won’t be on the environment. Equally, it has its standards and after the first time will become slightly more critical if faced with clutter and mess or, worse, any indication of earlier romances. This is a sign associated with jealousy and that emotion can make the Scorpio take flight after dishing out a few well-chosen and possibly rather cruel words. One thing is certain with Scorpio: any sexual encounter will be memorable. These members of the astrological family want to please and understand that by sexually giving of themselves, they gain a great deal in return.

Scorpio and Commitment

There are some signs that go into relationships with the idea of seeing whether it works and, if it doesn’t, then they’ll head out when it suits. Scorpio is not part of that group. The Scorpion doesn’t rush thoughtlessly into anything and certainly doesn’t make a quick and sudden exit. That does not mean, of course that Scorpios stay in relationships just for the sake of it, thus possibly causing more damage than by quitting. There will be times, after much consideration, when Scorpio will definitely leave, but in that case there will be a lot more to the story, possibly to do with deceit, betrayal and a colossal amount of resentment. If Scorpio ever feels it has been tricked into commitment, the fall-out could be shattering.

Scorpio loves with its whole heart and there are many who, over decades, still harbour thoughts and loving memories of the “one who got away”. Many members of this sign will, perhaps secretly, admit that there was only one real love in its life and it’s not necessarily the present partner to whom it is very seriously devoted and committed. So, for a Scorpio to commit, it’s a serious business and never taken lightly. Scorpio is a fixed sign and looks for permanence and stability; another reason why it doesn’t want the hassle of starting all over again after a relationship breaks down. Where Scorpio frequently comes to grief is to muddle sex with love, failing to understand that some relationships are purely physical and not meant for the long term.

Its biggest problems, of course, in a relationship come with its jealousy. All Scorpios have more than their fair share of sex appeal and possess great charisma and, committed or not, are always attractive to others. Whilst they get very angry and hurt at a partner’s attention starting to focus on someone else, they fail to recognise the impression they are giving when seeming to flirt quite seriously with a new – or possibly old – friend. To them, their little flirtation is irrelevant: the partner’s quite innocent friendship is another story. All relationships can be complex but, when the Scorpion gives its heart, it makes sure it’s in very safe hands and the commitment is mutual.

Scorpio and Money

Financial institutions around the world are likely to be full of Scorpios. They have an innate understanding of big money and how to manage it and, in their domestic arena, like to feel that there is a lot coming in. With their all or nothing approach to life, they are inherently suited to the high risk culture of the banking world and, although not essentially gamblers by nature, they are capable of dealing with the highs and lows and, like Aries, they are happy to start all over again. At whatever level of employment, most Scorpios feel they can climb the ladder from first rung to the top.

For those Scorpios not making international financial waves, money is especially important as a tool for future security. Whilst not in the Capricorn league of resenting every pound not squirreled away into savings, Scorpio is happy to spend large sums on things that are either essential or sometimes a wonderful indulgence, but at the same time won’t dip into savings unless it has been planned for. Suddenly deciding to splash out on a luxury item doesn’t cross Scorpio’s mind. This sign rarely, if ever, does shoddy or very cheap: it looks for the best quality it can afford in the hope that it’ll last. However, their vulnerable area, as for Aries, is a really good car and this is the one purchase on which Scorpio can blow the budget. When paying up for this fantastic driving experience, that fact won’t register but there will probably be much muttering about having to save money for months afterwards.

Being a sign that values stability and security, Scorpios are usually very conscious of pensions and savings from the time they enter the workplace. Changing jobs, therefore, is always a matter of not just a rise in salary but much discussion with a financial advisor about how a pension will be affected. The Scorpion will also ensure that life assurances and anything to do with the well-being of the family are in place.

The only situation which could cause Scorpio to lose track of what is going on with money matters is emotional stress. Some signs eat when they’re worried or unhappy, others drink but for Scorpio it’s letting financial matters get out of control. They will indulge in rather reckless spending which is totally out of character and then, when feeling better, will take the reins again in order to get back on track. Scorpios on the whole don’t gamble, but the odd lottery ticket will find its way into a purse or wallet and, if there’s a big win, generosity and a philanthropic attitude is likely to prevail, but veiled in secrecy. No Scorpio will want to make a song and dance about any kind of donation. Financially, therefore, Scorpios are pretty stable. They might well have the odd moment or two when things get a bit out of hand but they certainly don’t have a pecuniary self-destruct button. Most important of all, they are usually very generous to those they love and, for them alone, the piggy bank might well be raided.

Scorpio at Home

The Scorpio home will never be middle of the road: this is a sign that is associated with extremes thus ensuring that anything remotely insipid will not be taking pride of place. Scorpio is associated with Mars, as is Aries, and red is their colour. For the Scorpion it’s a very deep red or maroon and most members of this sign either love or loathe the shade. What it indicates, however, is that Scorpio favours a deep and strong palette and even if the home can’t take the big and the bold, there will be plenty of items, from cushions and pictures to ornaments and flower arrangements which will give that eye-catching blast of colour.

On the whole Scorpions don’t like clutter and disarray and will take time and trouble to organise the home. It is also a fixed sign and doesn’t like the idea that something as big as decorating and furnishing a home has to be done more than once, or perhaps twice. Plans will be drawn up and choices made and then there will probably be a lot of discussion and seeking of opinions before eventually a scheme is agreed. Scorpios are not particularly sentimental but will very probably have one or two pieces that have been in the family and which they have always liked, together with some old photos and perhaps a painting or two. More especially, they like their own special chair and designated place, and woe betide anyone who foolishly intrudes on either! The idea of moving furniture around after a few years is rarely likely to happen: once Scorpio has worked out a place for everything and everything its place, only a new home will ensure that anything is ever altered. On the other side of the coin, there are some Scorpios who favour the totally modern look with very clean lines and plenty of space. It’s again about the Scorpion’s sense of extremes and this is radically different from the comfortable “country house” look.

There is an innate teacher in many Scorpios and for that reason there is usually a goodly selection of reference books in the home as well as an array of thrillers, whether in book form or box sets. Scorpios are always keen to get to the root of each and every problem and many think of themselves as great amateur detectives. For the budding CEOs and movers and shakers, any publication devoted to getting on in life will be on the bookshelf. Like every other sign, all Scorpios have interests and hobbies, from art to engineering to mysticism, and evidence of those will be obvious. Scorpios are warm and accomplished hosts and, as they are not known for being polite for the sake of it, close friends are definitely the favoured guests. A very cool welcome can be dished out to an unexpected “other” or someone who, at some stage, has blotted his or her copy book with the Scorpion. Scorpio never forgets and very rarely forgives!

The traditional Scorpio birthstone is the opal but malachite, jasper and topaz are also associated with this sign. The Scorpio metals are steel and lead, perfectly symbolising the Scorpion’s innate strength. Interestingly the trees associated with Scorpio are thorn-bearing, from hawthorn to bramble and blackthorn, again symbolic of the Scorpion’s sting. As for flowers for this group, it’s the rhododendron, geranium and honeysuckle. Scorpios tend to be quite secretive about their musical tastes but it’s usually classical, jazz and the blues, with some very interesting surprises to raise the eyebrows!

For many Scorpios their home is their sanctuary. Many of them have careers which take them all over the world and coming back to a home that is a cherished haven is essential for their well-being.

Scorpio at Leisure

Mention leisure to Scorpios and they might wonder what that’s all about. This is a sign that works hard and often plays hard, but can just as easily become bogged down by the demands of a career and forget that there are such things as time off or even a holiday or two. Although Scorpio doesn’t usually feature strongly amidst the sports-loving signs, it’s probably pre-eminent at chess or games that require strategic skill and perhaps fencing, bowls or croquet, which need a good eye and accuracy. Rock-climbing and the martial arts are also attractive to a Scorpio and a darts board on which to take out its anger could well be hidden away in the garage! The Scorpio skill set is well-suited to board games and its competitive spirit will flourish, even against the very youngest players.

Washington DC has associations with Scorpio which is perhaps not surprising as it is the American seat of power and Scorpions are totally at home with that. Norway and Egypt have astrological associations with Scorpio as do countries with barren landscapes that are the natural territory of scorpions. People generally find it easy to feel comfortable or in some way to relate to places that resonate with their own sun sign. New Orleans, Liverpool and Hull are Scorpio cities. Travelling to far-flung countries and exploring places that are not really on the tourist trail always appeals to a Scorpio and this is possibly the one sign that takes roads to towns and cities that others fear to tread.

 Most Scorpios do not go on holiday armed with sun cream and a book (clearly, for them, the latest thriller) and look for nothing further than a goodly dose of sunshine and relaxation. Of course, they will allow themselves a few days to cast off the pressures of work and then they will need a project or a schedule of places to visit or something else that is going to take up their considerable energy. Being Scorpios, however, it’s very unlikely that they’ll switch off phones and any other devices: their innately suspicious/curious nature will want to know exactly what is going on while they are away!

Exercise for Scorpios doesn’t usually come in the form of a short walk or a quick swim. As with everything they undertake, it’ll be done with vigour, commitment and, sometimes, competitively either against itself or a group of friends. For them, some kind of work-out is often their best form of relaxation and a way of ridding the system of stress and tension. A long cycle ride can have the same beneficial effect and many Scorpios thoroughly enjoy triathlons. Scorpio thinking runs very deep and there will be times when just shutting itself away for an hour or so is as therapeutic as a day off. Their emotional highs and lows can be quite exhausting and very often a bit of quiet down time will sort out its equilibrium and put things into perspective. As with everything for Scorpio, its leisure time has to be enjoyed with the same energy and passion it gives to everything else and, hopefully, with the same very successful results.

Food, Drink and Diets for Scorpios

Most Scorpios have hearty appetites for life and for food and drink. This is not a sign that ever goes in for half measures and in the general style of their sun sign they either go for a massive meal or what they consider to be next to nothing. There are some signs that are perhaps more prone to being vegetarian or even vegan and Scorpio could be one of them as commitment to either regime requires diligence and a genuine belief, both of which Scorpios possess in abundance. On the other hand, meat and two veg and many of the classic recipes, especially those wonderful childhood food memories, sit very happily with the Scorpion. Many members of this sign are extremely good at the culinary arts and, given the time, would love nothing more than devoting a day to baking and cooking.

Certain signs of the zodiac prefer their food rather bland: Scorpios, however, are the kings and queens of hot! Highly spiced food and very hot curries are nectar to them and any food on their plate will be embellished with extra salt and pepper and any particularly strong sauce that is going. Beef with horseradish (and lots of it) is one of their best Sunday lunches. Bearing in mind that Scorpio goes for extremes, there are probably many Scorpions who would be horrified at the very full plate, let alone the heat, and would happily opt for salads. With certain parts of Germany having Scorpio associations, beer and wines from that area are often favourites and, with the Norway connection, those very strong Scandinavian drinks. Scorpios can usually hold their liquor well and are used to being the last men and women standing.

With both physical and mental energy riding high, few Scorpios need to think of a diet until probably well into middle age. On the basis that this sign tends to do nothing by halves, the first thing to realise when weight goes on is simply to cut back on the number and size of meals. Many Scorpions forgot the three meals a day routine at a very young age and over the years got used to eating as and when they pleased – and not just a snack. Starting to lose weight will be a challenge and the Scorpion’s initial decision will be to quickly shed the pounds and let everyone see the result. Only later will it realise that going about things the other way will bring longer lasting results: losing weight slowly but surely is the answer. Many Scorpios find dieting a real bore and give up early, but for those who find a happy medium between good health and good eating, there is a real sense of achievement and contentment.

Presents for Scorpio

Scorpios are, on the whole, not a particularly acquisitive group and are often surprised at the generosity of friends and family. There are, naturally, some who almost catalogue gifts and work out how much was spent and who has forgotten to send a card or present. Thankfully, they are a rarity and just a reminder of the Scorpion’s more calculating nature

In the world of espionage there are probably many Scorpios who are hackers and code breakers, but well away from that scene many members of this sign just love to solve a puzzle. Whether it’s a classic jigsaw, a book of brain teasers or crosswords, it will usually go down a treat. On another tack, adult colouring books could also be a wonderfully calming present. They challenge the latent artist and need great attention to detail. There are plenty of Scorpios, too, who understand the importance of the occasional hand-written note, rather than email or text, and pens, stationery, inks and even an old fashioned blotter could be very welcome.

Books for Scorpios should, of course, include thrillers and possibly anything in the modern technology line. Many Scorpios are interested in mysticism, myths and alternative beliefs and while they might be quite secretive about such curiosity, a little addition to their knowledge won’t go amiss. The Scorpio’s interest in cooking means hot relishes, special spices and perhaps the latest cookery book would be great additions to the kitchen. Whilst not in the Aquarian league for collecting gadgets, Scorpios are certainly keen to keep up with the latest in the market, but are more discerning. Buying something because it’s the ‘in’ thing of the moment is certainly not their scene. Choose gadgets with care! The elegant Scorpio woman will look for simple and well-designed jewellery that still manages to make a statement and, as she loves stylish accessories, scarves, belts, snazzy socks and handbags could be right up her street. Accessories for the Scorpio man should be understated and yet quite obviously at the higher end of the market, and that applies to anything from leather goods to knitwear.

Unlike the other two water signs, Pisces and Cancer, Scorpio probably won’t go into a mixture of smiles, tears and very emotional thanks when given a present. The Scorpion is much more likely to give a broad smile and the piercing gaze will indicate very clearly whether the gift has won its heart – or not, as the case may be!

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