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Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon

sagittarius-sun-virgo-moonThis is a combination for intellectual power, the capacity to bring generalizations down to details and to view details in their relationship with broad concepts. Thus you are a thinker and tend in your thought to be philosophically practical. You are a realist without being hard-boiled; a romanticist without being impractical. You will do best in an intellectual or creative career, where these qualities combine to best advantage – law, religion, medicine, literature, or music. In business, while you have the capacity for it, you would feel cramped and held down. You are on the side of the underdog, willing to go to the mat for a principle which you understand so well and in such detail that you are able to make your listeners agree with you. Thus you are a good lawyer or, in social life, an influence on the thinking of your circle. There is never anything petty or small about you, and though you are a very warm-hearted person, the thing that makes your word impressive is the detachment you are able to bring to ideas. You are a diplomat and are able to win people over to your side by your manner as much as by anything you say. You have what is known as charm, and it is of the unconscious and calm variety that is most appealing.

Develop your capacity for details; learn to stick to things and see them through, and you may hope through intellectual pursuits to go far.

Grant Lewi

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