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Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon

sagittarius-sun-cancer-moonThis is a highly intuitive, poetic, and sensitive position with an adapt ability that makes it possible for you to use your abilities in almost any field that you want to. Whether you select a business, professional, or artistic career, you are likely to master and understand it. You are capable of broad abstractions of thought – and of understanding details of philosophy – and hard business sense. When you are thinking clearly you can see through anyone or anything; but you have a gullible streak in you and can be taken in by a plausible person, especially if he appeals to your emotions or your vanity. Similarly, you are capable of believing in strange doctrines, metaphysics, spiritualism and the like. This is likely to be reflected also in business, for you are an optimist and can imagine the satisfactory outcome of the most far-fetched schemes and plans. The funny thing is that by using your inventiveness and your energy you sometimes do make them work, for no task is too hard for you when you’ve set your mind on its accomplishment. You have to be careful, however, that through optimism and impressionability you aren’t tempted to expend your energies in impossibilities. At the drop of a hat you’d go to get three golden hairs from the whiskers of a giant, if you thought you’d win the princess. Dig to the root of things before you let your enthusiasms fly – and make sure before you start a thing that you’re willing to see it through, for your energies and enthusiasms have a way of falling away to nothing. You don’t get discouraged, exactly, only you see something else that intrigues you. Emotionally, you’re romantic and idealistic and somewhat fickle. It isn’t so much that you tire of the old as that you’re interested in the new. In all things – studies, business, love, ideas, philosophies – you should seek for depth rather than distance. In business, seek soundness rather than brilliance; in creation, as in the arts, quality rather than quantity; in love, concentration rather than variety. You will find the reward of your great abilities and your high ideology directly in proportion as you concentrate and refuse to scatter your energies.

Grant Lewi

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