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Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope

Many early books on astrology rated Sagittarius (the Archer) as a lucky sign and even today people born between 22nd November and 21st December are seen as regularly falling on their feet, eternally positive and rarely suffering from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. It is the ability to hide tears and worries behind constructive action, a cheerful grin and optimistic thinking that makes the rest of the world believe that this ninth sign of the zodiac leads something of a charmed life. Sagittarians are very definitely people who know how to take chances, are adept at calculating risk and for whom the glass is always half full. Nevertheless, in common with every other astrological group they face just as many difficulties and bad times as well as their own character flaws. This is a sign that may well seem to be full of carefree jollity but most Sagittarians gain much of their wisdom through bitter experience and steep learning curves.

Sagittarius is the Archer – half horse, half man – and in myth found its place in the heavens through the Centaur, Chiron, a wise and gifted philosopher, teacher and healer. Accidentally, he was wounded by one of Hercules’ poisoned arrows, the venom from which caused Chiron unbearable pain. To relieve this agony, the good Centaur renounced his immortality and passed from earthly life. Zeus, king of the gods, rewarded Chiron for his past efforts and services by placing him in the heavens. The Sagittarian’s ruling planet is Jupiter (the Roman name for the Greek Zeus) and it is this association which made people think that anyone born under its aegis was somehow protected by divine fortune. Like Chiron, Sagittarians are natural philosophers, teachers, counsellors and priests and, in one form or another, healers. They have a real gift for bringing cheer to even the worst situations and anyone who has been visited in hospital by a Sagittarian or called an Archer at a time of trouble will testify that laughter is definitely the best medicine. Pisceans might have the most beautiful eyes and Leos the most lustrous manes but, where the smile is concerned, it’s Sagittarius. Broad and totally genuine, it embraces all and sundry with a warmth and friendliness that is second to none.

Jupiter was also known for hurling a few thunderbolts when out of sorts and Sagittarians usually have a fairly quick temper which erupts only when all else, particularly constructive discussion, has failed. Sulking or brooding in a corner is not their way at all; tantrum over and subject forgotten is their mantra. The king of the gods was also known for punishing his enemies and rewarding his friends. Sagittarians are also very concerned with fair play but not at all interested in vengeance and certainly don’t want to dish out exorbitant punishments: they just want to see justice done.

Sagittarius is the third of the fire signs (the other two being Aries and Leo), and radiates energy, colour and a directness of approach. It’s also a mutable sign which makes it adaptable and versatile and, as in nature, fire thrives when it’s moving: the Archers are usually at their best when they are on the go. The spirit of adventure is alive and well in Sagittarius and most Archers are continually looking to distant horizons, seeking a challenge or grappling with intellectual argument. Whilst no more or less intelligent than any other sign, Sagittarians are intellectuals and the zodiac’s eternal students: the acquisition of knowledge is of paramount importance to them whether they are the class swots at school or the octogenarians relishing an Open University course. The Archer has a knack of being able to put its subject across and to enthuse others and, where it comes to leading any kind of discussion, Sagittarius takes a lot of beating.

This is a sign that likes to think big, hence its tendency to exaggeration, but at the same time is honesty personified. It is this need for veracity that leads the Archer into tactless comments and its famed foot in mouth disease. They must tell the truth but rarely think about the effect it might have on a friend, colleague or family. However, the Archer’s innate ability to back pedal with a self-deprecating comment and a witty and wry acknowledgement of the faux pas usually means that no-one takes real offence. At best, of course, the Sagittarian’s honest approach to life is indicative of a total lack of guile and an innate horror of lies. Commensurate with the idea of “thinking big” is the Sagittarian need for freedom, space and a grand quest for it knows not what. The Archers might well be rather clumsy and blind to things right in front of them, but where it comes to the bigger picture and a far-sighted view of situations, there are none better. They see very clearly how events could unfold and the consequences of their actions. They also possess extremely good judgment and, despite having a reputation for not being particularly practical or pragmatic, they are usually very dependable. On the other side of the coin lie restlessness, blind optimism and almost a disdain for the opinions or welfare of others: a very Sagittarian arrogance as this sign can be extremely patronising and often finds it really difficult to suffer fools gladly. Like all mutable signs they are not known for persistence and digging in for the long haul but, at the same time, don’t normally jump ship as soon as the going gets tough. They are constantly on the look-out for new pastures and the search for their particular goal du jour is often muddled. Despite taking all sorts of wrong paths, the thought of a new challenge never dims.

Sagittarians are always classified as the zodiac’s travellers, which probably comes as a total mystery to those Archers who rarely set foot outside home territory. On the one hand there are those whose itchy feet ensure they explore at least one new foreign country every year and many members of this sign are regulars on the ‘work for a few months, travel for a few months’ circuit. On the other, there are those Sagittarians who profess a real loathing of anything overseas, but who are avid watchers of the travel programmes and probably have a good number of books on anything from Egyptian artefacts to Provencal recipes. As with travel, so with the Sagittarian love of sport: most enjoy being involved but others are very happy and knowledgeable armchair participants.

Like its Aquarian cousin, the Sagittarian values independence. Although it is one of the more sociable signs, no member of the Sagittarius family likes to feel it is being tied down to anything or anyone. In everyday life, Sagittarians rarely thrive in an office that has no outlook onto the wider world and, although not especially prone to claustrophobia, can become quite agitated when they feel hemmed in. For that reason, too, many Sagittarians tend to commit to a partnership later in life when the restlessness has abated a little.

The idea of the lucky Sagittarius is also bound up with their innate trust in life’s goodness and bounty. They are firm believers in the idea of nothing ventured, nothing gained and invariably have no fears about going out on a limb. Do Sagittarians ever feel down or fed up? Of course: most Archers would admit to having felt quite depressed at times, but come the dawn the optimism is back and the idea of brooding on what has now passed is never part of the Archer’s thinking. Do their plans ever go wrong? Frequently, as they tend to over-egg the pudding, be blindly optimistic and fail to deal with the detail of any venture. However, perhaps more than any other sign, Sagittarius learns from its mistakes and, after any disappointment, is quick to start all over again. This is a sign that is not prone to worrying and finds it difficult to cope with people who constantly fret and moan. The “what if?” scenario is a closed book to all Sagittarians who are then seen by more cautious signs as grossly irresponsible!

Sagittarians are very impatient and have a particular loathing of red tape and what they see as mind-numbing bureaucracy. The Archer tends to be big on sweeping statements, grand visions and slightly risky moves and hopes that someone else will sort out problems as and when they arise. “To travel hopefully is better than to arrive” is at the heart of the Sagittarian way of life. Its trusting, open and positive approach to the world, combined with wisdom and a great sense of humour, leads it down all sorts of interesting highways and byways. Sagittarius aims its arrows at distant objects and lofty goals and its rationale is to aim ever further and higher. The fact that the Archers like to do everything in a big way and make life a little bit more exciting for everyone is an extra, and very special, bonus. Much to the surprise of some of the more openly ambitious signs, the Archer usually finds its mark and can usually say, with hand on heart, that life’s a breeze and a thoroughly enjoyable one at that.

The Sagittarian Man

Excellent company, witty and thoroughly knowledgeable, the Sagittarian man weaves his way through a room, or the world, with a certain amount of panache and a whole lot of self-confidence. He exudes warmth and friendliness in abundance and takes a great interest in the people around him, so much so that holding his attention can be quite a problem. As well as being thoroughly erudite, he is often a mine of thoroughly entertaining, and often rather arcane, information. In short he’s very engaging company and his wonderfully self-deprecating sense of humour just adds to his charm. This, however, is a restless soul and getting to know the real man is often extremely difficult. Beneath that general bonhomie is quite a private individual who will happily wax lyrical about the state of the world, but get him to talk about himself and the door is shut very politely and with a certain amount of style, but also very firmly.

The Archer likes to look at life as a series of grand plans and will happily talk about all of them. What he really hates is either listening to a story full of petty detail or having to cope with minutiae in his daily life. This is a man who thinks big and doesn’t take kindly to anyone raining on his parade by pointing out the, often obvious, reasons why his latest ideas are unfeasible. Bearing in mind that this sign is famed for its lack of tact, the Sagittarian man can sometimes come across as extremely thoughtless, uttering comments that could be classed as jaw-dropping. On the plus side, he doesn’t bear grudges. If he has problems with people he’ll either forgive the transgression or firmly delete the soon to be ex-friend from his life.

A sense of freedom is essential to every Sagittarian male, whether it’s standing on the edge of a crowd, so as to see a means of escape, or insisting on wearing very casual clothes on every occasion. Getting the Archer to put on best bib and tucker, which will include a tight collar, can be a problem and if he does fall in with the dress code, he’ll make sure he does so in his own style. To him, formal wear implies a set of rules, something with which the Archer is never really comfortable. Generosity is writ large in this sign and he can be as free with his money as he is with his time.

Whatever his status in life, this man is an accomplished flirt and has been known to make a new contact feel more than a little attractive and valued, only to disappear with a smile and thanks for the chat and being such entertaining company. The Sagittarian man particularly loves the mental challenge of conversing with someone new and that intense interest is more about the brain than the body. Many have departed from a lovely chat with a Sagittarian man feeling slightly puzzled and even a little let down!

 As befits the most intellectual man in the zodiac, he loves to debate, moralise or lecture and will appreciate someone who will give him a run for his money. He’s not particularly good at keeping secrets so giving too much away about anything could be a big mistake. Many who have a Sagittarian man as a close friend consider themselves very fortunate: a more honest and good-humoured individual who will stand by you through good times and bad would be difficult to find.

The Sagittarian Woman

This warm-hearted, funny and thoroughly engaging woman is a welcome addition to a party, an office or a meeting. She will arrive with a broad smile for everyone, a merry greeting and possibly a short, amusing tale about her latest little adventure, whether it’s her journey or something that happened last week. Never one to stick rigidly to the facts, she manages to embellish any anecdote, turning a rather mundane situation into quite a drama: in short she is an entertainer and lightens the tone of every occasion. Even in the most difficult circumstances she will manage to bring a bit of levity to the proceedings and a murmured bit of gallows humour brings a smile or giggle to her nearest neighbour. The fact that she trips over something or knocks over someone’s cup of coffee is neither here nor there. The Archer is always looking at the future and therefore has eyes on a distant horizon and never on what is right under her nose.

Sagittarian women have been called opinionated, which is probably a diplomatic way of describing her very forceful views. She is usually highly intellectual, knowledgeable about what is going on in the world and very well read. Listening to what others have to say is probably not her greatest skill and yet when she meets someone who challenges her views, she absolutely loves the cut and thrust of debate. Just one caveat: it must end with a joke and a smile. This is an optimistic sign and she doesn’t go in for making enemies because of differing viewpoints.

Like her Gemini counterpart, the Sagittarian woman tends to take on far too much and then runs herself ragged trying to fulfil obligations. She has great difficulty in understanding her limitations and, in her quest for a new challenge or a different goal, doesn’t see what a task really involves. However, there is a ‘never say die’ gene in every female Archer and she doesn’t give up. Although she is not particularly ambitious, in her own way she wants to achieve her goals, whether great or small. As for the Sagittarian male, so for the female: she, too, prefers casual clothes although, if asked to dress up for an occasion, can frequently outdo her more fashion-conscious astrological sisters in the glamour stakes. She knows how to be regal but getting out of formal garb is such a relief!

Although she doesn’t always give away a lot about herself, she has an innate knack of getting information from others, often through a bit of outrageous flirting. At her best, she can obtain knowledge from even the most secretive of individuals. Her genuine concern for the well-being of friends, or even strangers on the train, means she’s often a shoulder to cry on for someone who is going through bad times. If it’s a friend in trouble, she invariably knows how to help and who to contact and with her knowledge so surprisingly widespread, she’s an extremely useful addition to the pub quiz team! The Sagittarian woman is usually very well-liked and, in keeping with the idea that she is a daughter of Jupiter, a bringer of joy.

Sagittarius Zodiac

Sagittarius Zodiac

Relating to Sagittarius

The Sagittarian finds it easy to get along with the other fire signs and the air signs, but is immensely attracted to the water and earth signs that seem far more exciting to begin with, but with whom all sorts of problems invariably develop.

Sagittarius and Aries

These two are irresistibly drawn to each other like moths to a flame and for very good reasons. Both are fire signs and are beacons of warmth and energy, rushing through life determined to be at the centre of everything, and somewhat careless of other people’s feelings. Thus there is true understanding between the Archer and the Ram from the word go. Sagittarius is in awe of the Aries ambition and determination to get to the top of the ladder and revels in its dynamic and quick-witted personality. In turn the Ram loves the Sagittarian bonhomie and intellect and appreciates its straightforward, positive and honest approach to life. However, no relationship is perfect and in time Sagittarius becomes aware that Aries can be extremely self-centred and completely oblivious to the Archer’s need for its own time and space. The headlong Aries dash to achieve great success is often eventually lost on the Sagittarian who is far more likely to look at a more balanced life and doesn’t possess the all-consuming focus of the Ram. Aries likes to be organised and ready for all eventualities: Sagittarius finds a strict timetable extremely tedious and prefers a more flexible existence which the Ram sees as a sign of chaos in the making. The good life attracts them both and Aries, as organiser in chief, will do its utmost to make sure they enjoy it. Both are usually very popular on the social scene and they invariably have many interests in common, particularly some kind of sporting endeavour. Money matters can become a problem if the Archer treats hard-earned cash in a slightly cavalier fashion: Aries likes to spend but also to feel that money is well invested. The sexual side of this relationship tends to start hot and rarely dips below very warm. Perhaps the biggest danger for this duo is their tendency to speak as they find, whereupon Aries flares up and then turns icy and Sagittarius looks for a way out. Nevertheless, this partnership invariably stands the test of time because a genuine friendship is their greatest asset. Learning to respect each other’s space just adds to their happiness.

Sagittarius and Taurus

The idea of the Archer and the Bull is of one trying to take down the other with its arrows and the Taurean horns doing tremendous damage to the Sagittarian. With both blind to that symbolism Taurus and Sagittarius embark happily on a relationship, each quite smitten with the other. The Archer loves the Taurean’s down to earth manner, its sensible demeanour and its joy in the good things in life. Even better for the Archer is the Bull’s organisational and business flair which will somehow put an end to all the Sagittarian problems of taking on too much and being slightly too flash with the cash. Taurus loves the Archer’s adventurous spirit and genial nature and sees a bit of excitement coming into its life. It won’t be long, however, before Taurus sees Sagittarius as irresponsible and far too fond of its freedom, while the Archer will resent the Bull’s endless questions and signs of jealousy. Money matters will also quickly cause problems: Taurus is financially cautious and Sagittarius very cavalier with the cash and for the Archer to be continually reined in over spending will light up the door marked ‘exit’. Sexually this relationship starts off really well as an attraction of opposites, but Taurus is a very sensual sign and needs a lot of tactile attention while Sagittarius prefers a meeting of minds just as much as bodies and isn’t particularly concerned with the post-coital tenderness which Taurus values so highly. As with all other astrological relationships, this one can see many anniversaries: the Taurean patience and reliability will certain help the Archer to channel its ideas more profitably and Sagittarius will widen the Bull’s perspective on life, but it will take a lot of mutual understanding and tolerance to get the partnership on an even keel for the future. If, eventually, it is nothing more than a short-lived fling, neither will really regret the experience and both will possibly have learned a lot.

Sagittarius and Gemini

This is an attraction between the two most restless signs in the Zodiac who, at the start of the relationship, think they are made for each other. Both have a very quick intelligence, need to be on the go and on the whole tend to live for today and not worry too much about tomorrow. After the initial excitement it usually occurs to both, but probably first to the Archer, that there is much talk between the two but very little real communication. After all, Gemini needs to have its day crammed with meetings of all kinds and the Sagittarian’s timetable is all over the shop. Neither is truly comfortable discussing emotional issues or, for that matter, just sitting still and reflecting on life. Gemini certainly doesn’t like the Archer’s sometimes reckless approach and Sagittarius wearies of the Twin’s endless new ideas for their future. Both signs have a tendency to be inconsistent and superficial and, if there are other problems in the relationship – that can be the proverbial straw that breaks it. But, all is not lost: both relish the intellectual challenge posed by a partnership of two very witty and interesting people and both are prepared to take a very relaxed approach to life generally. ‘Winging it’ is something they both understand and for them it invariably works. Socially they both thrive in a very busy scene and certainly won’t suffer from a lack of hobbies and interests. Gemini also loves the Sagittarian’s warmth and genial approach while the Archer sees the Twin as a superb companion and loves its youthful approach to life. Financial problems can arise because neither is particularly strong in that field but both are adept at avoiding destitution. After the first thrill of the chase, the sexual side of this relationship sometimes becomes relegated to the status of a date night as both are too busy or tired to make time for intimacy. If true communication can be established, this relationship can last many years: if not, both will find a plausible reason to move on, and possibly rather quickly, but with some very good memories.

Sagittarius and Cancer

These two signs usually fall hook, line and sinker for each other. The Crab sees the outgoing, good-humoured and straightforward Sagittarian as a wonderful foil for its more introverted and complex nature, while the Archer is enchanted by the Cancerian’s compassion, shrewdness and capacity for love. Sagittarius admires the Crab’s tenacity and realises it can jolly Cancer out of its worries and rather touchy behaviour. Equally Cancer sees the Archer as a bringer of fun and optimism and knows it can calm the Sagittarian’s restless demeanour. The physical attraction between the two is normally magnetic and both understand that opposites attract. Gradually it dawns on them that this relationship is going to be more complicated than they initially thought. Cancer is very ambitious and money definitely matters, and the more that’s squirreled away, the better. The Sagittarian’s love of spending is definitely frowned on. The Crab is also very sensitive and prone to retreating into a chilly silence when hurt. With the forthright and tactless Sagittarian in tow, Cancer can find itself spending much time contemplating the meaning of the Archer’s latest barb. The Crab has a very long memory and Sagittarius, who throws off difficult situations in a trice, won’t find problems quickly forgotten. For Cancer, too, the Sagittarian need for freedom jars horribly with its own need for security. On the plus side, Cancer can rein in the more unrealistic of the Sagittarian plans while at the same time providing a secure base to which the Archer can happily return after the day’s adventures. The Sagittarian provides warmth and a lighter touch and helps the Crab to let go of situations that are way past their sell-by date. With a lot of give and take this relationship can work very well, although perhaps even better if both have a bit of life experience behind them. It is never going to be plain sailing and it could take quite a long time for this duo to settle into a workable partnership. If they get there, then it’ll take a really seismic situation to separate them.

Sagittarius and Leo

Two fire signs invariably make a wonderfully boisterous duo, full of warmth, joie de vivre and grand plans. Leo and Sagittarius embody different types of fire: the Archer tends towards the out of control forest conflagration, while the Lion is more like a controlled burn. For this reason these two often flourish together as Leo puts a steadying hand on the Sagittarian’s more outlandish and irresponsible behaviour and ideas, while the Archer can chivvy Leo out of its reluctance to move forward and to embrace change. The standing of each in the relationship is also uncomplicated. Leo has to be boss and Sagittarius is happy to be in second place as long as its freedom of movement and need for independence is acknowledged. Both are very big spenders and whilst Leo is concerned with having the best of everything, Sagittarius merely wants the best sports equipment, the full bookshelves and opportunities to travel. Behind the Lion’s bombast and showmanship lies quite a sensitive domestic moggy and difficulties can arise when the Archer fails to understand that. The Sagittarian’s very forthright comments can cut Leo to the quick just as much as the Lion’s patronising and intolerant attitude can grate on the more easy-going Archer. Both, however, can be generous and broad-minded, taking real pleasure in seeing the other do well in life. The Leo creativity and the Sagittarian intellect also work well together. Sexually, two fire signs usually start off at very hot but whilst Leo likes to be seduced with glamour and luxury, Sagittarius is much more interested in “any place, anywhere” and whilst not in the rough and ready league, is certainly not fussed about 5 star surroundings. This is a relationship that can prosper over the years as long as Leo never lies to the Sagittarian (the Archer hates any economy with the truth) and the Archer never makes Leo look foolish. The Leo pride is legendary.

Sagittarius and Virgo

Both these signs are mutable (adaptable and versatile) but Sagittarius is fire and Virgo is earth, two elements that are not particularly compatible. Hence, these two fall head over heels for each other. The initial attraction usually comes from the intellectual rapport: both tell a good story, are good conversationalists and genuinely seem to take a great interest in each other. Socially they are usually in great demand as they tend to enliven any gathering. Emotionally, however, they are a fair distance apart as neither is comfortable entering that particular arena. Virgo tends to over-analyse every situation and is practical and hard-headed, while the Sagittarian just wants to get on with its very busy life and certainly doesn’t relish navel gazing about feelings. The Virgo attitude is about the minutiae while the Archer is concerned with broad vistas. Real communication is therefore often missing in this relationship but initially is glossed over as the sexual side is firing on all cylinders. As time goes on, Virgo begins to see that behind the Archer’s jovial demeanour is a rather superficial and restless individual struggling to get out. Equally Sagittarius starts to think that Virgo is becoming a tad critical, organising, and a bit of a perfectionist. Virgo likes neat and tidy, Sagittarius spreads itself and its belongings all over the place. Financially, Virgo is canny with the cash and the Sagittarian careless. Although both signs are amenable to change, they look at moving on in different ways. Sagittarius thinks of throwing in the towel with no advance warning and rushing off on a new adventure. Virgo likes to plan in great detail and does nothing on a whim. Despite these different approaches to life, neither forgets what drew them together in the first place: Virgo loves the Sagittarian’s confident and outgoing personality and the Archer remembers the modest and engaging Virgin with its gentle and clever wit. Compromise and understanding can lead this duo to many anniversaries but personal space for both is essential.

Sagittarius and Libra

The easy-going Libran and the happy-go-lucky Sagittarian tend to get along extremely well. Each sees the other as excellent company and both are delighted to find a mutual interest in spending money. Sagittarius revels in the Libran’s charm and diplomacy, used to much good effect when the Archer suffers from a bout of tactless comments, while Libra loves the adventurous, optimistic and good humoured Sagittarian. Both definitely love the good life. Unfortunately both Sagittarius and Libra take a very cavalier approach to money matters and are averse to opening anything that looks like a bill so, without a staying hand from either, financial problems can start to loom large. Libra can also be quite needy: this is a sign that craves a partnership and Sagittarius needs freedom of movement and a bit of independence. Seeing the Archer disappear for an hour, day or week for reasons that sometimes sound a bit nebulous puts Libra under a lot of stress. Sagittarius, in turn, strains at the leash when presented with a list of ‘duty’ engagements that cannot be missed or a list of domestic chores that have to be completed. The Libran gullibility also drives the Archer to distraction: for the utterly straightforward Sagittarian, Libra’s general dithering and its wholehearted belief in someone or something that is patently not to be trusted is exasperating. Equally, the poor Libran can’t deal with the Archer’s sometimes reckless behaviour and decisions, let alone its thoroughly restless attitude to life. Libra just wants life to run smoothly and quietly: Sagittarius looks for change for change’s sake. On the sexual side, this is a relationship that can work very well. Libra is both generous and romantic and the Sagittarian has energy and enthusiasm. Libra is also very good at reaching the Archer’s emotional depths which are a mystery to many others. Trust is the most important key for these two and once that’s fully established, there’s no reason for them to go their separate ways.

Sagittarius and Scorpio

Adjacent signs in the Zodiac are radically different and none more so than Scorpio and Sagittarius. The Scorpion is all hidden depths, strong passions and obstinacy, while Sagittarius is open, unemotional and changeable. Scorpio comes from the heart and its feelings, Sagittarius from its head and the rational mind. So, inevitably this is an attraction of opposites that is never less than all-consuming. Sagittarius is drawn to the Scorpion’s innate sense of power and determination and fascinated by its very intuitive nature and emotional intensity. In the Sagittarian, Scorpio has found a thoroughly entertaining and charismatic companion whose great intellect is both challenging and intriguing and whose sense of humour is an added gift. Jealousy and possessiveness, however, stalk the Scorpio mind and these are two emotions that are totally alien to the Archer, who is very flirtatious. Trust is everything to Sagittarius. To the open Sagittarian the Scorpio’s tendency to play its cards very close to its chest is annoying in the extreme as the Archer feels cut out from the Scorpio thinking and planning. The Archer never thinks that shutting off thoughts and emotions from a partner contributes to a good relationship. Also, Scorpio does not cope well with change which is the life blood of many Sagittarians. Scorpio therefore finds it very difficult dealing with the Archer’s restlessness and Sagittarius frequently gives up on the intransigent Scorpion. Financially, too, they come from different corners: Sagittarius likes to splash the cash but Scorpio worries about future prosperity and restricts today’s spending. Their sex life is probably the one thing on which they can totally agree: it should be wonderfully fulfilling for both despite the fact that Scorpio might like a little more in the way of tactile tenderness and the Sagittarian a smidgeon of inventiveness and spontaneity from the Scorpion. Many Sagittarius/Scorpio relationships get nowhere, but for those that persevere it’s a partnership that improves year by year.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius

Two Sagittarians will undoubtedly enjoy a great friendship as they’ll have many interests in common and neither will impinge on the other’s need for space in the relationship. Both are philosophers at heart and a lot of intellectual discussion will keep them entertained and the brain cells active. They also understand each other’s restlessness and search for the next challenge and neither fears change. They’ll definitely be popular on the social scene; a very welcome addition to any gathering. For quite some time it’s the more superficial side of life that helps to convince them that everything’s right with their relationship. In fact, it could be a very different story. Although Sagittarius is known for honesty and a straightforward approach to life, it’s also guilty of tactlessness and highly opinionated views, so both are likely to nurse hurt and anger. In addition, with two such restless individuals life becomes extremely busy and time spent together can suddenly seem to disappear. The fact that they are both emotionally illiterate doesn’t help as rather than get into any meaningful conversations they remember there is something very urgent they need to attend to. Although neither will make a drama of a potentially failing relationship each will subtly start to find a way out without bothering to talk about it. Financial matters will also be a bone of contention for them as both tend to be gamblers of one kind or another and the notion of sticking to a budget is never part of their thinking. Two fire signs are usually red hot on the sexual side and this Sagittarian duo will totally understand each other between the sheets. For many, this is what ultimately keeps them together. This partnership invariably works better when the two Archers meet later in life and have gained a bit of wisdom. Their younger selves are still concerned with doing their own thing and it takes time for two Sagittarians to work out where their best interests lie. If the partnership works, it’ll be brilliant: if not, they’ll part with sweet sorrow but probably still be friends.

Sagittarius and Capricorn

Capricorn can be a wonderfully stable partner for the Sagittarian, though whether the Archer will appreciate the Goat’s guiding hand, sensible decisions and disciplined approach is quite another matter. Capricorn’s dry wit will immediately appeal to the Sagittarian who in turn will be impressed by the Goat’s practical take on life and its plans for the future. Sagittarius isn’t snobby and doesn’t feel it has to keep up with anyone and it sees Capricorn as being in the same mould. In time the Archer will realise that Capricorn is not only ambitious but very conventional and keen to fit in with what is considered right and proper – in stark contrast to the Sagittarian’s more easy-going attitude. The free-spending Archer will also come up against the Capricorn prudence: the Goat puts everything away for a rainy day and is a firm believer in make-do and mend. Life for Capricorn is a rather serious business and, although Sagittarius is wonderful at warming the Goat’s rather chilly bones, the Archer wonders, after a time, where the sense of adventure has gone. It’s one thing to plan sensibly but quite another to be governed by rigid timetables. At worst it’s a case of the true pessimist of the zodiac trying to make a relationship with the greatest optimist: a middle road can be difficult to find. At best Capricorn is able to give structure to the Sagittarian existence and encourage it to focus and to put its myriad talents to good use. Sagittarius can, in turn, give Capricorn’s life more balance and gently get it to understand that all work and no play makes the Goat a bit dull at times. Sexually this relationship can be quite difficult simply through lack of time and effort. Capricorn is definitely business before pleasure and Sagittarius likes spontaneity rather than a fixed date. Many Sagittarius/Capricorn relationships crash and burn early on, but those that stay the course usually benefit enormously from each other’s care, nurture, guidance and wit.

Sagittarius and Aquarius

For both these signs, trust is the single most important factor in a relationship, because both value freedom and independence and both are accomplished flirts. Neither Sagittarius nor Aquarius copes well with endless questions/interrogations about where they’ve been or who they’ve met and each understands the other’s ideas on commitment. For that reason alone they are ideal partners. Add to the mix a meeting of minds, a wide circle of friends and lots of interests in common and what on earth could go wrong? For the adaptable and versatile Sagittarian the Aquarian tendency to dig in its heels and stick with the status quo can be thoroughly irritating, not helped at all when the unpredictable Waterbearer suddenly changes its mind and the game plan. Both tend to be forthright but the Sagittarian can easily beat the Aquarian in an argument because it has breadth of vision and is quick-thinking: delivering barbed remarks, which cut to the quick, just adds to the drama. The Aquarian, in return, resorts to perverse behaviour and a very detached attitude. The Sagittarian’s blind optimism really worries the Aquarian and equally the Waterbearer can irritate the Archer with its slightly off the wall views and behaviour. Money matters can also bring difficulties as neither is particularly adept in the financial sphere and debts easily accrue. Also, neither sign is particularly comfortable in the emotional realm, which results in a reluctance to talk about problems, but as both are known for their honesty, somehow the truth will out and not always kindly. Aquarians are very loyal and often put up with stressful relationships for far too long. Sagittarius tends to move on before properly assessing the real reasons for leaving. However, sexual chemistry tends to keep these two together and it’s through intimacy that they reach a true understanding. Above all, they both value their intellectual rapport, to say nothing of the laughter and companionship that are the balm that heals and keeps them together for a very long time.

Sagittarius and Pisces

Despite alarm bells ringing loudly when Sagittarius and Pisces embark on a relationship, both refuse to listen and happily decide that they’ve met their soul-mate. In some ways they are right: both are mutable signs, thus being adaptable, versatile and prone to scattering their interests, rather than honing their skills. Pisces swims around in ever-decreasing circles and Sagittarius endlessly seeks the end of the rainbow and life’s next challenge. Faced with the real world, Sagittarius is very good at injecting a bit of realism into the idealistic Piscean and jollying it along, just as the Fish is a brilliant listener and helps the Archer to think about where it should be shooting those Sagittarian arrows to maximum benefit. Their mutual preference for doing their own thing is catered for, but the Piscean neediness can start to grate and eventually becomes a problem for Sagittarius. The Archer’s honest opinions are the bane of the Piscean’s life: it is far too sensitive to cope with such a very direct approach. Eventually it probably dawns on both of them that there is no structure or steadying hand in the relationship and, to add to their possible troubles, neither is known for financial prudence. The Piscean’s gullibility can also irk the Sagittarian: riding to the Fish’ rescue is not part of the game plan, whereas Pisces despairs of the Archer’s latest reckless adventure. As with all the astrologically tense relationships, the sexual attraction is very strong and, certainly for Sagittarius, becomes a very happy route to understanding a little bit about its emotions while, for Pisces, it’s about coming to terms with reality and taking heed of the Archer’s loving honesty. Many Sagittarius/Pisces relationships founder early on when one or the other just silently moves away, usually with no explanation at all, which makes it an unhappy end for both. Others resolve their problems and enjoy a mutually supportive and joyful partnership for many years, laced of course with a bit of escapism along the way.

Sagittarius and Sex

Sagittarians, who see life as a grand adventure, want to get to the sexual starting gate sooner rather than later. From an early age they are very charming and accomplished flirts and know how humour can be a great asset in the ‘pulling’ stakes. But, the Archer is also choosy. Many have basked in the warm caress of the Sagittarian’s attention, only to have their expectations doused as the Archer bids a cheery goodbye and prospects for more intimate moments totally evaporate.

Like everything else in its life, sex is greeted with enthusiasm, energy and delight and Sagittarius is always ready for a quickie anywhere and at any time. For a sign that’s not comfortable in the world of feelings and emotions, intimacy acts as an excellent channel to that rather mysterious world and it’s in this environment that Sagittarius feels empowered to speak from the heart. But, at the same time, the Archer frequently doesn’t feel disposed to ask after the partner’s wellbeing. A post-coital snack, drink or even a feast, however, is right up the Sagittarian street. Honest and straightforward, the Sagittarian doesn’t mess about with discussing the how, when and where of a sexual encounter. This is someone for whom planning is the least of its worries: the Archer happily and lovingly takes advantage of a situation. Sagittarius revels, too, in being a bit daring and, with its love of the countryside, outdoors is definitely a vast sexual arena! Perhaps the only environment that could put the Archer seriously off its stride is the over-scented boudoir.

Many Sagittarians are totally comfortable about going onto internet dating sites as the whole process appeals to that rather reckless side of their nature. As the Archer’s sexual interest is piqued by a meeting of minds, intelligence has to be tested before the beginning of any physical relationship and the quality of any early contact by text or phone will give Sagittarius a very good idea of how much a physical relationship is likely to work. A big turn-off for any Archer is jealousy, possessiveness and neediness. As freedom of movement is a key component of the Sagittarian personality, a sexual partnership can come to a complete halt at the first signs of dependency. The other problem for both the men and women of this sign is its ‘on/off’ button. For no apparent reason, a sexual attraction, which was so intense and hot, suddenly becomes shallow and cold and the end of the relationship can be immediate. This is not because the Archer has found fun elsewhere, and it can happen after a few weeks or many years and it’s as puzzling to the Sagittarian as it is to its partner, especially as a genuine liking and friendship still exists. A few Sagittarians find a celibate marriage a very comfortable arrangement but, when starting out on their sexual journey, would never believe that could happen.

Sagittarius is fun to be with and a sexual relationship with the Archer will be nothing short of an exhilarating experience which, although prone to quieter moments from time to time, will probably last well into old age. Laughter is the greatest aphrodisiac for this sign and a partner who can find the fun in misadventures as well as enjoy those laugh-out-loud moments can whet the Archer’s sexual appetite for decades.

Sagittarius and Commitment

Sagittarius is the most commitment-phobic member of the zodiac and has, for many centuries, been known as the bachelor sign. It’s not that the Archer doesn’t want to commit, it’s just that making such an important decision is so difficult. As in all areas of its life, the Archer tends to take on too much and in the partnership stakes it’s very much a case of so many possible relationships and/or sexual dalliances and so little time! Just like Aquarius, Sagittarius is very independent and needs space and freedom. Being tied to routine and togetherness does not fit in with the Sagittarian lifestyle until, perhaps, slightly later in life when a partnership possibly won’t present the same demands as it would have done in the Archer’s younger years. Many committed Sagittarian relationships invariably hit a major hiccup either just before the decision to settle down or immediately after.

Independence and freedom, as far as Sagittarians are concerned, do not mean that they want to cheat or live a life away from home and family. It’s much more that they don’t want to account for how they spend their, (very innocent), time and be faced with some kind of inquisition at the end of every day. An emotionally needy partner will find it very difficult living with a Sagittarian until ground rules are set and a real understanding developed. Trust in any relationship is important but for Sagittarians it is paramount. Once, for any reason, trust is broken the freedom-loving Archer will either completely disappear or go very cold. A partner who is dishonest will also tempt the Archer to do a runner as lying to a Sagittarian is, to them, an unforgiveable sin. Sagittarius is straightforward and expects a partner to be just as direct however much it might hurt. Deception and deceit are definitely relationship killers for the Archer.

Although seen as gregarious, Sagittarians are often happy with their own company. Their various interests keep them occupied and there will always be someone around to chat up and entertain for a short time. The idea of the single Archer living a busy but ultimately lonely life is way off beam. Alone, Sagittarius can be very content but, despite their fear of commitment, many of them make long and very happy relationships and never regret giving up their so-called bachelor status.

Sagittarius and Money

Anyone looking for day to day security over money matters and sensible pension and savings plans for the future should really think twice about getting involved with a Sagittarian. Financially, most live on a bit of a wing and a prayer and, being the lucky people they are, usually manage to keep themselves afloat. More to the point, financial institutions seem to look very kindly on the Archer, somehow convinced that they will make good on their promises to repay loans and one day pay off the odd credit card or three. Although not necessarily the most financially astute member of the zodiac, Sagittarius has breadth of vision and endless self-confidence which means that, more often than expected, they make the right decisions about money. Where they can come unstuck is in reading the small print: sensible Sagittarians give this job over to someone who has patience and an eye for detail. The Archer’s tendency to give documents a sweeping glance can get them into trouble, or at least bring on a bit of a tantrum when they realise they’ve overlooked an important clause.

As far as this sign is concerned, money is there to be enjoyed. Sagittarius is known for extravagant gestures and the Archers invariably have big plans for everything, whether it’s a party, the latest gizmo, a first edition of a favourite book, the new car or the holiday of a life-time. They can also be kindness personified especially if a friend or family member is in financial straits. The generous-hearted Sagittarian willingly rides to the rescue of someone in need and is usually open-handed at charity auctions. Planning for the future is not usually on their agenda until retirement beckons and the Sagittarian realises the follies of its financial youth.

No self-respecting Sagittarian will expect someone else to provide its financial security. This is not a sign that is afraid of hard work or decides to shirk its responsibilities but the Archer isn’t usually found in the corporate sphere where financial planning is more easily facilitated. It’s far more likely Sagittarius will have a career full of changes, for better or worse, and cash coming in from various sources. Every sign has its own special vice and for the Sagittarian it’s often the gambling scene that takes its fancy. For most it’s the occasional bet on the Grand National and a weekly National Lottery ticket. For others, it runs from the horses to the casino with the possibility of bringing disaster in its wake.

Despite signs to the contrary, Sagittarians on the whole won’t let people down financially, will give generously and truly enjoy what their money can buy. If they have to go on earning for longer than usual, well so be it and, with their luck combined with their sense of timing, they’ll manage to find the perfect job to take them through to the later stages of life.

Sagittarius at Home

Usually the first notable feature of the Sagittarian home is a large bookcase. For this very intellectual group, learning is one of the keys to their happiness and anything from Latin texts, philosophy and science manuals to the latest best seller is likely to be on the shelves. They really love books and although the Kindle might prove useful at times, as could audio books, nothing for them will replace the look and feel of the genuine article. Alongside, there could well be magazines and introductory notes for a new course. Sagittarians are about the acquisition of knowledge and their home reflects that key part of their personality. The minimalist look is rarely part of any Sagittarian home and yet neither could it be classed as cluttered or messy even though it is packed with everything from sporting paraphernalia to, as yet, unopened deliveries.

Sagittarius doesn’t thrive anywhere that verges on the claustrophobic and there will always be one part of the Archer’s home that is light, clear and roomy. As the sons and daughters of Jupiter, and with their big plans, they would really love a grand stage – a chateau and grounds as far as the eye can see – but a bit of their own territory and preferably some outside space will do just fine. A view of some kind is also essential: breadth of vision in all its senses is part and parcel of the Archer’s make up.

The topaz is considered to be the Sagittarian birthstone but they can also lay claim to the turquoise and amethyst. The amethyst comes nearest to the Archer’s colour, the rich royal purples, but dark blue is another with Sagittarian connections. Whilst Sagittarius is probably not in the same league as Leo for showy displays, the Archer never really does things by halves and there’s usually a large vase of brightly coloured flowers somewhere in the home. Their own flower is the carnation, always a cheery addition to any room.

Entertaining at home is one of the Archer’s great strengths: its very buoyant personality tends to get gatherings moving along at a good pace. Sagittarians have an innate ability to throw together all sorts of people into the mix and make the party a huge success. They just love to see how other people tick and, with luck, there’ll be the opportunity for a debate and the flexing of intellectual muscles. Whilst the Archer really doesn’t understand shyness, it’s actually very good at drawing people out of timidity and bringing the best to the fore. As many Sagittarians are frustrated thespians, it’s inevitable that there will be acting games! Timing, however, could be another matter. All members of this sign tend to get involved in too many things at once and a lot of last-minute tearing hither and thither is certain likely. The White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland rushes about fretting “oh dear, I’m late” and that could easily be a Sagittarian call sign. Perhaps, even more important for the Sagittarian, is that the dress code is ‘casual’.

Musically, Sagittarians tend to have a very catholic taste: they know what they like, whether it’s in vogue or not. They are certainly not alone in that their favourite songs are associated with very happy times and, for the Archer, this is always a good way of dealing with the feelings it finds so difficult to express. Folk and country music, with their tales of woe and/or delight, also tend to be favourites for this sign.

The Sagittarian home exudes warmth, hospitality and good cheer and is always a thoroughly welcoming environment. The fact that it is a centre of learning and fun makes it the Archer’s seventh heaven.

Sagittarius at Leisure

All Sagittarians like to feel totally unfettered and ready for an adventure or a challenge, and their favourite places are often rather wild and deserted, giving magnificent views of sea, mountains or countryside: in fact, the bigger and more dramatic the panorama, the better. Spending leisure time in a crowded and noisy environment is not really for them, although an exception will quickly be made for a trip to Glastonbury or any other festival, as most Archers feel quite at home in muddy fields. This, after all, is not only an intellectual group but also an outdoor, sporty sign. Whether it’s swimming, mountaineering, skiing, cycling or any other individual or team pursuit, the Sagittarian will happily be involved even if it’s only watching a great sporting event. As Sagittarius is sometimes known as the sign of the centaur (half man/half horse) many find they have a natural ability and affinity with horses and are excellent riders. As to travel, if any occasion involves going overseas, the Archer is thrilled: this sign needs to spread its wings all over the world.

Astrologically Sagittarius is associated with Australia, South Africa, Spain, and Crete and in all of these places the Archer will probably feel instinctively at home. Provence in France is also linked to this sign as are the cities of Budapest, Cologne and York. Sagittarians will certainly sit for a day or two on the beach, soaking up sunshine and restoring a tired spirit – as long as they have a stash of books to hand – but the need to explore will soon rear its head and off they will go to castles, churches, places of historical significance and possibly also join an archaeological dig. Archives and libraries will also be on their radar and, of course, a general guide book is an essential. A slower type of holiday, such as taking a canal boat down the river, where stops could involve exploring historical places and beautiful countryside would appeal to many Sagittarians. The delights of a cruise liner with thousands of passengers are probably not going to cut the mustard with most members of this sign.

Picnics, barbecues and anything al fresco are a particular pleasure as it combines food, the outdoors and good times. The Sagittarian man is very competent around fire: unlike Aries and Leo who love to show off, he’ll do nothing dangerous or stupid. However, he can sometimes be a bit clumsy and has to retire to tend to his minor wounds, thus leaving the field clear for the equally adept Sagittarian woman. Whilst Taurus is the great “foodie” of the zodiac, Sagittarius is not far behind and eating out at the best restaurants at home and abroad is very special for all of them. No break, whether long or short, is complete without a great meal which can then be described in minute detail to those at home. Sagittarians are, after all, bon-vivants.

Boredom is never likely to be a threat to Sagittarius. Whether at work or at play the Archer finds plenty to keep itself occupied. Other signs may cavil at its constant activity and seeming lack of down time, but to the Sagittarian hours are not to be wasted: so much to see, so much to do and so many people to meet.

Food, Drink and Diets for Sagittarius

Sagittarians, on the whole, have extremely healthy appetites and are not particularly fussy about what they eat as long as it is hearty and filling. No Archer is going to get ecstatic over delicate morsels of this and that, however well cooked and presented unless, of course, it’s a 3* Michelin tasting menu which at least will be a culinary delight and might even satisfy the hunger pangs. Many Sagittarians are known for enjoying a light snack after a nourishing meal while others are still slumped on the sofa feeling extremely full. They are not, on the whole, given to veganism or vegetarianism: this is a sign that likes its red meat, with steak and chips a firm favourite. Despite seeming to be a bit conservative in taste, in fact they are willing to try most dishes; after all, this is a sign that loves taking a bit of a risk and being adventurous with food is all part of the picture. As to desserts, many Archers have quite a sweet tooth and will often save plenty of room for a large helping. As Sagittarius is associated with Australia, South Africa and Provence, wines from those regions are often favourites and, as with food, the Archers are happy to experiment with new drinks of all kinds.

The hips and thighs are the Sagittarian’s vulnerable areas. Because most Sagittarians are naturally sporty, and exercise of one kind or another is very much part and parcel of their daily life, they invariably maintain an excellent physique far longer than most. If and when they gain weight it is usually around those two vulnerable areas. The liver is also ruled by Sagittarius and sometimes overdoing the heavy meals and alcohol can make the Archer feel a bit nauseous and uncomfortable.

For some Sagittarians who don’t take sports very seriously and whose exercise regimes are abandoned in favour of less demanding activities, losing weight perhaps will come sooner than later. The Archer doesn’t cope well with any diet that restricts certain food groups or requires a very strict adherence to rigid timetables. For most of them it’s usually just a question of portion control and perhaps cutting down on the sugar and evening tipple. Cutting anything out completely will be totally frustrating and probably lead to an early abandonment of all the best intentions. Moderation in all things is the best way for the Sagittarian to diet but generally this is a sign that is always ready to eat and is thoroughly appreciative of all culinary efforts made on its behalf. A few extra pounds for such pleasure is a small price to pay.

Presents for Sagittarius

All Sagittarians, from the youngest to the oldest, are like kids in a sweet shop when it comes to presents. They never seem to become jaded about receiving gifts and are usually genuinely touched and appreciative of the thought that has gone into buying something special, whether it’s a car (a convertible of course) or a pair of socks. On a more practical level for these very busy people, any gizmo that in some way helps them to organise their rather frantic schedule or is an aid to their sporting life would be welcome. A ticket to a big sporting event or a voucher for an adventure day is just as welcome as some new-fangled piece of equipment which will make the bike either easier to ride or faster. The child in every Sagittarian will also probably go for one of the adult Lego kits!

Gifts of wine or gourmet food should go down a treat and anything that panders to the Sagittarian’s sweet tooth would certainly be a welcome addition to that “naughty but nice” box at the back of the cupboard. It would be odd if the Archer turned down a new book or anything that enhances its reading habit – from the latest thriller, historical novel or chick lit best-seller to a magazine subscription or a kindle. Bearing in mind that all Sagittarians have a great, and self-deprecating, sense of humour anything from the short, but pithy book, a well-chosen mug (with very appropriate slogan) or a sign advertising the man cave or man-free zone will bring forth a smile.

Clothes don’t usually come high on the Sagittarian must-have list but, in view of their outdoors lifestyle anything that keeps them warm and/or dry won’t go amiss. As far as jewellery is concerned, it’s not really a big thing for most Sagittarian women but they are usually delighted to receive a very modest necklace, ring, bracelet or brooch which just happens to look extremely expensive. For the Sagittarian men it’s definitely the rather wacky cufflinks to wear at those very formal occasions!

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