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Pisces Rising

pisces-karmic-ascendantPisces Rising – General

Your sensitive feelings, openness, gentleness, and deep empathy are the keys to fulfilling your soul function. You are to minister to others, whether as a healer or spiritual counselor or simply as a compassionate listener and nonjudgmental friend. Others will seek you out when troubled or in need. By nature you are unselfish and giving, and must learn your limits and when to say no.

You have pronounced intuitive or psychic abilities which can be a dependable source of guidance for you if you learn to pay attention and give credence to them. Your ruling planets are Jupiter, planet of religion and, Neptune, planet of mysticism and imagination.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Aries

Your Jupiter in the fiery sign of Aries infuses you with vital creative energy and a gift for luck in speculative ventures, initiating new enterprises, and original endeavors of all kinds. Your leadership capabilities are also well-developed.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Taurus

Your Jupiter in the earthy sign of Taurus gives you an instinctive appreciation for the deep human need for pleasure, security, and the simple, basic “good things” of the earth. You are a builder, and have a gift for stone, wood, natural fibers, clay, food, or the earth itself – and also with money. Wealth and generosity are part of your life pattern, but you must avoid excessive indulgence or laziness.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Gemini

Bestows a gift for language, stories and story telling, writing, teaching. Learn to maintain your focus and commitment, as you are drawn to many possibilities and tend to scatter your attention. Self education will be an important part of your life, and you will share the information you gather.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Cancer

Your Jupiter in the soulful sign of Cancer increases your sensitivities to the feminine side of life, and gives you a feeling for nurturing, protecting, helping and encouraging children and families, as well as for the soulful, vulnerable, childlike aspect of all people. Explore your leanings toward music and the arts, as this is a key to fulfilling your true nature.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Leo

Your Jupiter is in the warm, generous, heroic sign of Leo, bestowing a sense of romance and of the dramatic, as well as increasing your tendencies toward display, extravagance, and excess. Acting, entertaining, promoting the arts, and/or helping people bring out their joy, creative artistry, and star-like qualities are among the ways you could fulfill your soul-function.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Virgo

Your Jupiter in the humble, faithful sign of Virgo bestows a spontaneous helpfulness and desire to assist others in a quiet, non-glamorous, non-ambitious sort of way. Your life is truly about service, and your willingness to provide service to others while remaining modest and open to a Higher Power draws blessings and grace into your life.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Libra

Your Jupiter in the gracious, peace-loving role as a mediator, diplomat, or counselor for couples or groups with diverse views. A certain passivity or malleability may undermine you. Seek to find a balance between clear, decisive action and the fluid, “open-to-whatever” attitude (which is more natural for you).

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Scorpio

Your Jupiter in Scorpio reveals your belief in the transformative and healing power of experiencing deep emotions and of sexuality. You have a longing for depth and mystery. Your psychic or spiritual perceptiveness will be an important part of your life.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Sagittarius

Your Jupiter in Sagittarius suggests that you are restless and have a deep affinity for faraway places. You will search for truth or fulfillment by traveling and/or living for far from your native soil, studying philosophy, or being a missionary (in the informal if not the formal sense).

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Capricorn

Your Jupiter in the earthy sign of Capricorn suggests hardheaded realism, a life for mundane affairs, and organizational talent. This balances your gentle heartedness and empathy. The world of work and business is an arena in which you can fulfill your soul function.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Aquarius

Your Jupiter is in Aquarius, sign of innovation, invention, and humanitarian idealism. You are an advanced thinker and may well be ahead of your time. Promoting social change or betterment of life conditions worldwide is part of your soul function. Innovative and more spiritually sound ways of using money may well be a key.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Pisces

Your Jupiter is in Pisces as well, indicating that you are a mystic as well as a philanthropist. Your faith, devotion, and trust in a Higher Order sustains you, and you draw protection from the unseen realms. Part of your soul function has to do with work on the inner planes through prayer, meditation, or working with subtle forces.

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