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Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, the fourth of the mutables (the others being Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius) and the third of the water signs (Cancer and Scorpio completing the trio). At first glance, therefore, Pisceans are adaptable and versatile, though perhaps not particularly steadfast, and embody feelings, sensitivity, compassion and understanding. A closer look reveals a much more complex picture, particularly because Pisces has the dubious credential of being the most underestimated of all the astrological signs. There is a great deal to learn about this creative, emotional and unworldly group.

All the water signs are firmly associated with both the surface calm and the stormy depths of the emotions. Pisces is not in the Scorpio league for turbulence, nor associated with Cancer’s hidden undercurrents but is much more like a fast-moving stream, adapting its way around rocks, shallows, eddies, waterfalls and anything else in its path. In keeping with the idea that it’s taken a long and tiring journey merely to get to the starting gate of life, many Pisceans give the impression of being somewhat world-weary and averse to doing battle over anything or anyone. They might well be short on risk-taking and adventure but these old souls are usually long on experience and it would be a great mistake to assume that Pisces is a pushover. The Fish has a complete monopoly on the art of passive resistance: to watch a Piscean seemingly become a victim of circumstances, while all the time managing to fulfil its own game plan, is a master class in getting one’s own way through extremely subtle behaviour and strategic planning.

The Piscean symbol of two fishes, tied together, but swimming off in different directions, is entirely appropriate for these dreamers and escapists of the zodiac. For many Pisceans, it’s not so much about wanting to be in two places at once but needing simultaneously to be two people – one living in the real world and the other in the imagination. Perhaps this is why they make such great actors and writers: they effortlessly take on a role, or create people on the page and happily inhabit an imaginary personality and world. Whilst not such natural mimics as Geminis, the Fish find it easy, nevertheless, to adopt other people’s interests, views, habits and language. With a rather tentative hold on their own identity, they frequently seem to change their persona – for better or worse. All Pisceans are born with a wealth of creative talent though whether it’s always used appropriately or, for some Fish, ever truly found, could be another story. Many Fish are convinced they can’t really be Pisceans as they can’t act, dance, write or draw but are delighted to be reminded that they are brilliant flower arrangers, colour co-ordinators, bakers or decorators.

On the other hand there is the negative side of the Piscean coin associated with a high dependency factor. Whether it’s total reliance on a particular person, a daily dose of chocolate or more serious problems with alcohol, drugs or gambling, any or all of them can make Pisces the sole architect of its own misfortune. There is no reason why Pisces should not reach the top of life’s ladder, and many achieve that goal, but too often emotional dramas, financial mismanagement or an inability to cope without recourse to props, blight their success. The dreamy Piscean is in search of a perfect world or ideal situation. This is a fine and laudable objective in life, except that most Pisceans haven’t the first notion of what they are actually looking for. Pisces is frequently on a quest for it knows not what and spends its life yearning for its own personal Utopia. At best they look at life through gloriously rose-tinted spectacles and find fulfilment in spheres well removed from the nitty-gritty of mundane chores and routine. At worst they drift around aimless and gullible hoping that, somehow, someone else will make life beautiful for them. In keeping, too, with the idea that Pisceans are the zodiac’s natural visionaries, it’s not surprising to learn that they usually have very vivid dreams which they can recount in minute detail.

To the world at large Pisceans often seem quietly content, gently navigating their way through life, but all of them need a rock around which they can swim and to which they can feel anchored, even tenuously. Their ideal rock would be a partner, best friend or parent but they can feel equally secure and focused in a demanding job or a successful, creative endeavour. That need for a focal point is doubly important when it comes to demands made on their emotional energies. Pisceans are often seen as sponge-like for the way they soak up atmospheres, situations and everybody’s problems. Along the way they accumulate far too much of life’s dross and eventually feel drained and disorientated. Keeping a journal or diary can be very therapeutic and most Fish find that taking a few quiet minutes at the end of each day to shake off recent events and clear emotional decks is almost a necessity.

Structure, order and discipline are not words usually found in the average Piscean’s vocabulary and many struggle with a rather chaotic environment. Of course, some more determined Fish can be excellent at planning their time but they are usually the exception to the rule. Part of the problem for Pisces is that they will never turn away a friend, acquaintance or even a total stranger who is clearly in need of a listening ear or immediate help. Rushing in late for a meeting or a lunch date, their ability to act their way out of a difficult situation is legendary and they are invariably welcomed with open arms and a cup of tea/glass of wine by the very people they have so recently let down. The Fish always want to believe the best of everyone, giving friends and even foes, the benefit of the doubt long after others have given up. However, just as they begin to swim down a channel that is not quite as weed-free as they thought, their amazing defence mechanism comes into play: their intuition. The uncanny accuracy of their gut instincts keeps them out of trouble. More worldly-wise signs often mock the Pisces sixth sense but the last sign often has the last laugh.

The Piscean imagination is best channelled into creative endeavour rather than all sorts of tall stories but many members of this sign know that they can be economical with the truth. This economy, however, really comes from a refusal to face reality and a type of self-deception: they truly believe that what they are saying is the truth because in their imagination they have made it so. Evasion and indecision are very often also part and parcel of the lack of veracity. Sometimes they try to rectify matters by being brutally forthright or diving into situations which are clearly nothing but trouble, and invariably means they live to regret their spur of the moment actions. Age and often quite bitter experience leads eventually to a more positive and open way of dealing with situations that require an honest appraisal or a considered response.

Pisces is the natural carer of the zodiac: whether it’s every wounded animal or a series of life’s lame ducks, all are given shelter. Many Pisceans are found in the caring professions and feel totally at home in the worlds of medicine and the church where their natural empathy and compassion is widely recognised and valued. At its highest level the Piscean ability to relieve the suffering of others has no equal. However, with water and the boundless associations of Neptune, their ruling planet, so strong in their character, Pisceans find it difficult to recognise that there are limits to what they can attain and that sometimes there are issues they simply cannot solve. Nor can they understand that the object of their compassion sometimes doesn’t really want his or her problem sorted out at all. Sympathy is required, but not a solution, and with the Piscean not understanding that its help should be kind but limited, carries on in what eventually becomes a thoroughly dependent relationship. Pisces knows all about the martyr/saviour complex.

Although it’s easy just to describe Pisceans as kind, compassionate, creative and going with the flow, it’s equally important to realise that it’s a force to be reckoned with. It doesn’t go loudly through life, but in its own way makes its presence felt, quietly gaining everyone’s full attention and getting its own way. Frequently it is the still small voice of calm in the middle of the storm, at worst an emotional maelstrom that has everyone reaching for handkerchiefs, offering comforting shoulders or fleeing the scene! Whilst common sense probably doesn’t come high on the Piscean list of positive character traits, its wisdom definitely hits one of the top spots. To ignore Pisces simply because it appears to be a bit wishy-washy and not quite on the ball of life is an incredibly short-sighted attitude. Pisceans don’t necessarily have the same goals in life as the more overtly ambitious signs, but they are just as capable of achieving whatever it is they are aiming for and, in many cases, derive a more intense satisfaction from reaching their goals.

 The Pisces Man

A ‘gentle man’ best describes the Piscean male, sandwiched in the zodiac between the assertive Aries and the idiosyncratic Aquarian, but trying to get to grips with him is never particularly easy. To begin with he comes across as concerned, compassionate and immensely kind, with that happy knack of being able to draw information out of unsuspecting souls. As a Fish, however, he can change tack very quickly and this utterly charming man with his beautiful eyes and quiet sense of humour will, for no apparent reason, suddenly cut the conversation short and move on. There is nothing intentionally cruel or thoughtless about his behaviour: he just has to keep meeting and greeting and rarely takes a direct approach to anything in life.

The Pisces man is usually painfully aware of his sensitivity and emotional vulnerability and knows that, at heart, he will never be the assertive and macho hero figure, although he can certainly act out the part if required – brilliantly and with gusto. A forceful or bullying Piscean male will be in thespian mode, probably more as a protective barrier than a true embodiment of his real nature. The way a Pisces man copes with his compassion and his gentle nature usually depends very much on his upbringing. If he was taught that emotions are an inherent sign of weakness then, as an adult, he’ll possibly be rather aloof and even slightly controlling. For him, too, the give and take needed to make any personal or professional relationship work is a difficult learning curve. The Piscean boy, however, who has been encouraged to put his empathy and intuition to positive use and to understand and live with his highly emotional nature, tends to become a warm and affectionate adult, although often without the ambition to reach the top of life’s ladder nor the fortitude to deal with life’s more difficult situations.

The Pisces man is a mine of sympathy and understanding. Of all the signs in the zodiac he is the least judgmental. Very little shocks him – probably because, if only in his own imagination, he’s been there, done that and got the T-shirt in all colours and sizes. For that reason he’s frequently the office agony uncle or the one member of the family to whom all turn in times of trouble. Equally, he’s also the one whose problems and dramas can take over at work, and on the social scene, which can be incredibly tiresome. Sartorially he is also likely to stand out: some Piscean men are very dapper but others look as though they have dressed in the dark and put together all sorts of mismatched items which, strangely enough, look rather dashing.

As with the Piscean symbol of two fishes swimming in opposite directions, so with the Pisces man: one swimming his way to the top and certainly to financial rewards, and the other bemoaning his ill-fortune and drifting through life, dependent for the most part on the goodwill of others. The positive fish is a thoroughly affable man, the negative very demanding. Both, however, are united by a fund of emotions and a sixth sense which stands them in excellent stead all through life. All of which makes it both a joy and, from time to time, a somewhat frustrating experience, getting to know this rather exotic member of the astrological family.

The Pisces Woman

When it comes to feminine wiles there is no-one to beat the Pisces lady, mistress of the art of playing the role of the defenceless little woman. Giving the impression to all and sundry that she is a minnow in a sea of sharks, she’s usually well able to hold her own against most predators. She just feels more comfortable and confident doing so with a seemingly stronger person at her side. Of course, many Pisces women are helped enormously in this regard by having quite a delicate and soft appearance, to say nothing of those expressive eyes, frequently either on the brink of tears or gazing into the middle distance: certainly enough to bring out the protective instincts of every would-be hero. They also have a knack of standing out from the crowd as they either dress with a theatrical flair and panache or with a very simple elegance. Either way, she herself will feel that her appearance doesn’t matter at all: it’s her personality that counts and especially her mimicry and gentle sense of humour.

 On the whole Piscean women have no real wish to dash out and conquer the world. That is not to say that they can’t be extremely successful in their chosen field. Many are at the top of the theatrical, literary, medical, and retail ladders, and in ever increasing numbers in the church, but dominating the career scene or the domestic environment is not their main aim. These women function at their best when there is someone special to care for and they are loved and nurtured in return. That can apply just as much to the Pisces woman who copes with a tough and demanding job because she’s got strong family support, as to the Piscean aid worker who through the backing of an organisation cares for the less fortunate in society.

The Pisces woman copes with her emotional vulnerability by putting on a sophisticated show of complete indifference and appearing to be incredibly independent. The veneer, however, is not as thick as it would appear. It will only take a few kind words, a bit of sympathy and a tender touch for the gentle Pisces woman to re-appear, and then to unburden her soul. In personifying the symbolic fish duo, Pisces women tend to embody two very different and powerful emotions: extremely sentimental, loving and giving on the one hand, and driven to worries and depression on the other. These women can be the emotional yo-yos of the zodiac and as unpredictable as the next squall or tidal undercurrent.

At any social gathering she is a great asset as she invariably has many friends and acquaintances, but intimate relationships can be fraught with problems. Romance and fantasy are such an integral part of her dealings with the opposite sex that very often she cannot get past the idealised and sanitised version. Many Piscean women find their most beautiful friendships with gay men, with whom they can live out some kind of fantasy relationship without experiencing the disillusionment that frequently accompanies their heterosexual adventures. The Pisces woman is just as much of a mystery as the male but few regret getting to know her. Even a short time in her company can make people feel so much better.

Pisces Zodiac

Pisces Zodiac

Relating to Pisces

Most Pisceans need a very supportive partner which would indicate one of the earth signs but, true to human nature, they invariably fall hook line and sinker for the air and fire elements who are far more difficult to deal with. Another water sign leads to lots of understanding but also much emotional drama.

Pisces and Aries

Pisces and Aries are often irresistibly drawn to each other. Pisces is mesmerised by the Aries dash and verve and not only its ability to lead from the front but to go for what it wants, whether or not it has considered all the potential hazards. Aries, in turn, is charmed by the gentle, sensitive Fish, with its wonderfully forgiving nature, who is clearly looking for a strong, protective partner and wouldn’t dream of raining on the Ram’s parade. For a Pisces/Aries relationship to work well, Aries has to learn to think before it speaks: the rather direct and often fiery Aries approach can be very off-putting to the more sensitive and compassionate Fish. Equally, the Piscean must stop swimming off in another direction every time there looks to be some kind of argument or confrontation. The Piscean tendency to resort to tears in the face of the very forthright verbal attitude of the Ram can bring this relationship into very choppy waters. Aries, by its very nature, is one of the zodiac’s fast movers, both literally and metaphorically and Pisces is the exact opposite, often incapable of making any decisions at all, let alone quick ones. However, Pisces can teach Aries much about being thoughtful of others, especially of other people’s feelings. Financially these two are on the same page: Aries is a big spender, Pisces fritters away the cash. Sexually this relationship can be brilliant – to begin with – but the Aries tendency to look for quantity rather than quality can appear somewhat brutish and irritating to the gentler and sensuous Piscean who tends to take the view that sex is definitely something to savour. At best Pisces and Aries can flourish together, one learning about empathy and a more considered approach to life and the other encouraged to swim in a slightly more direct line and to have the courage of its intuition to make swift, important decisions. At worst, after the initial and magnetic sexual attraction wears off, Aries will want to make a noisy exit only to find Pisces has already quietly disappeared.

Pisces and Taurus

Taurus can be an ideal partner for Pisces as it perhaps best epitomises that rock-like stability around which the Piscean is very happy to swim. In turn, Taurus feels calmed and nurtured by Pisces and is gently inducted into the slightly alarming world of the emotions. Both are also extremely sensual, thus ensuring a potentially excellent and very satisfying sexual rapport. Whilst Taurus is essentially very pragmatic and concerned with stability and security, it has a marvellous ability to spend on the good things in life, thus ensuring the Piscean’s happiness when indulging in another dose of retail therapy. Food and drink are also important to both and they will certainly know how to indulge, probably over-indulge, frequently and in style. Pisces can also be certain that Taurus will take care of those awful official forms and won’t allow the insurance policies to lapse. The Bull’s stubbornness is easily dealt with by the Fish, who simply ignores the situation and just waits for the foot-stamping to stop. Equally Taurus’ patience is best utilised in quietly drawing in the Piscean from its watery depths and, in many ways, to make it feel almost comfortable with the more grounded side of life. Certainly Pisces will feel that it has a great deal of practical support from the Taurean, and enjoys the feeling that the Bull is very much in control of situations. However, there is one emotion Pisces finds very difficult to deal with and that is jealousy and possessiveness. Like all mutable signs, Pisces needs room for manoeuvre and to be trusted. Taurus favours a very fixed situation and questions everything. This can be a real sticking point in the Pisces/Taurus partnership. Perhaps the biggest danger to any long-term partnership between these two is boredom, especially if sex goes by the board. In seeking a new playground, however, the Piscean waters could get muddied and the Taurean rock a bit shaky and both could regret having left a safe haven on the off-chance that life might be more stimulating elsewhere.

Pisces and Gemini

The Pisces/Gemini relationship brings together water and air, an element to which the Piscean seems magnetically drawn. Pisces is fascinated by the quick Gemini mind, its myriad interests and logical personality, which is totally different from the frequently confused Piscean thinking and over-emotional attitude. When water and air are mixed, it produces a wonderful fizz and sparkle, which is exactly how a relationship between Pisces and Gemini first starts. However, this combination, after even a relatively short period of time, can become extremely flat. Of course, that could be just a lovely period of calm after the initial dynamism and excitement – or it could be a relationship that has quickly gone stale. This is very much a relationship of head versus heart. Gemini thinks everything through and makes decisions based on rationality, whereas the Piscean conclusions are invariably drawn from instinct and idealism. On the one hand both signs can learn a lot from each other, Pisces starting to trust its own intellect and Gemini realising that emotions are important and not to run away from them. On the other hand, they can become thoroughly irritated with each other once the initial fascination with a completely different way of going about things has worn off. The relationship is not helped by the fact these two often talk a lot but fail to find any real connection and, to add to the mix, neither is organisation personified. Financially they have a great time spending and then fret and argue when times become difficult. Sexually, this is a relationship that starts with great passion but Gemini can find that Pisces is too needy and the Fish can’t understand why the Twin finds tenderness so troublesome. Lacking any real sense of direction Pisces and Gemini can easily just drift apart. All is not lost, however, because this partnership can work if both are determined to establish a deep understanding and good communication. It could well be a bit of a learning curve for both, but ultimately very happy and rewarding.

Pisces and Cancer

Cancer can be an extremely nurturing and loving partner to Pisces, who in turn feels that Cancer will both protect and understand its very vulnerable heart. With two water signs in a relationship, feelings will certainly be very much to the fore but both lack a grounded approach to life: Cancer, in particular, broods about anything and everything, a situation Pisces can only alleviate with sympathy rather than some much-needed common sense. Cancer will also have to cope with the heightened Pisces imagination and fears and equally feel unable to look at a problem rationally. But at least both can dish out mutual comfort and empathy – even if neither understands exactly what is going on. Cancer is extremely loyal and sticks to people and situations with great tenacity: Pisces would be much quicker to abandon ship and yet is selfless and not given to inflicting hurt. Because Cancer tends to be the stronger and more ambitious sign, it usually takes control and copes with the practicalities of life as well. Irritation with the Piscean penchant for drifting about and muddling along can cause problems to Cancer, just as much as the Crab’s tendency to reel in Pisces can frustrate the Fish. Financial matters become stressful too as Cancer worries over money while Pisces fritters it away. Both thrive, however, in a family environment and it’s often that stability that makes life so much easier for both. Problems in a Pisces/Cancer relationship are difficult to resolve because both tend to retreat into a hurt silence. Pisces can also be quite devious and often runs rings around the Crab who, all too late, realises it’s become a victim of Piscean machinations. Sexually, these two are usually very compatible and it’s frequently in the bedroom where differences are forgotten and forgiven. Despite the potential stumbling blocks, the Pisces/Cancer relationship can be one of the most loving and tender: they relate at a very deep level and a sixth sense tells them they can overcome problems and be together for life.

Pisces and Leo

These two signs have little in common and yet they are inevitably drawn to each other like magnets, totally enthralled by their very different personalities. This is another water/fire combination: Pisces immediately sees a safe, very stable and powerful partner whom it is happy to worship and adore and Leo, in turn, is thrilled to look after the gentle, unworldly Fish in whose hopes and dreams the Lion really wants to participate. Leo injects a sense of order into the somewhat muddled Piscean life and is a willing pupil when it comes to coping with the Fish’ emotional highs and lows. Pisces intuitively understands the Leo sensitivity, a characteristic often ignored by other signs. It has the ability to get beyond the Leo aplomb and larger than life persona to love and understand the more vulnerable person within. Pisces, in true martyr fashion, is also very happy to play second fiddle to Leo’s needs, of which Leo will take full advantage. However, long-term, what seemed so utterly beguiling at the start of the relationship can become maddening. Pisces starts to resent being bossed about and overpowered by Leo, who ultimately becomes exasperated by the Pisces inability to get a grip on life, to say nothing of the fact that the Fish isn’t always so keen on the rather showy aspects of the Leo lifestyle. Financial problems can also dog this relationship, as both are prolific spenders in their own way; Pisces by just spending with no concept of a budget and Leo through sheer extravagance. Both too are generosity personified whether they are in funds or not. The sexual side of this relationship invariably starts as very hot, but can cool dramatically once problems set in. Pisces needs much subtle, sensual contact whilst Leo thrives on fiery drama. For this partnership to flourish they both need to tap into each other’s deepest sensitivities and realise that compromise is essential. Shared interests and a tacit approval of each other’s role in the relationship could be the key to success.

Pisces and Virgo

Virgo is Pisces’ opposite sign in the zodiacal circle and, as such, is its other half and, from the first meeting, each feels totally at home with the other. In many ways Pisces and Virgo make an excellent duo. Virgo lends structure and order to the Piscean habits and way of life, as well as encouraging the realisation of the Pisces dreams and ideals, while Pisces brings a wider perspective to the over-organised Virgo lifestyle and thinking. Being an earth sign, Virgo is another rock around which Pisces can swim, although in no way as steady as Taurus. Virgo is mutable, which is synonymous with being adaptable, or inconsistent, and Pisces can find that this rock is not quite as dependable as it first thought. Whilst Virgo is usually seen as reliable and capable which, of course, it is, it is also one of the great worriers of the zodiac and nothing is designed to bring on something akin to a panic attack than the Piscean’s frequently vague and escapist approach to life. The Virgo tendency to criticise and fret about untidiness and chaos drastically undermines Pisces’ self-confidence and puts a huge damper on its creativity. Very often Pisces and Virgo exacerbate each other’s worries and neuroses, particularly when Virgo over-analyses every situation and every emotion and Pisces procrastinates over decision-making or comes up with plans that are patently unworkable. Financially, Pisces spends and Virgo frets at the extravagance. Despite all the potential problems, however, this is often a very loving and caring partnership with each one able to understand and cope with the other’s little foibles. The sexual side of the Pisces/Virgo relationship tends to be all or nothing. However, sexual problems rarely bring an end to this particular partnership. Both can quite contentedly live together in a platonic partnership should the physical side, for any reason, come to an end. Take away the loving and caring, or abandoning their many shared interests, and it could be a totally different story: a parting of the ways.

Pisces and Libra

The Pisces/Libra partnership is another water/air combination but, unlike the Pisces and Gemini relationship, these two have a good deal more in common and a greater chance of success. These are the two grand romantics of the zodiac who will never sacrifice a glorious love affair on the altar of the mundane necessities of life. The rationale of the Libran existence is to be in a partnership and no sign is more committed to making a relationship work. From the start, therefore, Pisces feels that Libra is prepared to look kindly on any shortcomings and in return is ready to lavish on Libra its wealth of love, compassion and devotion. To say that these two will muddle along together is an understatement. Both are known for being indecisive, Pisces avoiding decisions of any kind and Libra determined to weigh up all the pros and cons before, often belatedly, coming to any conclusions. Putting off until next week what needs to be decided upon today is the hallmark of this relationship and for one to get a straight answer from the other can be a frustrating and futile business. However, where emotional understanding is concerned, Libra is a good deal better at fathoming and expressing its feelings than either of the other two air signs and is therefore a very sympathetic partner for Pisces. In no way will Libra scoff at the Fish’ intuition, and will have more patience than most with its unrealistic goals. In return, Pisces can learn from Libra how to be slightly more rational. As with the Pisces/Leo partnership, money matters can be a problem with this duo, as both tend to be big spenders and their social life can become very expensive. With no steadying hand at the tiller marked ‘debt’ these two can get into a load of trouble. The sexual compatibility between Pisces and Libra is very often excellent as both care greatly about the partner and his or her needs. If this relationship hits the buffers it’s invariably because neither can deal with what each decides is the other’s irresponsibility. On the whole, however, these two often spend many years together turning a blind eye to life’s more difficult moments.

Pisces and Scorpio

This astrological combination is usually one of much passion, deep emotional rapport and lasting commitment. With Scorpio, Pisces feels greatly protected and that Scorpio strength cleverly anchors the Piscean while, at the same time, giving the Fish much room to manoeuvre under Scorpio’s penetrating gaze. Scorpio also recognises and admires the Piscean ability to be so open with its feelings and the wise Scorpion can learn a lot about dealing with, and releasing, its own very deep-seated emotions. However, Pisces and Scorpio take very different attitudes to possible threats to the relationship. Pisces is a natural flirt whereas Scorpio tends to focus its energies on one special person. The Scorpio jealousy can, therefore, cause big problems between these two. Pisces also tends to resent the slightly controlling Scorpio manner, but at the same time understands that it’s getting excellent guidance. Equally, Pisces can help to make Scorpio look at issues in a more flexible way and can soften the sometimes rather didactic approach. Scorpio invariably sticks with the status quo for longer than is wise, whilst Pisces swims around in ever-decreasing circles, exasperating Scorpio with its indecisiveness. A more difficult impasse can arrive when the very secretive Scorpio appears to shut out the slightly more open Piscean. Financially Scorpio is very astute and manages to rein in the Piscean without seeming to crush its chronic spending habits. These two have a great deal to offer one another and usually, because of their deep emotional understanding, manage to bring out the best in each other. Generally, the Pisces/Scorpio relationship can hit some ecstatic heights: both are very sensual and sensitive and understand all about sexual and emotional excess, an overindulgence they thoroughly enjoy. With Pisces safely enveloped in the Scorpio loyalty and enjoying that sense of security, the Fish feels empowered to take the relationship into the realms of bliss – a truly Piscean gift.

Pisces and Sagittarius

Pisces and Sagittarius are the third water/fire duo and, just as with Aries and Leo, Pisces sees Sagittarius as a shining beacon to which it is gladly drawn, not realising that it’s probably entering into rather troublesome territory. Once again, two of the zodiac’s essentially incompatible signs find each other extremely attractive. Both relish a certain amount of freedom and both are adaptable, versatile and enjoy a busy social life. The Sagittarian’s confident and optimistic attitude to life encourages Pisces to stop worrying and perhaps to branch out a little, and equally Sagittarius is fascinated by the romantic, creative and enigmatic Piscean. On the other side of the coin, however, lie the Piscean insecurity and sensitivity that are in no way nurtured by the rather forthright Sagittarian, who then grows impatient with the emotional demands of the Fish. Both Pisces and Sagittarius are also noted for a reluctance to commit and they can spend years just drifting along together never quite sure whether this is ‘the one’ or not. Very often this relationship works best if there are no legal ties and both feel that they are free to leave the partnership: in that way they invariably stay put. Sagittarius is sometimes not quite strong or steady enough for Pisces who then feels thoroughly insecure in the relationship and starts to become everything Sagittarius hates – demanding, emotional and clinging. Financially, both can be very careless with the cash but rarely worry about it. Sexually, this is often an adventurous combination: neither tends to be prudish. Pisces teaches Sagittarius a lot when it comes to acknowledging and understanding emotions and is perhaps the best sign to tolerate the Sagittarian over-optimism and superficiality. The Archer, in turn, can soothe away the Piscean neuroses with a bit of humour. Whilst this relationship can be fraught with potential problems, when it works well there is much fun and mutual respect and certainly a chance of a lasting and very loving partnership.

Pisces and Capricorn

Capricorn is an earth sign and, much like Taurus and Virgo, makes an extremely stable and reliable partner for Pisces who innately feels that its material and emotional security is in a very safe pair of hands. In return for providing this wonderful safety net, Pisces is able to soften Capricorn’s somewhat rigid approach to life and to bring love and a gleam of light to the pessimistic corners of the Capricorn existence. Whilst Pisces is probably never going to be the power behind the ambitious Capricorn’s throne it can, nevertheless, be a very nurturing partner and on the social scene is often a real asset. Pisceans find it easy to chat to anyone and everyone, whereas Capricorn often finds itself tongue-tied when it comes to small talk and general chitchat. Where the Pisces/Capricorn relationship can get into trouble is over the Capricorn need to be in control. Pisces can take great exception to being bossed around or over-organised, and when it all gets too much, will either just swim away or determinedly carry on in its usual glorious muddle, thus further exacerbating the Capricorn angst. When riled, Capricorn will tread firmly on the finer Piscean feelings and ridicule its sensitivity and generous heart. And that’s another problem for Capricorn who keeps a very tight rein on the purse strings: Pisces just loves to spend. Sexually this partnership can be extremely satisfying and whilst perhaps not necessarily hitting the heights of some of the other astrological couples, is more likely to bring great happiness and contentment as the relationship progresses. For Capricorn, everything improves with age and experience, and through being with a Pisces, the Goat will be able to develop greater sensitivity, which brings a new dimension to intimacy. The more secure Pisces feels, the more it’s able to share its fantasies and imagination. This is often a partnership that enjoys many anniversaries, thus indicating that problems are not too difficult to solve.

Pisces and Aquarius

Pisces and Aquarius are next-door neighbours in the zodiac and radically different but both the Fish and the Waterbearer hope that opposites attract. Aquarius, an air sign possessing an emotional detachment second to none, intrigues Pisces who would love to be able to take such a dispassionate view of life. Aquarius is initially fascinated by the mysterious facets of the Piscean character and is equally impressed by its gentleness, originality and abundant creativity. As with other water/air combinations the relationship is one of the rational mind versus gut instinct which initially charms both signs but later can prove very trying as neither has a dictionary to explain the other’s language. Like all signs that are radically different, Pisces and Aquarius are drawn to something they think the other can supply and which they themselves feel they lack. Therefore, Pisces loves the independent and very loyal Aquarian and Aquarius is charmed by the intuitive and compassionate Fish. Both are often creative and enjoy many similar pursuits. Unfortunately, Pisces soon becomes exasperated with what it sees as the Aquarians contrary and unpredictable behaviour, to say nothing of the fact that the Waterbearer brooks no argument as it is always right. In turn the Aquarian, who needs a great deal of freedom in a relationship, can find the needy Piscean slightly tiresome and inhibiting. The inability to have a rational conversation devoid of Pisces’ over-emotional views also makes Aquarius look to the door. Money matters become a problem too: neither is particular brilliant at managing the cash. Sexually these two throw themselves into the relationship with great energy and ardour but along the way find that a lack of true communication becomes a problem. This is more likely to damage the relationship than sexual incompatibility but, despite each querying the validity of the partnership, in many cases these two happily stay put and somehow work out a game plan.

Pisces and Pisces

Two Pisceans live together either in a state of magical and unfettered bliss or in a fog of emotional misunderstandings, recriminations and endless disappointment. At best it can be a relationship characterised by an intuitive grasp of the other’s needs and feelings combined with great sensitivity. At worst, the two Fish grapple with indecision and a totally unstructured way of life which eventually leaves them both wretchedly unhappy. Of course, it’ll always be the other Fish’ fault. The Piscean highs and lows need some kind of anchor and another Pisces is perhaps the least able to ground the fellow Fish, thus ensuring that both end up floundering in increasingly traumatic whirlpools. The best Pisces/Pisces relationships are likely to occur when both are comfortably ensconced under a caring umbrella, perhaps both working in a school, hospital or other institution where someone else takes care of the daily, mundane necessities of life for them. The dependency factor that is inherent in the Pisces nature is also something that has to be considered in a relationship between two members of this sign, as is the martyr/saviour complex. Who is going to save whom and who is going to sacrifice what? However, despite all these potential problems, two Pisceans can be very supportive of each other and will always understand the other’s feelings and creative instincts. It is also folly to think that Pisces is a total pushover and, in a potentially destructive relationship with another Fish, one of them usually sees the dangerous rocks ahead and is quite capable of swimming away into safer waters. Sexually a double Pisces relationship can be wonderfully exotic, featuring a lot of fantasy and role-play. Equally, it is quite possible for two Pisceans to live happily together for years, with their sex life rapidly becoming less and less important. It is the emotional communication that is all-important to a Pisces and, with another Piscean, this is likely to come with a gilt-edged guarantee.

 Pisces and Sex

Pisces men and women need a gentle introduction to the sexual arena. They are all fearful of being hurt or abandoned and tend to choose their first sexual partner very carefully. The Piscean’s sexuality is rooted in its feelings and because of its innate vulnerability and longing to please, it has much to give and, more importantly, a great deal more to lose than many of the other signs. Pisces soaks up atmosphere and is therefore extremely sensitive to the surroundings in which it is going to bare its soul and everything else. Forget a ‘quickie’ in the back of the car or a grapple in some rather dodgy surroundings. Whilst not having quite the same attitude to cleanliness and order as its opposite sign, Virgo, it has an equal horror of anything coarse or vulgar and, even worse for Pisces, anywhere cold, sterile or harshly lit. Pisces is a romantic and likes to take its time: it fully appreciates soft lighting, gentle music and everything sensuous. For them it’s definitely a case of preferring quality over quantity, but if they can get both, so much the better. Pisces knows how to give and take as much in an intimate relationship as in life generally and their genuine unselfishness makes them some of the zodiac’s most generous and thoughtful lovers, very conscious of their partner’s pleasure and satisfaction. The Fish needs to cuddle, stroke and wind down slowly and expects the same from its partner. The Pisces man, incidentally, is considered to be the zodiac’s best lover, but how that survey was conducted, and by whom, is still a mystery!

A long soak in the bath, surrounded by candlelight and the aroma of essential oils seems a bit of a cliché, but for Pisces this is a brilliant type of sexual foreplay, which can lead to more passionate times either in or out of the water. Whilst the shower is not forbidden territory for the Piscean, many find it too busy and intense. They enjoy taking a lot of time over something as important as good sex but tend to feel rushed and harassed under a direct hit from the power shower. The Piscean imagination should never be forgotten when it comes to its love life. Fantasy can play a large part in the Piscean’s sexual pleasure, whether it’s tuning into a partner’s imaginings, acting out some scene or dressing up (probably nothing more startling than rather erotic underwear). Most Pisceans tend to eschew pure pornography or anything else that could be seen as lacking subtlety. Pisces, sexually, seeks an almost mystical union: it’s not enough for them feel the earth move; they want to feel they’ve gone into orbit.

Pisces and Commitment

To have and to hold a Fish is not particularly easy as it slips through your fingers for the umpteenth time! So how many Pisceans celebrate silver weddings, or even ten years? More than would seem likely given their tendency to wander off when the going gets tough or the grass suddenly seems greener elsewhere. Many can tell tales of a Fish who has disappeared from their life with no explanation or warning whatsoever, whether it’s packing suitcases and quite obviously moving out, or popping out to get the milk or the daily paper and never returning. The Piscean tendency to harbour hurt means they find it easier to drift away rather than verbalise and face the problems. However much they need a stable partnership, their highly romantic antennae, and rose-tinted spectacles are frequently on the lookout for another grand, and probably dangerous, liaison. Far more than any other sign, they also seek a soul-union: again, often easier to think and talk about than to find. Perhaps uniquely in the astrological family, Pisces is adept at keeping two partners very happy, in blissful ignorance of each other, and feeling truly committed to both!

No Fish likes to feel it is being netted and definitely needs space in a relationship. A partner’s jealousy always threatens that sense of freedom and, for Pisces, can be a strong incentive to leave a relationship. On a more positive note, however, Pisceans are neither natural loners nor particularly self-sufficient, and need a great deal of nurturing. With a strong, caring partner who is capable of dealing with the harsh realities of life, and the daily practicalities, the Fish is often desperate to cling to what it sees as a secure situation. For this reason Pisceans very often tend to stay in a partnership whatever the problems, usually from sheer fear of coping with other possibly treacherous waters.

Pisceans can be some of the most caring and loving people in the zodiac and if they feel they have given their heart into the keeping of an individual who truly understands their vulnerabilities and emotional dependency, neither the nearest pond nor the furthest ocean will hold any attractions!

Pisces and Money

Most Pisceans have a totally ambivalent attitude to money: on the one hand their rather unworldly attitude to life makes them believe that money, except as a means to eat, drink and further their creative talents, is not really important, and on the other they simply can’t get enough of the lucre to indulge their profligate spending habit. Unlike Leos who make a great show of how much they have spent and on what grand items, Pisceans often have very little to show for the vast amounts of money they manage to dispose of. They have mastered the art of frittering away their cash, casting it to the winds like confetti.

In total resonance with their dislike of anything rigidly disciplined and boringly mundane, the Piscean is frequently useless when it comes to sticking to a budget or anything that means it has to get to grips with form-filling or what they see as some compulsory financial chore. When it comes to application forms for credit cards, however, or anything else that increases their spending power, there can be few people who are faster on the draw with pen, signature and postage or quicker to find the right website. Piscean wallets tend to bulge with the means to buy now and pay later – and later.

Their selfless nature, however, shows itself in their innate generosity: no Piscean will ever turn up on the doorstep, whatever the occasion, without some small gift and always ensures, when hosting an occasion, that there is something very special for the guest. Pisceans are also great champions of good causes and feel it natural to support charities, often working to good effect to raise cash for something they believe in. The downside of the Piscean selflessness, of course, is its gullibility. There must be many Pisceans who rue the day they donated money to someone or something on the basis of a very tall story. On the other hand, they are unlikely to be conned by scams promising untold riches: greed is not a Pisces vice. One Fish can be foolish, the other really quite canny, and that intuitive warning bell usually helps out too.

Its ability to spend money on a mass of small items, rather than one big purchase, convinces them that they are in the league of careful spenders. After all, they haven’t booked an expensive holiday or come home with a wardrobe of designer labels. Once faced with real financial difficulties, Pisceans go about things in one of two ways. At best they dig in for a cash-strapped few months and make a determined effort to put things right. As long as they feel that this ghastly situation won’t last too long, they can cope brilliantly. At worst they hope that others will bail them out or assume that ignorance will be some kind of defence in law. Pisces certainly does not rate as one of the most financially astute signs of the zodiac, but neither is it a total disaster area. Longing to spoil those they love will always be the Piscean excuse for not being able to balance the books.

Pisces at Home

There’s one statement that can almost certainly be made about the Piscean home: ‘minimalist it ain’t’. Where other signs might see clutter, a Piscean is in absolute heaven. The Fish’s emotional attitude to life is reflected in a very sentimental attachment to possessions of all kinds. Whilst they don’t go out into the world to buy up valuable goods, they frequently find themselves the owners of paintings, china, knick-knacks and family memorabilia. Either these possessions mean a great deal to them personally or they intuitively feel could be worth something or might accrue in value: most of the time they are proved right. In total keeping with all Piscean homes, the fish tank, goldfish bowl, an unusual water feature or a collection of dolphin ornaments can take pride of place. Rarely does a Piscean live contentedly without sight or sound of water: remove a Fish from its natural environment for too long and its soul will seem to wilt.

The natural Piscean colour is a soft sea green and it is therefore not surprising that many of them suffer from an attack of emotional indigestion when faced with unsubtle lighting and bold colours. Candles are a Piscean must have: many Piscean homes are full of them, usually inserted into bottles of all kinds, with wax cascading down the side, and every candle telling a tale. As well as candlelight, firelight is also a real love of the Fish and an open fire or wood-burning stove is often considered a necessity in a Piscean home.

The starched and well-pressed appearance is definitely not the Piscean women’s first choice although, with their aptitude for playing a part, they can be just as glamorous as a Leo, as neat as a Virgo or as power-dressed as a Capricorn. Their own dress code often resembles the ‘I just flung it on’ look, which, in their case comes across as clever, artistic and stylish. It’s a sign that can do wondrous things with scarf, shawl or wrap, to say nothing of their ability to dress in layers, whether or not it is the fashion of the moment. For the Piscean man, sharp and neat probably don’t fit the bill for most of them, but eclectic, unusual and intriguing really do. Pisces, in astrology, rules the feet and any Piscean will tell you that they either love or loathe them. The difficulties of finding the right footwear, however, will not prevent them from having a wardrobe full of shoes that are absolute favourites or rarely worn.

Like their astrological neighbours, the Aquarians, Pisceans tend not to go a bundle on formal flower arrangements, often preferring something less structured with which they can create a wonderfully flowing and artistic composition, happily ignoring all the technical rights and wrongs of the flower arranging code. Tulips, which come into bloom around the time of the Piscean birthdays, are naturally associated with the Fish, as are water lilies and any plants that grow by water.

No Piscean thrives for long in a really noisy environment, which seems somewhat strange as they are often very talented musicians and know all about loud. Their favourite pieces usually reflect their need for escapism and romance and thus often encompass the big sweeping sounds of film scores or country and western, which all tell a tale (often of sorrows) and anything, in fact, with which they feel they have some emotional connection. On a one-to-one basis Pisces are usually brilliant conversationalists, fascinated by how people tick, and intuitively quick to get to the heart of anything that really matters. In a larger gathering, they are often happier to be listeners rather than talkers but what they have to say shows great perception and usually makes the chatterers stop and think. However, in the middle of a thoroughly good party the Fish is prone to slink off somewhere quiet for a few minutes. Batteries need to be recharged and atmospheres, other people’s problems, and so much new information, discharged.

Pisces at Leisure

Like their opposite sign, Virgo, Pisces generally favours the more individual pursuits, preferring to achieve personal bests as they pit themselves against the clock or a previous score, and many Pisceans do not feel their day is complete unless they have had a swim. For the less energetic Piscean, a stroll beside water is thoroughly therapeutic and many members of this sign are ardent anglers, finding the thrill as much in the idea of the catch as in the contemplative surroundings associated with a particular stretch of water. The sea itself also holds many attractions for Pisceans, especially diving. For some Pisceans, it’s enough to be on the sea, rather than in it, and hence one of their favourite pastimes is mucking about in boats, whether it’s a liner, narrow boat or gin palace

The creative Piscean is truly at home in the art class, the theatre and the cinema and, because they are often excellent photographers, behind the camera. Whilst it is quite possible that a Piscean could be teaching the art class, it is more likely that the Fish will be taking a less obvious position, happily sitting towards the back of the room and quietly producing a small masterpiece. Pisceans are also brilliant poets and storytellers and love the company of anyone who enjoys the challenge of imaginative writing. As far as the theatre is concerned, this is one of the Piscean’s natural homes, whether front of stage or behind the scenes. The bolder Pisces is more than happy to take a starring role and the shyer one will be found in set design, scene painting, making costumes or acting as a general gofer: anything as long as it involves working alongside people who are both imaginative and talented. The silver screen, of course, is a magnet for their own fantasies while art and photographic exhibitions are usually high on the Piscean’s cultural agenda.

Scandinavia, Portugal and some of the small Mediterranean islands are astrologically associated with Pisces and are places where the Fish instinctively feels at home. Cities such as Warsaw, Seville and Jerusalem also have connections to Pisces and, strangely, the Sahara desert where there is a real lack of water also resonates to the sign.

Many Pisceans possess gifts that are an extension of their intuition, taking them into the realms of the psychic and the non-material world. On a mundane level many Pisces love looking around churches, temples, mosques and other buildings associated with worship and the afterlife. Lazing about doing nothing, for any length of time, is not the Piscean idea of bliss. A holiday combination of water sports with a luxury environment keeps the Fish extremely happy just as much as a weekend cultural break to one of the great cities. In all leisure situations Pisceans need time to stand and stare: rush and bustle are never going to enhance a day’s sightseeing when time for contemplation and a certain amount of daydreaming is needed too.

Food, Drink and Diets for Pisces

The Piscean attitude to food, rather like their whole way of life, tends to be slightly disorganised and regular mealtimes really don’t feature on the daily timetable at all. Pisces appreciates a gentle trawl through the fridge and cupboards for titbits and usually has a tin of biscuits or pack of pastries to hand in case of sudden hunger pangs. It’s not that Pisceans are devotees of the snack; it’s more an inbuilt dislike of heavy meals. In no way is it a sign noted for mealtime overload and even a whole bar of chocolate can sometimes be too rich a treat. Light food, not too highly spiced, and in sensible portions will ensure that they come back for more. Pisces is guaranteed never to put a host under pressure: whether the meal is on time or two hours late will make absolutely no difference to their enjoyment of the occasion.

It seems almost too obvious to say that, on the whole, Pisceans love fish and they are usually able to debate the merits of oily versus flaky, to say nothing of sushi. White meat is usually favoured over red and Pisceans, like Librans, are often first in the queue for desserts awash in rum, brandy, kirsch or anything else designed to pull something of a punch. With Portugal, South Africa and parts of Spain having astrological connections with Pisces, wines from these areas are frequently nectar to the Fish’ palate and a wonderfully exotic coffee can be their chosen way to round off a meal. Pisceans are also some of the great wine makers and connoisseurs. Never snobbish, they feel just as much at home in the old-established wine businesses as they do browsing among the supermarket shelves.

As far as dieting is concerned, for Pisceans this can be a tricky business. For a start, their slightly haphazard schedule means that they rarely know what they last ate, let alone when. On top of that, they certainly don’t flourish within regimented guidelines and can be great procrastinators: the will to diet is there – someday, but not right now. For those reasons the best type of diet for Pisces is one that neither makes them stick to hard and fast rules, nor involves the preparation of special foods, whether that means soups or great plates of carefully prepared mixed fruit or vegetables. A high protein diet could be suitable or one that involves a lot of small meals: a veritable feast of healthy snacking! Their choice of diet might be a little unusual, but they are quite capable of achieving their goal. Exercise won’t be a problem for Pisces: it will take a lot to keep them out of the swimming pool, the perfect arena for toning the muscles and burning up the calories.

Presents for Pisces

The one-off, big present is probably not as important to Pisces as it is to some of the other astrological signs, which is not to say that they never appreciate the grand gesture. Pisceans are not, on the whole, a showy lot and the bling culture is not their scene. However, if it comes to one of their favourite water sports, then they certainly won’t say no to sailing or scuba diving lessons.

The Piscean love/hate relationship with feet lends itself to a reflexology session, foot spa or pedicure and perhaps, even, the toe ring. Whilst Pisceans will tend to possess more socks than most, another contribution to that particular drawer, and perhaps the louder and funnier the better, will rarely go amiss.

With their dreamy ways and creative talents, anything to do with art, poetry or music is usually high on the Piscean wish list: a small volume of poems, a romantic novel, a biography of a great artist, a ticket to an art exhibition, a print of a much-loved painting, a beautiful photograph, a photo frame or a CD of favourite music. Publications on things psychic, mystical or spiritual as well as romantic sagas often take pride of place on the bookshelves.

 Pisces, astrologically, is not only associated with water, but also with oil, and many Pisceans take aromatherapy very seriously. Scented candles, of all kinds, as well as joss sticks are usually very acceptable, as are oil lamps, which Pisceans love for their flattering light and rather romantic associations.

The moonstone, coral and topaz are all considered to have an association with Pisces and where jewellery is concerned they usually love brooches, scarf pins, earrings, necklaces and cufflinks that make something of a subtle statement. Although many Piscean women might appear to care little for what they are wearing, it’s a sure bet that most of them will have chosen their underwear with great care. Being a romantic and sensuous sign, under what appears to be a mish-mash of outer garments, they will be clad in the finest lingerie. Last, but by no means least, the Piscean love of all things alcoholic opens the door to anything from a miniature to a case.

 Pisceans, on the whole, are extremely kind and are often genuinely amazed at the kindness of others. The realisation that someone has really thought about what they would like will bring those famous Pisces tears close to the surface.

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