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Libra Sun Taurus Moon

libra-sun-taurus-moonYou are a charming person, with plenty of independence and purpose that you know how to put across in a way that makes people like you. Your personality is your greatest asset; it’s made up, among other things, of a liberal dose of sentimentality that makes a powerful appeal to the opposite sex. You need affection, sympathy, understanding; and are willing to give them generously in return.

You believe in the Ideal of Love. If you are in business, this translates itself to the Rotarian Ideal of Service. You have to believe personally in what you do, with some emotional fervor, for you could not go into anything cold-bloodedly that did not appeal to your ideals. You are capable of being a high pressure salesman but you’ll believe firmly that you are doing your victim a good turn. This faith in the good in things endears you to people. Even though you may have been hurt through faith, you wouldn’t be surprised to find it again. You can be imposed upon through this, and probably have been. Both through emotional and financial generosity, you can be fooled. This is an aesthetic position, and if you go in for creative art, your work is likely to bear the stamp of human interest and even sentimentality, which you must work to keep from getting gushy, for you love the sugary things of life and tend to think and express in very lush terms. This quality, as well as your obvious devotion to ideals, love, romance, high seriousness in human relations, will make your work popular, though it may draw down the contumely of the more hard-boiled critics. This will be true anyway – you’ll be popular with the romantics and with the general public, but not so much so with the realists. And you have to be careful that sentimentality doesn’t run away with you.

Grant Lewi

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