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Leo Rising Sign

 leo-rising-signThe first four signs incorporated the seed of intuition, the desire for expression, the capacity for thought, and the depth of feeling and potential for reproduction. Now, with the Leo Ascendant, you experience the capacity of will. For the plant kingdom, will expresses in the ripening of the fruit. Will, for us, is the drive to creativity in the material world, and aspiration on the spiritual plane.

You only need to observe the activities of children between the ages of ten and twelve or thirteen to understand the power of will. At their best they are fully engaged in life, seeking a wide range of experiences, and creatively interacting with their peers. They are testing their wills against those of parents, teachers, and acquaintances. They are learning how to manage the force of will that drives them. There is a blending or fusion of all life’s experiences for this age group that reflects the energy of Leo on the Ascendant quite well. Leo will gather information on the intuitive plane, measure it against what is perceived through the physical senses, and then mobilize the spirit behind whatever action is taken. This process results in a degree of self-consciousness that was not there previously.

The focus of physical energy is on the heart and the spine. Clear intuition often comes through the heart center, and clear effort depends on mental and emotional structure like that of the spine. The two need to work together to accomplish anything on either the physical or spiritual level. Perhaps the most powerful piece of writing I have encountered that speaks to the fusion of intuition and will is the Heart Sutra. This Buddhist text is a short poetic expression of the true nature of things. Here I wish to include a couple of thoughts:

1. “Form is emptiness and the very emptiness is form.” This basic statement incorporates the paradox of existence in its basic form. It is possible for the Leo Ascendant to grasp the nature of the paradox and make it the spiritual guide for the Will.

2. The mantra, or spell, included in the Heart Sutra is as follows (Gate is pronounced gah’tay):

  • Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha.
  • Gone gone gone beyond gone altogether beyond, O what an awakening, all-hail!

Because the mantra is from Sanskrit, reciting the Sanskrit words may have more power (this is probably true of all spells and mantras). However, the English translation retains both the rhythm and the “g” sounds that are integral elements of the mantra. Imagine a room full of monks repeating the mantra in their deep voices. The mantra is heard, but the vibration also affects the heart directly.

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