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Leo Horoscope

Leo Horoscope

Leo Horoscope

Leos are born at the height of the northern hemisphere summer when their ruler, the Sun, is resplendent. Just as the Sun is the centre of the universe, all Lions need to be the pivotal member of their own particular world, whether in the wild where they are the kings of the jungle, in business when called the boss, or within the family environment where no-one challenges the Leo parent who is protecting the cubs. This is a sign that knows it should not only be centre stage but the bringer of sunshine to the rest of humanity. Leo has a powerful presence but also a total awareness of its vulnerabilities, as Aesop so wisely wrote in his tale of the Lion and the Mouse. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, nestled between the emotional and cautious Cancer and the modest and diligent Virgo. As next door signs are radically different, it’s no surprise to find that Leo is very grand and outgoing and in this world to make sure its presence is felt. There is nothing in the Leo character that suggests it’s ever going to be happy in a behind the scenes role.

The ancient world is full of stories about the sanctity of the astrological cat. In Egypt it was believed that the Creation of the world took place when the Sun rose in Leo, and every year the lions came to the banks of the Nile when the Sun entered their constellation. The Romans and Greeks had their own name for Leo, the Nemean Lion, which is associated with the first labour of Hercules, and both hero and beast were raised to the heavens when their lives on earth had ended. The imperial lion was symbolic of the power of Rome, and to the present day the Lion has been part of the royal arms of kings, emperors and noble families, continuing the idea of majesty and omnipotence.

Astrologically Leo is a fixed sign which means it is very risk averse and really dislikes change, hence the propensity for staying in situations that are well past their sell-by date. It lacks the flexibility of the mutable signs and the action and initiative of the cardinal signs, but as a fixed sign Leos make sure and steady progress to their goals and never upset apple carts just for the sake of it. Leo is a fire sign which somehow doesn’t appear to blend that well with the fixity, as fire needs movement in which to flourish. However, rather than a raging inferno, the Leo fire is more akin to a steady and contained beacon. It also makes the Lion a bit more focused than the other fire signs (risk-taking Aries and blindly optimistic Sagittarius) whose dare-devil natures are frequently directionless and erratic. All three signs, however, are imbued with the vitality, warmth and energy of fire and all, one way or another, need to be at the heart of every event.

Leos tend to have big personalities and any gathering, from a small meeting to a large crowd, is invariably enlivened by the Lion’s presence. Ambitious to get on in life, they like to think they are a cut above the rest and usually make it very clear that being in charge is almost theirs by right. More often than not, they occupy positions of power and influence, but sometimes they are called the boss because of their superb organisational skills. Nothing and no-one is spared the Leo need to get situations under control: this is a sign that cannot stand muddle and indecision and when faced with either or both rushes in to sort out the mess. For many, the arrival of a Leo on the scene is a blessing because it will bring order out of chaos. For others, however, the Lion’s actions seem like interference and, at worst, taking charge of people and situations that are none of its business in the first place. The open-hearted and generous Leos would be horrified to think that their best and kindest endeavours are seen in such a negative light, but their enthusiasm for problem-solving can sometimes get slightly out of hand.

A lot of the Lion’s need to be busy and fully occupied, whether with their own life or someone else’s, is not only about getting on with things but also a way of hiding a vulnerability that is never really on show to the outside world. Its next-door sign of Cancer is always seen as the most sensitive sign of the zodiac but Leo, behind all the bombast, sunshine and joie de vivre, can be just as touchy and really doesn’t cope well with criticism. By making good use of every minute of the day, they feel they are shielding themselves from any kind of verbal attack. To see the powerful lion reduced to a very unhappy domestic moggy in the aftermath of some well-intentioned but devastating remarks is a truly sorry sight. Introspection and learning from its mistakes rarely crosses the Leo mind: non-stop action is always their answer to every problem.

These Lions of the zodiac can be very difficult to understand. Although they are seemingly very straightforward, in fact they are often a bit of a mystery. One minute they are in charge of events and possibly upsetting people with their pomposity and dogmatism and, the next, making a concerned enquiry about a friend’s health or offering to help in a difficult situation. People who are about to leave the room in a major huff suddenly find themselves sitting round a table with Leo discussing how to sort out a problem. Leos are warm-hearted and generous but intolerant and interfering: in many ways a real conundrum.

For this wonderfully showy sign, it’s no surprise that Leos are often very creative and attracted to the performing arts: the glitz and glamour of showbiz is very much in their blood. Whether or not the footlights appeal, all Leos will seek a starring role at anything from a school assembly to an office leaving party or a major event. The Lion’s artistic gifts come in different forms and although many would deny having any such talent they forget they are superb flower arrangers, bakers, retailers – anything in fact which needs some creative vision.

Because Leos don’t embrace change all that easily, in the face of unexpected events they can become impossibly stubborn. It can also take time and patience to convince them that a calculated risk is worth taking. They are not, thankfully, easily talked into a thoroughly ill-considered scheme unless, of course, they are flattered into believing their own majesty and thus fall headlong into a very dodgy venture.

 Emotional involvement in a career is essential for the Lion’s well-being but in a personal relationship Leo finds it difficult to deal with its feelings. Like the other fire signs, it relies on its ability to make a partner feel good and to keep up an active social life. Entering into emotional depths makes Leo extremely uneasy and it frequently thinks that throwing money at a situation can shut down any difficulties, albeit temporarily. Leos are certainly faithful and loyal and it takes much for them to give up on someone who has possibly tried their patience time and again. In return for its loyalty Leo expects much of the same and anything seen as treachery will be dealt with very harshly. Leo is essentially a very proud being and doesn’t like to think that it’s a loser in either the popularity stakes or intellectual argument.

All Leos exude an inner confidence which on the one hand can seem charming and self-assured but on the other can come across as very superior, snobbish and egocentric. If it’s the latter, it’s another act from the Leo repertoire in covering up that more timid nature. Manipulation and scheming are not part of the Lion’s make-up: what you see is what you get with Leo, whose general demeanour is both exuberant and open. For that reason, keeping secrets, especially happy ones, is not for them: they see themselves as beacons of happiness and their duty is to spread the sunshine.

There is no better person to galvanise people into action than the Lion. Once it throws its formidable energies into a cause it’ll go the extra mile or three, expect to achieve great things and to great acclaim. This sign is one of the great leaders of the zodiac and although delegation is not necessarily its strong point, and it can therefore take on far too much, its big heart is the key to success of anything it undertakes. Just as the Sun is the centre of the universe, Leos are often the lynch pin of the family, work or a community and it’s invariably a comfort to many to know that there’s someone around who will take charge and get results. Best of all, after all the Lion’s hard work it usually has the generosity of spirit to acknowledge everyone else’s input. However, to forget that Leo is a very proud lion/lioness would be foolish: it’s a sign to be cherished, appreciated and very much admired. Like the kings and queens that they are, they appreciate being treated as very important people.

The Leo Man

The Leo Man is usually noticeable for being at the centre of a crowd and royally entertaining his very adoring audience. Distinguished, attentive and charming he is always a delightful companion and, just like the king that he is, loves to hold court. Everything about him will be making some kind of statement, whether it’s what he’s wearing (stylish, possibly flamboyant but never over the top), his general demeanour or what he’s saying in no uncertain terms. This is a man who, in his own mind at least, knows he is important and as well as being a very genial conversationalist, also realises that he is there to impart his views for the benefit and education of the listeners. Any disagreement or, worse, criticism will not be taken lightly. Leo doesn’t like either an argument or being told that he is wrong and, unfortunately, doesn’t possess that self-deprecating wit which can ward off any unpleasantness or unnecessary straight talking. He does in fact have a good sense of humour and tells a very good story, but never finds anything funny if he’s not shown in a good light.

On the other hand, of course, no-one could be more helpful than the Lion when it comes to sorting out other people’s problems. He is broad-minded, generous with his time, and often money, and will do his utmost to assist if he knows the right people with the right information who can come to the rescue. He knows there isn’t much that he can’t cope with unless it’s going down the agony uncle route when he’ll probably come unstuck. Leo dashes into every endeavour with enthusiasm galore and as long as he is in charge and his role isn’t challenged, then he will be a most charitable leader and generous in his praise. However, like the lion in the wild, challenge him and it could all end up as a very messy business with sometimes Leo at the wrong end of the fight. At times he’ll stubbornly stick to the wrong side in a battle and be the architect of his own problems: flexibility and compromise aren’t his guiding principles.

On the whole the Leo man usually manages to find a good work/life balance and he is often seen as a firm but fair boss or colleague. He has a natural authority and a happy knack of encouraging others to raise their game. Despite a tendency to be bossy and to over-manage people and situations, to say nothing of his slightly pompous and patronising behaviour from time to time, he tends to attract great love and loyalty. Fundamentally he has his heart in the right place and others recognise that. Creativity also runs through the Leo DNA and he is a man of many talents. Whilst not necessarily finding leisure and pleasure in sport, artistic ventures of any kind are balm to his soul and he’ll rarely prioritise work over a date at the theatre, cinema or opera. For the Leo man, there are never enough hours in the day and he has a real need to make the most of every minute. He is one of the zodiac’s leading men, radiating warmth, vitality and goodwill, and being in his company is akin to a wonderful time in the sun.

The Leo Woman

The Leo woman is perhaps the most glamorous female in the astrological family. She is a ray of sunshine and knows instinctively how to hold centre stage without having to resort to any of the more attention-seeking devices of her male counterpart. She exudes warmth and kindness and, after holding her own court for a short while, is very happy to set about organising the lives of others and generally taking over a gathering in the nicest possible way. The fact that she usually ends every day with a very long ‘to do’ list is her proof that she is a valuable member of the community.

Despite the fact that the Leo lady comes across as supremely self-confident and very much in charge of events, she often feels quite insecure. Surprising as it might be to others, she is very sensitive and a lot of sophistication and her sunny demeanour hide that very well. She finds it very difficult to deal with criticism, often responding either by digging in her heels and defending her corner or with a withering put-down and a proud exit. As well as glamour this very stylish lady of the zodiac possesses great elegance and invariably is the owner of a very well-stocked wardrobe. She always manages to look up to date and yet never mutton dressed as lamb. Jewellery and other accessories are very well chosen (gold is the Leo colour) and her hair is beautifully cut. All Leos usually have a gloriously thick mane but, for the lioness, her hair is exceptionally lustrous and often her crowning glory.

In a working environment the Leo woman holds her own and is often in a position of power, whether overtly at the top or behind the scenes. She is adept at managing people and finds it easy to develop relationships with colleagues based on her interest in their lives, hobbies, family and anything else that comes to mind. She can certainly be as bossy and organising as any other Leo, simply because she wants to bring out the best in everyone, but perhaps doesn’t exhibit the pomposity of the male. At home, she is a model of efficiency and organises her social scene with the same aplomb that she puts into every other part of her life. No stone is left unturned at a Leo gathering: there will always be an interesting mix of guests, particularly those in the arts, as she herself has a lot of creative talent. Despite some indications to the contrary, the Leo woman isn’t particularly snobbish. She just admires people who, in some way, are successful. Her patience, however, with people who can’t be bothered to make the most of their opportunities is pretty limited.

The Leo lady is a joy to be with: her enthusiasm, generosity, warmth and general love of life make everyone feel better and to anyone who becomes a special part of her pride, she will be forever protective and loyal.

Leo Zodiac

Leo Zodiac

Relating to Leo

Fire signs like Leo find it easy to relate to the other fire signs and to the air signs. Water and earth signs are more of a problem, but Leo is usually intrigued by these more challenging options and, whilst never certain that these relationships will flourish, Leo is always prepared to give it a go.

Leo and Aries

Leo and Aries have much in common. Both are fire signs, love the good things in life and seek success and the financial gains that come with it. They love to entertain, usually have a large circle of friends, and are both known for their warmth, enthusiasm and energy. However, not everything is always so rosy in their fiery domain. Aries tends to rush through life and is an adventurer: the Ram thinks of life as a rollercoaster and accepts it has ups and downs. Leo, because it is a fixed sign, likes a bit more stability and the Aries derring-do can be very unsettling. Whilst each is convinced it is always in the right, Aries usually flounces off when it appears that it might be wrong, whereas Leo digs in its heels and refuses to capitulate, leaving both with an unresolved problem. Both are good at organisation but Leo certainly takes it to the next level when it starts to control Aries as well as everything else. Difficulties can arise when Aries feels it’s merely part of Leo’s ‘to do’ list. Leo is also highly sensitive to criticism and finds the Aries inability to moderate its language and to be a little more understanding very upsetting. Financially, although both love to spend and, on the whole, are very generous with their cash, Leo finds the Ram’s impulsive spending irritating and Aries cavils at the Lion’s overt extravagance. When Leo goes into a pompous mood and Aries into quick-tempered selfishness, sparks can fly and it often takes a lot of love and goodwill to calm things down. Sexually this is usually a very passionate relationship as intimacy is the best way for these two to communicate at any meaningful level. This partnership has the potential to achieve many anniversaries if both can exercise tolerance and find a compromise between the impulsive Aries and the stubborn Leo. If two rampant egos start to take over, life will become a battle and these two could part company with a huge sigh of relief.

Leo and Taurus

Leo and Taurus are both fixed signs and therefore crave stability. Both worry at the thought of sudden change and, undertaking anything without a proper plan is never likely to happen. They are persistent, possess a great sense of purpose and never give up fighting for something they truly believe in. For Leo, Taurus seems to be a rock solid potential partner – patient, reliable, warm-hearted and placid. In turn the Taurean is charmed by the outgoing Leo with its dash, verve and enthusiasm. Both quickly realise that they love spending money at the luxury end of the market and probably have many interests in common. Taurus is an excellent provider, whether it’s bringing in a good income or throwing the best parties and Leo can match both. There is, of course, another side to the story. Because of the inflexibility of both signs it’s extremely easy for them to stick with situations well past their sell-by date, thus letting frustration and possibly boredom into the equation. Taurus, who seems a very peaceful type, can display a very fiery temper, especially if jealousy is the cause. Taurus likes to possess and any threat to its claim on a job or partner will bring an infuriated Bull into the arena. The Leo bossiness and sometimes slightly patronising attitude can rile Taurus and, equally, the Bull’s self-indulgence tries Leo’s patience. Money matters can also cause a problem when free-spending Leo realises that Taurus likes to save as well as spend and needs to know there is financial security. Sexually this relationship can be a blessing as Taurus is very sensual and Leo very generous. Many Leo/Taurus partnerships jog along brilliantly for years, neither perhaps realising that they have got into a very pleasant rut and the excitement of the relationship disappeared a long time ago. For this duo really to prosper and grow a lot of compromise and understanding is needed but, as both signs are very determined, verging on stubborn, no-one should presume that an early demise will be in the offing.

Leo and Gemini

In many ways a Leo/Gemini relationship can work extremely well. Leo is a very stable partner for the lively Gemini who in turn brings a bit of excitement and variety into the life of the Lion. For the highly ambitious Leo, Gemini can be a fund of useful and imaginative ideas, and will be no slouch in making contacts that perhaps Leo would find slightly daunting. The Lion might be brave, but Gemini has the chutzpah and is very savvy. Leo provides security, loyalty and generally a good life for Gemini, and its broad-minded attitude is frequently inspired by Gemini’s many and varied interests. This duo likes to communicate and particularly to debate. Problems arise for Leo when it realises that Gemini is like a butterfly and cannot be pinned down. It has no idea of routine and time-keeping and for the Lion, who relies on organisation and schedules, this can be thoroughly irritating. Gemini is also a versatile individual, constantly looking for new people, places and situations while Leo is invariably resistant to change. With Leo making steady progress up the career ladder and Gemini rushing hither and thither it’s often amazing that these two spend any time together, something that soon becomes a major issue for both of them. They need to think about fixing date nights if the relationship isn’t going to be one of hello and goodbye in fairly quick order. Gemini’s ability to fritter away cash also upsets and annoys the Lion, who certainly loves spending but can’t bear to see money being wasted. Sexually, this partnership will be full of energy and initiative and, perhaps even more important, fun. Gemini is not one for wearing its heart on its sleeve and feelings are buried in its very busy life, whilst Leo is emotionally idealistic and quite sensitive and is happy not to go too far down the deep and meaningful route. Understanding each other’s character can pay huge dividends and although many Leo/Gemini partnerships are very successful, others find the Gemini restlessness and Leo intractability all too difficult to deal with.

Leo and Cancer

As neighbouring signs Leo and Cancer are radically different and opposites attract. Leo is as showy as Cancer is diffident, and Cancer as concerned with saving money as Leo is with spending it. Leo is also a very straightforward sign: what you see is what you get and there is no hint of manipulation or secrecy. Cancer is often a mystery and either hides away in its shell, worrying and brooding about imagined slights, or is out and about with not a care in the world. Leo initially feels immensely protective towards the Crab but soon learns that Cancer can hold its own and, surprisingly, is just as ambitious as the Lion. Cancer’s openly emotional take on life and its ability to delve into the world of feelings is an eye-opener for Leo, but it soon finds the Crab’s moodiness and rather touchy persona difficult to understand. Arguments between these two will be short, sharp and very much to the point. Both are adept at knowing each other’s weak spot and will have no hesitation in going for it. However, Cancer is basically extremely caring and nurturing and totally understands the Lion’s sensitivity and vulnerability hidden behind that flamboyant personality. Generally Leo is all optimism and Cancer often pessimism, so Leo is full of encouragement for Cancer while the Crab counsels a bit of caution to the Lion. Leo can’t believe that Cancer makes decisions based on a gut feeling, while the Crab has to tone down Leo’s bossiness and endless organisation. These two are made for family life, love entertaining, and make a very welcome duo on the social scene. Sexually it’s a very caring partnership and both will want to accommodate the other, thus ensuring contentment and fulfilment. The glue that often holds them together is their reluctance to deal with change. Leo has plans that don’t include any kind of new path and Cancer clings to what is knows best. It will take a lot to separate them once they have made a commitment and even if life isn’t all roses, no-one would ever know.

Leo and Leo

Picture two lions in a fight over territory or the females: it’s clearly going to end in injury and exile unless one backs down. In a Leo/Leo relationship there are two very big egos fighting for supremacy. At first, as with any same sign relationship, all is seemingly perfect as each only sees the other’s best qualities and they immediately know they have an enormous amount in common. They enjoy the good life, understand that life is about success and one’s standing in the community (and the world come to that) and are probably considered by others to be a very glamorous and stylish couple. The key problem in this relationship arises from both needing to be organiser in chief. It’s not easy for a Leo to share responsibility: after all no-one can do it better, not even a Leo partner. There is also the possibility that, as each travels up the career ladder, neither is willing to cede to the other when it comes to a small or large domestic crisis. Stress over who is going to sacrifice a day at work can turn into a major disagreement. There is also the question of that Leo sensitivity and difficulty in dealing with criticism. Neither Leo is going to stay quiet for fear of upsetting the other and both ultimately retreat, hurt, to their own corner with no emotional tools to mend the situation. On the plus side, Leos are very warm-hearted and generous and certainly don’t give up quickly on anything that is really important. Intolerance has to give way to something more accommodating if this relationship is to stay the course. Splashing the cash frequently comes to the rescue as both understand how much a statement gift can help in difficult times. Sexually, this can be a great partnership as both understand the need for exuberance and good times and neither is going to worry too much about in depth post-coital conversations. Many Leo/Leo relationships never get much past the starting gate but if they can negotiate the power problems and how to support each other rather than their own ego, this partnership can work really well.

Leo and Virgo

Surprisingly for next-door signs, this is one that is particularly promising. Both will see a role in the partnership that is especially marked out for them and, whilst both have aspects of their personality that will cause irritation, there are others that are of great mutual benefit. Leo will be in its element because it will be encouraged to take the lead and Virgo, who usually thrives as the power behind the throne, will feel totally at home. Leo will immediately see the advantages of Virgo’s practical and intelligent way of dealing with situations and its ability to channel Leo’s grand plans into something akin to a viable project. Virgo and its spreadsheets are rarely parted and for Leo, who hates this sort of analytical detail, someone to take care of the bureaucracy is just wonderful. Unfortunately for Leo, Virgo is the consummate worrier which the Lion finds tiresome as it’s always a glass half full type. Perhaps even worse for Leo is the fact that the rather shy Virgo really doesn’t do the flashy lifestyle that the Lion just loves and complains bitterly about Leo’s spending habits. Both, however, need some sense of financial security which means money matters usually don’t spiral out of control. Virgo also forgets, or perhaps never appreciates, the more sensitive side of the Leo nature that can’t really deal with criticism and hurtful comments. Equally Leo is prone to take Virgo for granted, being bossy and patronising but, as Virgo is far more adaptable than the inflexible Lion, it can only be pushed so far before making for the door. Sexually this can be a very exciting and successful partnership as both are highly sensual. Leo is also a generous lover and Virgo very willing to be both teacher and pupil. Leo and Virgo are very different but, with complementary skills, there’s enough generally to unite them in a stable relationship. With Leo to encourage and Virgo to persuade, problems can be overcome, but compromise is inevitable and if that can’t be reached then this relationship is probably going to end sooner rather than later.

Leo and Libra

When it comes to starry-eyed romanticism, Libra is head and shoulders above the rest, and the generous and warm-hearted Leo with its grand plans and wonderfully confident and showy personality seems immediately to fit the bill as the perfect partner. In turn Leo is enchanted with the urbane Libran who is charm personified and very entertaining company. They make a rather dazzling duo on the social scene and, as both are heading for the top, in the world at large as well. In addition, Libra has absolutely no problems whatsoever with Leo’s big spending as both adore the luxury end of the market. After a time Leo, who has the confidence to make grand plans and quickly to carry them out, finds the Libran’s problems with decision-making extremely vexing. The Leo fire, which likes immediate action, takes exception to the Libran air which doesn’t appear to be at all focused. Libra is all about peace and harmony which is rather at odds with the noise Leo can make when crossed or criticised, although Leo does value the Libran’s diplomatic skill which often gets the bombastic Lion out of a few difficulties. Whilst Leo values Libra for making its life easier and more comfortable, it forgets that Libra has its own ambitions and won’t think twice about putting the Lion in second place if that’s what it takes for success. Leo also worries about the Libran’s gullibility as it finds another new best friend or a perfect job, neither of which prove to be quite what they seem. On the sexual side this can be a very joyous relationship: Libra wants the whole experience to be very loving and satisfying and Leo is usually very concerned that intimacy is a real pleasure for both. Many Leo/Libra relationships can last for years once both have finished jockeying for position and learned to love each other’s less admirable traits. Generally it takes quite a lot for them to throw in the towel and even if that decision is taken, it’s very possible that Libra will change its mind and receive a very warm welcome from Leo on its return.

Leo and Scorpio

This relationship has been described as the irresistible force meeting the immovable object and, to start with, these two bask in mutual fascination and appreciation. Scorpio feels that all things are possible in tandem with the Lion whilst Leo revels in Scorpio’s forceful and magnetic personality. Both, too, are energised by the concept of power and whilst Leo is usually very open about its ambitions Scorpio is invariably secretive, something which the fiery and showy Lion finds difficult to deal with. Leo can be dogmatic and Scorpio thoroughly obstinate: neither gives ground quickly, leaving Leo to shout the odds and Scorpio to retreat into a very cold silence. It can often take a long time for these two to find a middle road. Leo is big-hearted, warm and generous by nature and starts to see that Scorpio can be jealous and resentful when it’s Leo’s turn to shine. At the same time, however, the Scorpion is a fund of loyalty and determination and will use all its best endeavours to help its Leo partner onwards and upwards. Their attitudes to money are very different: Leo loves to earn and spend, while Scorpio just wants to make a dead cert investment or squirrel away the cash, ready for the next rainy day. Scorpio isn’t interested in luxury just for the sake of it and often resents the Lion’s extravagance. Scorpio is well-known for its passion and in this respect Leo and Scorpio are very compatible as both find it easy to find a real emotional connection in a sexual partnership. With the physical relationship being fulfilling to both, it’s often the glue that holds this quite stressful partnership together. Loyalty and faithfulness, however, are part and parcel of both signs and these two are more than likely to go the extra few miles for each other. If difficulties can’t be put right, Scorpio will disappear without a backward glance, but perhaps wonder later on if that was a really sensible decision. Leo, once removed from Scorpio’s intense personality, will probably find it easier to move on.

Leo and Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius are both fire signs and are naturally drawn to each other. The Archer makes an extremely good partner for Leo as it doesn’t have the overwhelming ambition of the Lion and is never likely to threaten Leo’s need to be in charge. Equally, Leo is very happy to see Sagittarius doing its own thing and putting its talents to good use but, at the same time, knows it mustn’t curb the Archer’s freedom-loving nature and quest for the next chapter of its life. Of course, Leo frets about the Archer’s inability to stick to a firm plan but knows it’s foolish to tie Sagittarius into a straightjacket. Both are very sociable beings and usually have a wide range of friends and interests. Leo gets a bit concerned about the Archer’s choice of friends as Sagittarius never chooses company on the basis of background or standing in life which, to Leo, is often all-important. Life for these two can be extremely busy which suits them very well as neither is terribly good at dealing with its emotions or introspection. Both can be quite forthright but Leo tends to become bossy and controlling while Sagittarius counters with criticism, thus fanning flames that are already burning around Leo’s innate sensitivity. Luckily these two invariably share a great sense of humour and manage to develop a strong friendship, both of which come to their rescue when difficulties arise. Money, for both of them, is there to be enjoyed and, as long as Leo is in charge of the accounts, spending is kept in check. Most Sagittarians have a happy-go-lucky attitude to money and always hope that there is more just about to come in. Sexually this is a very warm and loving relationship. Frustration only comes into play when Leo insists on the right surroundings while Sagittarius is only interested in getting down to business no matter where! This is usually a partnership of much joy and genuine companionship and, even if these two decide to part, the friendship will very likely continue.

Leo and Capricorn

For Leo, Capricorn seems at first to be the ideal partner. They share ambitious plans and the Lion sees in the Goat a very steady hand and a fount of sensible advice. Capricorn is equally captivated by Leo’s warm exuberance and its ability to work a room with style and an eye to who’s who. Leo also values the Goat’s quiet assessment of people and to come to the right conclusions, thus saving the Lion from being taken in by big promises and a load of flattery which usually leads to faulty judgments. With these two, however, there will always be a sense of competition over power and success and neither will fancy being in second place. Leo obviously thinks that a lion can outrun the goat, forgetting that the mountain goat is very sure-footed on the higher peaks, even though it takes a bit of time to get there. The lion can find itself either stranded on the lower slopes or, having rushed to the top only to lose its footing and fall back. In time, however, the broad-minded Leo will begin to realise that the Capricorn vision is rather narrow and slightly too negative for the Lion’s more positive attitude. A discontented Goat will also resort to pessimistic grumbling which irritates Leo who favours a head-on clash and getting things out in the open. Financial matters are invariably a bone of contention as Capricorn will always want value for money and Leo will just shop for exactly what it wants, seeing the Goat as thoroughly miserly. Sexually, this can be a wonderfully earthy and passionate relationship and it’s in the bedroom that both signs will be able to open up emotionally. Neither sign will give up quickly on this relationship despite the Leo intransigence and Capricorn’s problems with the idea of compromise. A sense of humour is invaluable if this partnership is going to thrive but it’ll be a steep learning curve for both to find a way of living that plays to both their strengths.

Leo and Aquarius

Opposite signs of the Zodiac tend to gravitate to each other with alacrity, both quite convinced they have found their other half. For Leo and Aquarius it’s not so much a meeting of minds, though that can’t be ruled out, but more an exciting clash of personalities which fans Leo’s flames and intrigues the cooler and more detached Aquarius. The Waterbearer certainly doesn’t threaten the Lion’s need to be in charge and will go along with Leo’s grand ideas and lifestyle until it decides not to. Leo is fascinated by the Aquarian’s lack of grandeur, its myriad interests, quick intellect and great sense of humour. Both, in their own way, like the good life, but it’s essential to Leo who will do anything and everything to maintain it, but not to Aquarius whose friendships are never based on wealth or status. Leo also comes to realise pretty quickly that Aquarius is a very independent being and needs its own space and time. Not being able to schedule dates or plan social events thoroughly irks Leo for whom being seen at the right place at the right time is very important. Emotionally the Aquarian is a very dry well and generally likes to keep out of anything that brings feelings into a conversation. This is way outside the Aquarian’s comfort zone. Leo finds this inability to empathise or to understand hidden depths of character both annoying and very sad. Aquarius, who can be forthright and thoughtless, never remembers that the seemingly invincible Leo has a very sensitive core. Sexually, this duo start at red hot as each encourages the other’s more adventurous spirit and through intimacy there is a possibility that Aquarius can open up emotionally. Both Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs and essentially rather inflexible, often staying in a relationship simply because it’s a known and safe option. As Aquarius copes with the ups and downs of life rather better than Leo, it’s usually the first to call a halt. However, if these two decide to stay together, having survived many initial set-backs, they can lay claim to being a very happy couple.

Leo and Pisces

The idea of a lion and a fish living together seems a bit impossible because, however strong the masterful lion, the fish will always have an uncanny knack of quietly swimming away. Leo and Pisces are, on the face of it, very different, but in fact share many characteristics. Both are sensitive, creative and kind, qualities that will initially hold them together. In addition, Leo lends a bit of structure to Pisces’ disordered thinking and action while the Fish instinctively tunes into the Lion’s vulnerabilities and is able to help Leo express them. Pisces, of course, with its wonderful intuition, frequently saves Leo from believing all the flattery and getting in with either the wrong people or a dodgy business deal and, in turn, the Lion tramples on the idealistic Pisces and encourages it to face up to reality. After a time Leo, who likes to be the centre of a partner’s world, realises that Pisces is totally selfless and the Lion finds itself fighting for time and attention. On the other hand, the Fish finds Leo’s obsession with its self- importance very tedious and certainly isn’t likely to go along with the Lion’s need to be at the heart of every gathering. As to the financial scene, this can become chaotic: both are generous to a fault and neither thinks it is ever sensible to think before it spends. Pisces also has a big heart and is prone to helping out anyone in need. Leo is not unkind, but doesn’t see its role as financing the world’s problems. Sexually, this relationship can be very fulfilling for both until difficulties arise in everyday life and communication becomes strained or non-existent. Both signs are entirely likely to leave without much explanation, the Fish silently moving out and the Lion with a little bit more noise. No relationship is astrologically impossible, but this is one that will probably require a lot of adjustment to find the middle road. In many ways Pisces and Leo have much to offer one another and, with time and patience, can live happily together for years.

Leo and Sex

For most Leos sex is the most pleasurable and enjoyable aspect of life and to be entered into wholeheartedly with exuberance and panache. This is not a sign, necessarily, that enters the sexual arena very early on as the Lion is not one for what it would call slightly grubby experimentation. Leo loves luxury and style and would prefer to wait until there is a real possibility of abandoning those furtive fumbles in slightly insalubrious surroundings for the grander, showy and probably expensive places that are very dear to its heart. For Leo to eat, drink and seduce, or be seduced, in style and great comfort should guarantee a thoroughly memorable occasion. Leo is a sign synonymous with being centre stage and putting on a performance and that’s exactly how it likes its sex life. A partner who doesn’t flatter the Lion after its tour de force is probably not going to be around for long. Criticism of its prowess in any way is not going to be taken lightly and could emotionally crush the very sensitive Lion that lurks beneath the surface glamour and bravado.

Like the other fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, Leo throws itself into intimacy with great abandon and enthusiasm but all three have a tendency to switch off sexually in a relationship, very suddenly and for no apparent reason.

Leo, more than the other two, is far more likely to look for constancy and commitment and is probably not going to be rushing after hamburgers when it’s got the best steak at home. However, when Leo hasn’t made a commitment it’ll be out there with the best making sure that practice makes perfect. Leo is usually a very considerate and generous lover, making absolutely sure that the sex is mutually enjoyable and satisfying and the Lion certainly isn’t prudish. It sees it as a delightful duty to keep as many people happy as possible and will probably not turn down an invitation to a join in with get-togethers of the intimate type, certain that they will add to the Lion’s experience of all things sexual.

Leo likes to think it is honourable and certainly isn’t at the top of the zodiacal list for cheating. When Leo loves, it does so intensely and faithfully and becomes a real romantic: anything outside that depth of feeling is a sideshow and nothing more than an embellishment to its golden aura. Sex is not just a part of life for Leos; it is the essential heart of it. Without a happy sexual relationship the Lion can feel utterly bereft and yet it will still be choosy about any new partner. There must be an instant sexual chemistry whether it’s a one night stand or a longer commitment. The Lion would prefer the latter and be able to forget the former dalliances, pleasurable as they might have been.

Leo and Commitment

.Of the three fire signs, Leo is likely to be the one who really values commitment. It needs a partnership which can be built on and nurtured over many years, starting with the raw recruit and ending with the elderly sage. No Leo goes into a committed relationship with the idea of moving on if it doesn’t work. Other signs can take that attitude, but not the Lion. Leo happily settles into routines and habits which it’s extremely reluctant to change and also, from a purely practical point of view, Leo certainly won’t want to waste its money on a costly separation.

One aspect of a partnership that Leo often finds difficult to grasp is the notion that there is someone else to consider! A partner who shares the Lion’s interests, is strong enough in his or her own identity not to be cowed by Leo’s self-importance, and has a generous heart, will ensure that Leo truly understands what togetherness means. With a needier and less confident partner, Leo’s determination to stay in the relationship could waver and yet the Lion will feel very concerned about a more vulnerable soul and feel duty bound to encourage and protect. Loyalty and faithfulness are also fundamental building blocks of the Leo nature and it expects to give both and receive both. It will take a lot for Leo to feel it’s been betrayed or badly let down, but once that has happened the Lion could find it very difficult to stick around waiting for the next upset.

On the whole Leo is a very straightforward sign and is certainly no scheming plotter and, somewhat naively, expects everyone else to be the same. If a partnership breaks up, Leo is usually devastated. As far as the Lion is concerned commitment means staying together, whatever the weather may bring. Loyalty matters.

Leo and Money

Leo loves money, not so that it can be stashed away in a pension pot or other investment, but in order to spend it. The fact that the Lion’s colour is gold can’t be a coincidence for this titan of the luxury markets. The other side of the spending coin is the fact that Leo will work very hard to achieve success and financial security: this is not a sign that will ever want to be dependent on others to pay bills and hand out cash. Even at a young age, Leo will be keen to earn pocket money, followed by a Saturday job and, having found the satisfaction of filling its own coffers, will try never to be out of work.

Leo is also known for its generosity. Whether it’s treating a friend to a meal, buying a round or three at the bar or stumping up a very large sum at a charity auction, the Lion is very pleased to have made someone else’s day. Leo, of course, doesn’t do things quietly and is delighted to make it known that it’s put its hand in its pocket. Leo loves the limelight. Because the Lion thrives on flattery and congratulations, it can be vulnerable to unscrupulous people who see its weak spot. There must be many Leos who have fallen for a scam or got involved with investments that are likely to end in tears on the basis of being made to feel extremely important and rich. Where money is concerned Leo can be too trusting and sometimes very foolish.

Thankfully, the foolish Lion is in the minority and most Leos are pretty adept at finding the right advice (usually in some select gathering to which Leo is proud to be invited) and investing in sensible financial goals. Although planning for the future comes behind spending today, the Lion is well aware that it wants to retire with a healthy sum to provide an income. Unlike, say, Capricorn who squirrels away cash from childhood onwards, Leo might delay longer than most, but when chivvied into the pensions arena does so with its usual larger than life approach. Although Leo is a big spender and loves both a good dose of bling and very stylish products, which will include some stunning jewellery, it’s also very aware of where money is going. Whilst in no way clamping down on expenditure, Leo can at least convince itself that it’s buying either necessities or good investments. Also, the Lion likes to feel that there is something that could be sold if a really stormy day hits the accounts. Amongst the Leo purchases will probably be one or two pieces of art or sculpture. Again, Leo sees these as a hedge against difficult times or just a pleasure to enjoy while life is good. The Lion is often very knowledgeable about all things artistic and has an excellent feel for something that may be cheap to buy but will increase steadily in value.

Throwing in one’s lot with a Leo can be an exciting financial ride which rarely ends in disaster. Faced with imminent penury any Leo worth its salt will be out there looking at a new venture and putting its abundant energies into starting out all over again. For the most part, however, Leo’s golden run is well managed and brings great financial security. No need at all for any curb on the spending!

Leo At Home

From the day they realise, at a very early age, that they are astrological royalty, most Leos dream of opulent surroundings and, if at all possible, their very own palace. Whether that palace turns out to be a small flat or a country mansion it’ll be a very comfortable and stylish residence and sumptuously furnished. For the smaller property it’ll be the furnishings and materials that give it an opulent look together with pictures, china, glass and other articles that have been very well chosen. The larger Leo home usually contains ancestral furniture and every painting will probably have a good story to go with it: a general theme of luxury pervades but nothing gaudy or tacky. No Leo home ever looks cluttered or messy and yet it is invariably full of interesting items that the Lion would like visitors to notice.

With Leo busy climbing the career ladder and seriously focused on running the local cricket club and other hobbies, the home is not necessarily a place for relaxation. Leo takes its role as organiser-in-chief, both at work and at home, very seriously and will set a formidable example of how not to waste time and energy. Maybe when retirement looms the Lion will move at a slower pace but will also want to remain very active.

The colours astrologically associated with Leo are all the shades of yellow from very pale to deep gold and the opulent colours associated with their ruler, the Sun. Clearly the Leo metal is gold with which every member of this sign feels a great affinity. Palaces anywhere in the world use gold as a mark of kingship and Leo has always been associated with royalty, particularly in France which is a Leo nation. The ruby is the gemstone originally connected to Leo and now is associated with July birthdays. August babies have the Peridot as their birthstone. Marigolds and yellow flowers generally are the province of Leo as are rosemary, saffron and peppermint.

Leos tend to have very specific interests and their home will reflect these, whether it’s crammed with the kit necessary for a sport or books detailing the minutiae of the favoured hobby. When Leo gets involved in anything, it’s never half-hearted and is taken really quite seriously. Biographies, anything to do with art or military history and perhaps the latest best-sellers are likely to be on the bookshelf, plus a number of reference books. Notwithstanding the benefits of Wikipedia and the internet, Leos often like to do things the old fashioned way. Musically, their taste tends to go from brass bands to Gregorian chant: if it’s a good tune, they’ll go for it.

Leos make wonderfully generous hosts and love to entertain:  they know how to put on a show. Perhaps more importantly, they have a happy knack of mixing all sorts of different people together in the knowledge that they have picked wisely and everyone will get on. Among the guests there might well be a name or two to conjure with as the Lion just loves basking in reflected glory and all Leos take care to ensure everyone is looked after. It’s even happier when its own views are canvassed or it has the opportunity to tell a good story and take centre stage. As a guest, Leos also have got the ‘thank you’ note down to a fine art. They know just what to say to make any host feel the effort has been more than worthwhile. The Leo palaces are flourishing and it’s always a joy to be part of the Lion’s lifestyle.

Leo at Leisure

As with everything else in its life, Leo likes to do leisure in a big way. Whether it’s some kind of grand tour or making for an exotic destination, this is a sign that likes the very best and is possibly one of the least likely to be camping or, in some other way, roughing it.

The Lion will feel happiest when it has a tailor-made holiday which will include indulging in one of its hobbies, taking in beautiful buildings, an art gallery and museum, not forgetting, of course, time spent on a beach soaking up the sun and, of course, eating and drinking extremely well. Leo likes to keep busy, even on holiday, and is especially keen to have tales to tell on its return. The nearest to a leisurely break Leo might sanction is a river cruise where there are frequent stops and places to visit. Italy (in particular, Rome) is particularly associated with Leo and many members of this sign feel totally at home with the Italians. Sicily, Prague, Madrid, Bath and Bristol also have an astrological connection with Leo, as does Los Angeles. Leo is the perfect ruler for tinsel town!

 Many Leos are accomplished artists of one kind or another and sometimes feel they can replenish their energies at the easel or on a musical instrument or by penning a short story. They are often very good cooks, usually attempting complicated dishes other people would leave well alone. With teaching skills as part of their repertoire, the Lion often takes enormous pleasure in imparting knowledge to the younger generation and can be an inspirational guide to any subject with which it’s familiar. Leo wants to be seen as competent and knowing exactly what it’s talking about: criticism arising from not being totally conversant with the subject is Leo’s worst nightmare.

There are probably as many Leos involved in sport as in any other sign and the Lion is doubtless represented in most of the team games. This is not a sign that is excited about the individual sports where competing against one’s own times and scores is the key to success. Leo is definitely a team player, often making an extremely good captain, and loves the whole camaraderie. Where Leo also excels is in a behind the scenes role, organising fixtures and the general running of a club, especially if it involves negotiating with the local council or a large organisation. And it’s not just sport: the Lion can be found in clubs and societies of all kinds, usually in an administrative role and making sure that its involvement brings all the right results.

For Leo, leisure and pleasure can sometimes feel like hard work, but it’s simply because the Lion puts its heart and soul into anything it takes on: this is a sign that can’t imagine sitting back and letting others take over. Best of all for Leo is the possibility of turning a hobby into a small money-making venture. While there is breath in the Lion’s body, it’ll be out there, all action, energy and achievement.

Food, Drink and Diets for Leo

Nestled between Virgo and Cancer, both of which tend to have delicate digestive systems, Leo is quite the opposite. As with everything else in the Lion’s life, it has a very healthy appetite and meals are there to be savoured and thoroughly enjoyed. While not averse to a very modern take on the classics, the Lion really prefers quality products, beautifully cooked, with as little flummery and decoration as possible. Having said that, looking at a dessert menu could bring out the flamboyance in the Leo character: watch it go for the most over the top pudding available or ask for extra cream, ice-cream – anything to appeal to the Lion’s sweet tooth. With the Leo connections to France and Italy, cuisine from both countries is often a favourite as are the wines from both areas. Leos are frequently rather snobbish about all sorts of things, but rarely about food. If the best meals are to be found outside its normal stamping ground, then that is where they will eat.

For many Leos, their love of rich food is brought to a grinding halt by possible health issues. The heart and back are the Lion’s vulnerable areas and, for some, there comes a time when a diet becomes a necessity as a pre-cursor to a change in its eating habits. With the Leo penchant for a bit of drama, any diet will be one where weight loss is achieved quickly so that there is something to boast about. When the Lion realises that a quick loss can also be followed by an equally quick gain, a more sensible way to diet comes into play. For a sign that doesn’t really understand moderation, it’s exactly that which will save the day and allow Leo to enjoy all its favourite food – just a little less of it. As most Leos are never going to be sitting around doing nothing they’re probably not looking to the gym for exercise but, if best friends and colleagues suggest coming along, then the social side of a work-out will make it seem fun and not a chore.

Like the lions in the wild, Leos are kings and queens and need to be looked up to and, whilst not necessarily feared, at least respected. And self-respect for these majestic people means that letting themselves go is never on their agenda and they will do whatever it takes to find a happy medium between their health and all that glorious food.

Presents for Leo

Leos are very generous and are both touched and often surprised that others can be open-handed as well, bringing gifts, large and small, to someone who is such a grateful recipient. For the Leo woman, statement pieces of jewellery are wonderful additions to her collection, and although gold is the Leo metal and clearly not to be sniffed at, this lady will appreciate anything that looks stylish and price will have nothing to do with it. Leo men usually wear watches that are understated but, to those in the know, a significant purchase.

The Lion’s love of the arts means that tickets for the theatre, a concert or an exhibition (at home or abroad) are more than welcome and anything associated with the performance, from booklets to novels and general merchandise won’t go amiss either. For the Leos who are creative themselves, anything that will further their interest and knowledge could be a very special present. Books or subscriptions to magazines of a very specialist nature will probably please Leo more than the latest bestseller.

As one of the zodiac’s foodies, it’ll be the artisan products and new chutneys, jams and sauces that should appeal, though nothing too outlandish. They like to feel they are supporting a new venture. Wines from established vineyards and gins from new labels could also make the grade: Leos like to keep up with the trends, but not just for the sake of it. They can be quite choosy about which new product they think worthy of support. As for a delivery of prime steaks: no Leo would turn that down.

The small but totally appropriate gift is something very special to Leo as it understands that someone has thought very carefully about what it will mean to the Lion. It’s unlikely to be expensive: in fact, it could be ridiculously cheap but it will mean a lot. Whether it’s something as simple as a card with a singularly appropriate saying, a trinket of some kind or just something that will appeal to Leo’s sense of humour – it could well be the present that is most appreciated. As for wrapping a present for the Lion: this is a sign that loves a bit of excess so out will come the ribbons and special paper! Leos are a high profile group but it is often the small present that says something very personal and private that wins the day.


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