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Gemini Sun Aquarius Moon

gemini-sun-aquarius-moonYou have extraordinary gifts of foresight and insight – a kind of visionary intellectual quality that makes the potentialities of the future clear to you in terms of the present. You have a ready intuition for things and for people and through ability to organize and express what you understand so clearly can achieve success either in the sciences, the arts, or in any branch of activity that requires control over the minds of men, such as politics, law, or religion. You see through things and, being at heart a Romantic, you express what you see in terms that have a universal appeal to your circle, whatever it may be. You are genuinely humanitarian in your outlook, generous-minded and desirous of helping others – probably through improving them intellectually or aesthetically. This is therefore an excellent position for a teacher, and whatever walk of life you may be in, you will in some way lead and teach those whom you contact.

In romance your idealism leads you far and wide in search of perfection and complete sympathy, so that you may appear fickle and unstable.

Grant Lewi

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