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Gemini Horoscope

Gemini (the Twins) is the third sign of the zodiac and known for its versatility, intellect and wit amongst many other things. Over thousands of years, civilisations and religions have venerated twins – whether it’s ancient Persia where the twins were seen as primal spirits, one the Better and wise and the other the foolish and Bad, or Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. The Twins also attained their place in the heavens through Castor and Pollux, when Zeus solved Pollux’ grief at the death of his brother by taking them both into the sky. Gemini is an air sign and strongly associated with the winds that, in the days of sail, either blew ships safely to their destination or onto the rocks of destruction. In the same way, the Twins are full of contradictions and complexities, but they could never be called dull and are invariably a positive and energising force.

 Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet, was the winged messenger of the gods, rushing to and fro dispensing advice and often interfering unnecessarily with the plans and thoughts of man. He was considered to be the god of travellers, trade and communication generally, was a great athlete and, so it is said, invented the lyre. A many-gifted god indeed, and all Geminis tend to be multi-talented. However, like Mercury, they like to dip their toes into many interesting ventures but often scatter their interests: they know a little about many subjects but find it far more difficult to focus on one speciality. Being called the butterflies of the zodiac or ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’ certainly fits this particular sign. Living from day to day is definitely a Gemini theme and they flourish in careers which enable them to experience something new on a regular basis. Journalism, the media and advertising, for example, are typical Gemini careers, where every day is a new story. In addition, many Geminis are very competent linguists.

It’s really quite easy to pick out a Gemini. They are in a state of perpetual motion and constant chatter. Showing patience, sitting still and keeping quiet have never been on any Gemini agenda and on the one hand they can be exhilarating company and on the other, exasperating. A total lack of time management means that they either double-book themselves or fail to realise how long an appointment might take, and end the day well behind schedule. Much of their time is spent re-arranging meetings of one kind or another. Geminis also love a debate and the throwing around of ideas and, having come down on one side of the discussion, suddenly change tack and champion the other point of view. In keeping with their association with Mercury, these people are mercurial! Contrary arguments and inconsistency are very Geminian characteristics, but it’s also a fact that Geminis are good talkers but pretty poor listeners. The advent of social media for Geminis has been a true gift from the gods: now they can be in constant communication with the world at large and probably make even more promises that they can’t deliver. Sitting and quietly thinking through a problem or a proposition is not for them. Everyone must know about it and opinions canvassed but Geminis rarely heed advice or helpful ideas, preferring to interrupt after a couple of sentences and often behaving as though other people’s opinions are worthless.

This type of Gemini behaviour is never malicious: the Twin genuinely loves a discussion and usually has many friends and acquaintances who are very taken with its slightly idiosyncratic way of going about things and who understand its time-keeping problems. After all, Geminis are such fun to have around and generate such goodwill and laughter. However, Gemini has a reputation for being a bit superficial and sometimes playing fast and loose with friendships. The superficial tag comes from its love of knowing a bit about everything but nothing in depth and, as to friendships, it’s never about a massive fall out but simply that the Twin has less and less time to meet up and to make personal contact and sometimes social media is just not enough.

With its gift of the gab, Gemini can convince anyone and everyone that day is night and, for the more gullible members of the astrological family, it’s all too easy to be wound around the Twin’s little finger. At worst Geminis can be the world’s best con men or women but, thankfully, their verbal dexterity is far more likely just to lead to all sorts of misunderstandings. On the plus side, of course, this is the sign that can talk its way out of trouble with the most outrageous stories: Gemini would never think it’s telling one whopping lie after another but just a good tale! Being very inquisitive, the Twins are often privy to information that really shouldn’t be in their domain at all. What it does with that knowledge can be questionable as Geminis feel honour bound to spread the word. For most, of course, it’s just giving away a secret about a surprise party or someone’s relationship situation. They just have to communicate and, whether it’s the man on the train, the woman at the bus stop or the parent at the school gate, Gemini just loves to indulge in a bit of chat and gossip.

 Although the Gemini ability to study a subject over the long term is never easy as its concentration continually wavers, its ability to quickly assimilate knowledge is outstanding. These are people who can be relied upon to rescue a situation, having only received a very short briefing, and are brilliant at sounding totally genuine when making excuses. They are also salespeople extraordinaire and the local market and car salesroom are probably awash with Geminis. Another of their skills is being able to think on their feet, an art that is often much needed by every member of this sign and, as Geminis are thoroughly adaptable, they’re never put out by a change of plan and, in fact, thrive on it.

Socially Geminis are great company and great flirts. They are lively and amusing and thoroughly enjoy making new acquaintances: they are certainly not shy. They have no qualms about introducing themselves or even barging into other people’s conversations and are often an energising force in any gathering. Their general grasp of language is superb and there is no better person to make an eloquent speech: the sharp, witty one-liner is definitely their speciality. With a very youthful outlook on life they have an innate ability to deal with a younger generation and Geminis tend to have good friends of all ages. Certainly Gemini grandparents are some of the most fun to be with: they are often children at heart but that joie de vivre is now combined with the wiser head that has hopefully come with years of experience. Mercury was also known as a magician and prankster and while many Geminis exhibit an amazing sleight of hand, they are also loved or hated for their practical jokes.

 A nervy and tense Gemini is probably unhappy about something or trying to keep a worry hidden. It’s not one of the soul-baring signs and certainly doesn’t resort to tears and a load of emotion as a default setting. It will always try to see situations logically and rationally and is usually convinced that talking will help. It will and it does, but because most Geminis are not adept at dealing with feelings, it’s sometimes difficult for them to talk with real emotional perception and self-knowledge. Gemini thinking definitely comes from the head rather than the heart, and many Twins will say that they are quite happy not to delve into the depths of their personality.

If Gemini is seen as being inconsistent and restless for no particularly good reason it’s invariably because variety is lacking in its life. Without the outside stimuli of new projects, people and places, the Twins decide to shake things up by changing their mind, views or friendships just to inject a bit of excitement and challenge into the day. A bored Gemini can cause a lot of trouble both to itself and to those it loves or works for, especially if it feels it’s in a rut and going nowhere. All Geminis, one way or another, need to be on the move and a job that involves a lot of sitting around won’t keep the Twins happy for very long. Exercise is also important to them, not necessarily so much for fitness, but just to ensure there is variety in the schedule.

To say that Gemini is “scatterbrained” is probably untrue, but it sometimes seems that way as the Twin dashes through life taking on work, putting its talents to good use, making new acquaintances and generally seeming extremely busy. Fear of real commitment and of stagnation drive many of the Twins into this frantic way of life and much as they are loved and admired, many will say that they never really know Gemini at all and sometimes its company is rather exhausting. The world, however, would be very boring without the Gemini energy, chatter, liveliness and unique take on life, to say nothing of its glorious humour and sociability. Enjoying the company of the Gemini butterfly as it passes by is one of life’s great pleasures.

The Gemini Man

The Gemini man, tall and usually rather lanky, arrives on the scene with a merry quip, a big smile and talking as much with his hands and arms as with his mouth, and his questioning and laughing eyes are thoroughly flirtatious. This is someone who values expression in all its forms and he’s going to be fun to know. He is a naturally very social individual, having no qualms at all about introducing himself and asking very pertinent questions from the word go. He is basically very inquisitive. He also likes to think that he can cope with discussing anything and everything and, while he might not know the exact positions of the Premier League clubs or the finer details of foreign policy, he’ll give the impression, by dint of a few well-chosen facts, that his knowledge is total and not to be disputed. If truly out of his depth, he won’t stick around, just quietly move on.

All Geminis love the sound of their own voice, but listening is quite a different matter, particularly for the male Twin. He needs to make his point immediately and sometimes appears extremely rude as he stops the flow of a conversation in its tracks. Even a glare or a raised eyebrow won’t alert him to a faux pas. Perhaps even more irritating is his habit of contradicting what he’s just said which makes it very difficult to know exactly where he’s coming from. His boredom threshold is very low and he just loves to enliven any gathering. He also needs to be on the move, both physically and mentally, and he is one of the zodiac’s natural travellers, best writers and gifted teachers. Being tied to a desk in his working life is his worst nightmare. With communication in all its forms the key to the Gemini man’s existence, he is probably the most likely of all the signs to be surgically attached to his phone and any other gadget that keeps him in touch with the world.

Like his opposite sign of Sagittarius, this man favours the casual look, hating to feel constricted by formal garb. He’s likely to be a bit unconventional too: he doesn’t take kindly to being told what to wear and likes to feel that he is an individual and, more to the point, loves it when his sartorial choice is noticed and admired.

 Emotionally, he can appear to be a bit cool and normally runs a mile from any kind of sob story or needy individual. He’s rarely in touch with his own feelings, let alone anyone else’s. At the same time, he’s not unsympathetic and will say all the right things but any conversation of that kind will be very short. Gemini comes very much from the intellect and reason: feelings, intuition and anything outside his own particular mindset means he’s venturing into very foreign territory.

This versatile, interesting and lively man values his friendships and loves an intellectual challenge. He’s not necessarily the most committed of the signs and at times can seem slightly superficial, but to enjoy the company of a Gemini man and his witty one-liners, is a thoroughly life-affirming experience and a wonderful exercise in mental agility.

The Gemini Woman

Gemini women are bundles of energy and, what some might call, forces of nature! They are the great chatterboxes of the zodiac, tremendous fun to be with and in their very entertaining company the world always seems a brighter place. Their eyes are full of humour and curiosity and keen to seek out the next person to talk to and to take in everything that is going on around her. Being the Twins, Gemini is a dual sign and this is particularly evident in the female of the species, who has developed multi-tasking into a fine art and never has her mind on less than three things at once: hence the impression that she is not focused, as eye contact often wavers, but she is totally concentrating on what really matters at that particular moment. Despite all this organisation and constant communication, however, she is invariably late, has probably double-booked herself or failed to realise just how long a journey would take. However, no-one ever seems to mind that much: her arrival is accompanied by hilariously funny tales of her day so far, plus a few anecdotes about her life in general, and everyone feels thoroughly cheered.

To be categorised as the zodiac’s gossips is merely another way of saying that they are not that good at keeping secrets. For them, information is there to be disseminated and in this day of social media, they are in their element. They are a mine of general knowledge, whether useful or not, and very good mimics, but can a Gemini woman keep a confidence? Yes, she can, but only when she’s really concerned for someone’s well-being. This is a woman who finds it very difficult to put herself in someone else’s emotional shoes, and for that reason she invariably walks away from a heart to heart. She will just want to put things right and find a logical way of doing so, a strategy that often doesn’t work and makes a bad situation worse.

 Like their male counterparts, Gemini women are usually tall and slim or very petite, and putting on weight is probably never going to be their problem. Their frantic lifestyle ensures that every day brings exercise in abundance and their sometimes rather tense and nervy demeanour brings a loss of appetite. Just as their Aquarian sisters, they tend to go for a very relaxed, and sometimes very individual, look and are never truly comfortable in the power suit or a thoroughly glamorous outfit, although they will certainly look the part in both.

Friendships for the Gemini woman are very important but whether she maintains them over many years is a different matter. The joy of being with a particular group or individual can be all-consuming one minute and past its sell-by date the next. She doesn’t do very strong emotions: she just needs change and rarely thinks about the effect her behaviour has on others. And, to add to the mix, she’s adamant about something on one day and next week comes out with the exact opposite. Well, she’s a Twin and conflicting opinions are probably par for her course, but whether agreeing or disagreeing, she is such great company.

Gemini Zodiac

Gemini Zodiac

Relating to Gemini

Gemini is a relatively easy fit with the other air signs or the fire signs so they tend to fall heavily for the earth and water groups which seem to promise great excitement and passion. Air and water frequently fizz and then go flat, while air and earth often lose themselves in clouds of dust.

Gemini and Aries

Gemini and Aries are usually very compatible, the Aries fire warming the rather cool Gemini air and the Twin fanning the Aries flames. This is an action-packed relationship as both signs thrive on getting things done and certainly don’t wait around for life to come to them. However, Aries is a cardinal sign and is highly focused on where it’s going: in contrast Gemini is mutable and tends to be too adaptable and accommodating for Aries’ liking. The fact that Aries wants everything now – or preferably yesterday – and Gemini has major time management issues also becomes a real bone of contention. On the plus side, Aries really values the Twin’s rational approach to life and its ability to stop the Ram from taking actions it will regret and, at the same time, is able to motivate Gemini and give it a sense of direction. Socially, this duo will be very popular and Aries will benefit greatly from Gemini’s ability to throw an extremely good party and rustle up people from all walks of life that Aries will love to meet and who could be useful contacts. Communication between these two could be difficult as both have a tendency to talk “at” people rather than to them. Neither is a particularly good listener and real depth of understanding, especially at times of stress, is likely to be zilch. Financially, they both think alike: let’s spend it and enjoy it, the Twin convinced that money will come in for ever and Aries starting to worry slightly that nothing is being put away for the future, but not fretting enough to change tack. Sexually, this can be a very powerful and passionate relationship, particularly as neither sign is over-emotional and just enjoys sex for its own sake. Jealousy and possessiveness don’t feature for these two, and some Gemini/Aries partnerships thrive on situations that other signs wouldn’t tolerate. Whether these two have a marvellous fling or stay together for years their friendship, which provides the very solid base for this relationship, is likely to last for a very long time.

Gemini and Taurus

Gemini and Taurus are neighbouring signs and are radically different: hence the enormous attraction which will drive this relationship until they either decide they can make a go of things or realise that compromise is going to be far too difficult. Initially Gemini is charmed by the very warm-hearted and reliable Taurean and delights in its practical and gentle attitude to life and its wonderfully sensual nature. The Twin also benefits from the Bull’s common sense and its ability to stop Gemini from rushing around in ever decreasing circles. Taurus in turn loves the Gemini intellect, its quick wit and its lively demeanour, and feels it is being dragged out of a bit of a rut by the very sociable Twin. Where problems possibly start for these two is to do with their basic characters. Gemini is highly versatile and adaptable: Taurus is inflexible and self-indulgent and, when troubles loom, Gemini finds itself dancing around Taurus trying to cope with the Bull’s narrow vision. In turn Taurus starts to see Gemini as a very superficial butterfly, never steering any kind of sensible course. There is also the issue of the Taurean jealousy. For Gemini, who is a natural flirt and has great friendships with both sexes, the Bull’s possessiveness becomes thoroughly irritating and the Twin starts to feel it isn’t trusted. Financially, these two are on completely different pages. Taurus loves to earn and to spend, but savings and future security over-ride everything. Gemini’s ability to spend money regardless of how it’ll affect a budget drives Taurus to distraction. Sexually this is an attraction of opposites which can work very well at the beginning but, as time goes on, Taurus feels it never really gets to the heart of Gemini, and the Twin finds it difficult to cope with the Bull’s lack of spontaneity and adventure. Many Gemini/Taurus relationships are put down to experience. Others find that understanding, patience and a great deal of love can lead to many years together as each learns to value the other’s qualities and to tolerate the negatives.

Gemini and Gemini

Forget about three in a marriage, for these Twins there are four in the relationship! The problem with same sign relationships is always the same: far too much alike and each sees its best and worst in the other. There will always be an initial attraction as both live in the fast lane, are flirts, good company, knowledgeable and very intelligent. Initially, they will thoroughly enjoy the excitement of what seems like a magic carpet ride as they race from place to place, meet all sorts of interesting people, make endless plans for the future and, generally, just have a great time together. It doesn’t take long before both begin to realise that, despite the busy days and the endless chatter, they don’t really seem to know each other. Both are happy to give emotions a miss and any kind of in-depth conversation between two Geminis is probably never likely to happen. So, they start to feel they are like ships passing in the night and each begins to see the other as a bit superficial and just too busy to concentrate on the relationship. As time management, too, is never the Gemini forte, they suddenly realise that each is starting to prioritise work or other commitments and somehow the relationship drifts away. Financially, this is probably going to be an all or nothing situation as neither is particularly savvy about money and if there’s cash to hand, why not spend it? The sexual side of this partnership can be wonderful for both as they enjoy it as a great physical encounter rather than a deeply emotional experience. For this relationship to flourish, both are going to have to learn to listen and to develop a real companionship. Adaptability, a Gemini strength, will be the key and if these two are determined to be together, much laughter and genuine friendship will ensure they achieve their goal.

Gemini and Cancer

Gemini and Cancer are chalk and cheese. Gemini is all about the rational mind and Cancer all heart and very deep emotions. Gemini is outgoing and confident, Cancer introverted and touchy. So this is a classic attraction of opposites and one that, despite all signs to the contrary, is not an impossible dream. Cancer is often seen as the homemaker of the zodiac and for Gemini to be with someone so nurturing is bliss indeed. Gemini also sees that Cancer is a very shrewd operator and has an astute and more sensitive approach to situations than the Twin. Cancer loves the very open Gemini, its witty take on life and its social prowess, all of which take the Crab out of its shell. What Gemini doesn’t fathom immediately is that Cancer’s very ambitious nature is hidden behind a gentle exterior and is taken aback at how forceful it can be where moving up in the world is concerned. Cancer sees Gemini as wasting its talents and can’t understand why the Twin can’t focus on its career prospects. Emotionally, these two behave very differently: the sensitive Crab retreats into its shell when hurt, and it takes time and effort to tease it back out again. Gemini loses patience with what it sees as rather moody behaviour and fails to understand Cancer’s depth of feeling. Cancer also worries endlessly about money and its security, neither of which is ever at the forefront of the Twin’s thinking. Sexually, as with all signs that are basically incompatible, it’s all marvellous at the beginning but gradually Gemini becomes irritated with Cancer’s neediness and its slightly clingy behaviour while Cancer sees the sometimes impersonal attitude of the Twin as cold and unloving. Many Gemini/Cancer relationships dissolve in a flurry of accusations before the Crab retreats and Gemini flutters away. However, for those who survive the first couple of rounds, the loving Crab and the lively Twin, with a large dose of versatility and sympathy, can overcome many hurdles and develop a relationship of great contentment and affection.

Gemini and Leo

Gemini and Leo are considered to be excellent partners and the epitome of an air/fire relationship, which is hugely optimistic, full of grand ideas and socially stimulating. Gemini is a mutable sign, thus adaptable and versatile, while Leo is fixed which helps to contain Gemini’s wilder notions. Gemini, in turn, nudges the Lion out of its entrenched position without causing it to lose face, and also puts a new twist on old ideas which Leo finds fascinating. For Gemini, who doesn’t always look at the bigger picture, the Lion’s broader vision is a great help and saves the Twin from rushing into situations which it’s likely to regret. However, there is often a fine line between Leo’s helpful advice and its bossiness. Once Gemini feels it is being pushed around, off it will go and Leo will be studiously ignored. Despite that possibility these two, on the whole, communicate really well and are very supportive of each other’s goals. They are also a great duo on the social scene, although the Leo’s slightly snobby approach can rile the Twin, who is a true cosmopolitan. With both signs reluctant to live in the slow lane, there is always an element of ships passing in the night as they almost try to outdo each other with commitments and schedules. Ultimately this can cause a major problem when both realise that their paths rarely cross. Gemini, whose emotional radar is pretty limited, also fails to recognise Leo’s sensitivity and frequently hurts the Lion’s finer feelings. Financially, Leo would be an excellent partner for Gemini if only the Twin would take the Lion’s advice! Leo certainly isn’t averse to a spending spree but is also aware of its future security. Gemini and savings are never going to be best mates. As to intimacy, both see sex as something enjoyable without necessarily going into great emotional depths. If each understands how the other ticks, that will be enough. Many Gemini/Leo relationships are hugely successful but, if it’s not going to work, both will move along sooner rather than later.

Gemini and Virgo

Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury, so first and foremost there is a great deal of busyness in this relationship, whether it’s constant chat, a lot of rushing to and fro, or trying to chart a steady course. Both are also mutable signs meaning they are adaptable and versatile, thus ensuring life never gets boring, but also bringing the possibility of a lot of wasted energy and unrealised ambitions. The greatest asset to the Gemini/Virgo relationship is their intellectual rapport. Gemini is full of bright ideas and the Virgo mind is very practical. These two can work together to great effect. While Gemini is often seen as the sign with the instant witty comment, the Twin is delighted to find that Virgo can be just as quick off the mark when it comes to the bon mot. Both can be very entertaining company and a welcome addition to any gathering. These two probably share many interests and certainly both are keen to learn something new, whether it’s a bit of general knowledge or a course of some kind. Of great importance, too, is the fact that neither is comfortable in the emotional realms. Virgo is a pragmatist and the heart rarely rules any of its decisions. Gemini talks about everything to everyone, takes advice and probably ignores it but, like Virgo, doesn’t want feelings to dominate any conversation. The Virgo obsession with neatness, order and perfection doesn’t go down at all well with the Gemini’s rather haphazard approach to life, and Virgo finds it difficult to tolerate the Twin’s inconsistency and superficial behaviour. Virgo is grounded while Gemini flits around. Money problems can arise with these two as the sensible Virgo likes to feel financially secure while the more flighty Gemini loves to spend. A sexual relationship usually starts with as much passion as the intellectual rapport and convinces both that they have found a soul-mate. Whether or not their sex life maintains such momentum, their meeting of minds can be a very strong bond. If Gemini and Virgo go their own ways, a friendship often survives.

Gemini and Libra

Gemini and Libra are air signs and their relationship is a both a romantic adventure and an innate understanding. Libra is a cardinal sign and highly ambitious, but is far more gentle in its way of getting to the top – rather than, say, Aries – and likely to tolerate Gemini’s butterfly approach to life as it flits from one situation to another and one idea to the next. Gemini finds the easy-going and rather idealistic Libran wonderfully accommodating and gains great confidence from Libra’s somewhat laid-back attitude. This is a sign that is not going to castigate the Twin for its time-keeping or complicated schedules. Gemini also loves the Libran’s diplomacy which gets the Twin out of all sorts of indiscretions, particularly of the verbal kind, while Libra admires the Twin’s ability to think on its feet. Early on in this relationship each usually feels very comfortable with the other. Libra is forever on a search for love and a partner: it hates the single status and Gemini might feel that it is being pushed into a commitment situation far too quickly. At the same time the Twin is excited at the possibility of the grand romantic gesture and being with someone who’s on the same mental wavelength. Both signs, however, can be changeable and Gemini can come across as being rather superficial while Libra seems to be gullible and very self-indulgent. For that reason alone, both should be wary of rushing forward too fast. Money matters won’t be a problem as both love to spend: when the cash runs out, however, it’ll be a question of who’s to blame. Sexually, this is likely to be a very passionate partnership with Libra making every effort to ensure that everything is just perfect for any seduction. Sometimes Gemini finds Libra emotionally demanding and needy, just as much as the Libran sees the Twin as cool and reticent. Indecision from Libra and inconstancy from Gemini are the factors that could drive this duo onto the rocks, but this is a relationship that invariably survives many setbacks.

Gemini and Scorpio

Gemini is intrigued by the Scorpion: such depth of character, a secretive persona and oozing power and control. Scorpio, in turn, is fascinated by the lively, witty and eloquent Gemini. Scorpio also sees the Twin as full of curiosity and a canny operator which in many ways plays to the Scorpion’s ambitions and passion. Scorpio helps Gemini to direct its energies and to focus on a particular goal, rather than rushing round in circles, while the Twin encourages the Scorpion to get more out of life and to widen its social circle. However, this is really a relationship between the most secretive sign of the zodiac (Scorpio) and the most open (Gemini) and somewhere along the line these two will clash. For a start, few Geminis are good at keeping secrets and Scorpio fears betrayal which can make for guarded communication. Scorpio doesn’t deal well either with what it would term an “inquisition” and Geminis love to dig deep and find out everything about everybody. Scorpios have very well-defined limits and it’s very obvious, when a veil is drawn and an icy silence develops, that those boundaries have been reached. Scorpio needs to stamp its power and authority on situations whereas Gemini, when trouble looms, argues its point from every angle and then disappears. Where money is concerned, Scorpio loses sleep over the Twin’s spending and Gemini complains about the Scorpion’s obsession with the accounts and saving for the future. The deep and powerful Scorpio emotions, particularly the jealousy, are a mystery to Gemini who, in turn, frustrates Scorpio by not acknowledging its own feelings. Sexually, this relationship could be great once both realise their ideas of intimacy are very different and a compromise has been reached. Scorpio is obstinate and Gemini adaptable so the Twin will probably be taking the lead in sorting out any problems. This relationship is not doomed to failure but, perhaps more than most, it will take time, love and effort to get a companionable and trusting partnership up and running.

Gemini and Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius are initially attracted to each other’s sense of the ridiculous and self-deprecating sense of humour: each sees the other as wonderful company and these two often begin their relationship as great friends, letting the romance develop slowly. They certainly know how to communicate and there is much discussion and general chatter but, after a time, both begin to see that it’s all a bit superficial. Neither sign thrives in an intimate one-to-one that involves dealing with emotional issues and very personal matters. However, Gemini loves the Sagittarian grand plans and its slightly gung-ho approach to life, while the Archer revels in Gemini’s intellect, daily change of plan and youthful persona. Both enjoy a busy social life and are often a very welcome couple at any gathering, as they are guaranteed to liven things up. They are adaptable and versatile which is liberating on the one hand and annoying on the other, as focus and determination get lost in endless new ideas and a lot of restlessness. Gemini can be quite cunning and Sagittarius is absolutely straightforward. The Archer begins not to trust Gemini while the Twin suffers the slings and arrows of the Sagittarian’s tactless comments. Faced with the Archer’s frequently irresponsible behaviour, Gemini becomes nervous and thoroughly argumentative, which is its own way of trying to put things right by exploring all options. Money matters become precarious because both are only concerned about having enough for today but at least each is adept at keeping the wolf from the door. Sexually this is a meeting of minds as well as hearts and initially this relationship can bring much happiness, particularly as both would rather read a good book than indulge in post-coital tenderness. Many Gemini/Sagittarius partnerships are based on a great companionship which can easily survive a cooling sex life. If, however, these two decide the long-term is not for them, both will remember each other with much fondness.

Gemini and Capricorn

Gemini and Capricorn are not one of the zodiac’s natural partnerships and therefore tend to fall headlong for each other on the basis that opposites attract. At first, Gemini is captivated by Capricorn’s dry wit and its ability to listen: Capricorn just loves the energy of the Twin, its vast range of knowledge and interests, and is somewhat in awe of Gemini’s versatility and ability to do so much. More importantly Capricorn sees Gemini as a wonderful companion. Gemini thinks that the steady Goat is just what it needs – someone to bring a bit of order into the Twin’s slightly chaotic schedule and to give much practical help and advice. Capricorn’s patience and steady approach to life is also very beneficial to Gemini who, under such excellent guidance, starts to see that a rash decision is not always the right one. Over time each begins to see the other in a different light. The busy Gemini suddenly seems a bit superficial and nervy and Capricorn takes on the persona of a strict parent. Gemini frets at the Goat’s caution and sometimes pessimistic attitude while Capricorn realises that the Twin talks a lot, but really doesn’t communicate, and finds the endless activity both tiring and tedious. Capricorn is also one of the more conventional signs of the zodiac and Gemini is very modern in outlook, a difference which is charming at first and then brings all sorts of disagreements. Money is probably this couple’s biggest problem as Capricorn saves and is frugal, while Gemini loves the credit cards. Sexually the earthy Capricorn and the inventive Gemini get off to a great start but as neither is particularly good at dealing with emotions, the excitement can quickly be lost. In the long term, too, Capricorn’s business before pleasure attitude and Gemini’s exhausting timetable can mean their sex life becomes spasmodic. A lot of understanding, compromise and emotional communication are usually needed for this relationship to prosper but if they want it to succeed, then it will.

Gemini and Aquarius

One thing is certain in this relationship: silence, companionable or cold, is out of the question. These two always have something to say and are ready to discuss, or probably argue, every point. Lively and often thoroughly spontaneous, these two can have a great time together. Both are sociable and value independence: Aquarius doesn’t want to be answerable to anyone and Gemini just loves to feel it can do its own thing. In another way they are also very compatible: neither finds it easy to deal with their feelings, let alone cope with emotional dramas. For a long time they happily ignore what might be going on beneath the surface of their relationship, but eventually a situation will develop where real communication is necessary and both will be found wanting. Aquarius will behave in a thoroughly perverse and opinionated manner and Gemini will try to rationalise the problem or succumb to nerves and tension and say all the wrong things. Aquarius digs in its heels and Gemini is constantly trying to please by changing its mind again and again. In addition, Gemini is cunning and Aquarius is honest (sometimes cruelly so and causing a lot of hurt) and one way or another these two can inflict verbal wounds. Where it comes to understanding money matters, neither is usually at the top of the class and yet they seem to manage from day to day: neither sees great riches as their main achievement in life. Sexually two air signs have a great rapport as each is captivated by the other’s intellect but with a lack of deep emotional understanding and sensuality, the relationship over the longer term can easily become platonic. A lack of a sex life won’t signal the end of the relationship. Restlessness, boredom and the general sense that there’s a lot of talk, but not much accomplishment in life, plus the Aquarian’s ability to manufacture a reason to leave, is far more likely to put paid to this partnership. Most Gemini/Aquarius relationships, however, happily stand the test of time.

Gemini and Pisces

Gemini is initially both confused and enchanted by the Piscean whose emotions are, on the one hand, a delight and, on the other, a total nightmare for the Twin. Pisces, of course, cannot understand why Gemini has to rationalise everything and doesn’t seem to understand feelings at all. Gemini is all head and Pisces all heart and intuition. Away from the emotional arena, however, this is a duo that often has plenty in common: both are mutable signs meaning they are adaptable and versatile and very much prepared to go with the flow. Neither is in the habit of making five or ten year plans and while Gemini has the gift of the gab, Pisces is imaginative and extremely kind. They often have interests in common or at least are prepared to venture into each other’s chosen territory. Both, too, are often guilty of ignoring the truth of a situation until it’s too late to rectify, because Pisces is an escape artist and refuses to see the problem and Gemini frequently takes a very superficial view of any situation that spells possible trouble or pain. In many ways they operate in a similar mode: Gemini is inconsistent and Pisces rather vague and disorganised, so a life together is muddled at best and chaotic at worst. Despite the negatives, many Gemini/Pisces relationships jog along very nicely, Gemini learning a lot about dealing with its feelings and Pisces listening to the Twin when it comes to friendships and projects of any kind. The Fish can be easily-led and gullible which can drive Gemini to distraction. Neither is particularly good with money: both are spenders and hope to goodness that some institution will bail them out when the coffers are empty. Sexually this is probably not one of the most dynamic relationships and the emotionally needy Piscean might find the Twin rather cool after the initial excitement. Either these two drift apart quite quickly or their mutual interests and efforts to understand each other bear fruit and they are in the relationship for the long haul.

Gemini and Sex

Many Geminis probably feel they could write a comprehensive sex manual based on their own personal experiences and for this sign, less is definitely not more. The Twin sees sex as a wonderful and joyful adventure and to be indulged in as much and in as many ways as possible. Because it’s not really in tune with its feelings, it’s able to look at sex from a purely physical point of view and, like its Aquarian cousin, can find it difficult to understand those who need a lot of emotional reassurance.

Geminis are intellectually curious and from an early age want to know what sex is all about, not because they want to develop a close and loving relationship but simply because they want to know about the mechanics and how it all works. For that reason, an early sexual encounter will probably be cool and slightly clinical but at least Gemini will feel it’s enjoyed an interesting lesson and the subject now makes sense. Its next hurdle will be to overcome its general reluctance to go into the emotional arena, something it often never conquers, and certainly not before age and a bit of wisdom come into play.

Whilst waiting for a green light on the emotional front, Gemini is likely to be playing the field and will be open to a great deal of experimentation. Because the Twin is known for being rather cunning, it’s adept at being involved with more than one person at the same time, whether it’s two (or more) different partners, enjoying a threesome or being a part of a swingers group and gaining even more knowledge about a favourite pastime. In keeping with the idea of the Gemini butterfly tasting the nectar and moving on, the superficial Gemini nature is totally attuned to this sort of behaviour until it falls totally in love and then it’s going to be a very different story.

Unlike perhaps Leo or Libra, who like their setting for sex rather elaborate, beautiful and romantic, Gemini is not usually that fussed. Bearing in mind that this is not a sign known for post-coital murmuring and tenderness, and that its schedule is normally crammed, the only thing that will be essential is the phone and probably a good book or magazine to read. Its partner can sleep it off but Gemini needs to be on its way after a short but decent interval. With the right partner, Gemini learns to open up emotionally and to deal with its feelings, which eventually adds enormously to the Twin’s sexual pleasure. Most Geminis have a wonderfully racy past, but once in a committed relationship tend to forget their wilder days and are totally faithful to the one they love and who has their heart.

Gemini and Commitment

Geminis, from teenagers to octogenarians, are natural-born flirts and love to think that they are attractive to the opposite sex. Most acknowledge the attention, feel they haven’t lost their touch and leave it at that but, for some, the temptation to indulge in yet another dalliance is all too strong and exciting.

The Twin isn’t possessive and rarely claims ownership of anything, let alone people, and has little or no understanding of jealousy or envy. Constancy, however, in any area of its life isn’t a given, and therefore the idea of commitment usually comes later rather than sooner to most Geminis. That is not to say that a decision to embark on a partnership at a young age won’t see a Gemini celebrate a golden anniversary, but there would probably be an interesting fifty year story behind the cake and candles.

Gemini partnerships are very much a meeting of minds, shared interests and a lively rapport with a wide range of people. Intuition, emotions and anything that can’t be rationalised leave most Twins floundering and a relationship with someone who is needy, lacks self-confidence or, worst of all, questions Gemini’s every move is likely to get into difficulties. Under such circumstances, Gemini might well say it is committed but, with its tendency to be adept at juggling at least five balls in the air, the truth could be different. Given space and understanding, Gemini feels trusted and loved and is more than happy to commit heart and soul to a partnership. In that happy scenario it’ll come home with hilarious tales of who flirted with whom, all the gossip and, most important of all, delighted to return to the nest.

Despite worries that the Twin will not cope with children, it often turns out that Gemini loves the idea of nurturing and educating the next generation and, as the Twin is full of youthful vitality well into old age, thoroughly enjoys the demands of family life. Gemini is not a sign that commits quickly and easily, but when it does it has absolutely no intention of moving on as it has clearly found a partner who truly values the Twin’s intellect, versatility and sense of humour.

Gemini and Money

For most Geminis the idea of a nine to five routine job in a large corporation is the kiss of death, but very often they are pushed down this route in order to find job security and a steady income. This sign is not at all unhappy that money earned in this way is no longer as secure as it was and that it is free to take its preferred road. Constant change and variety is the key to the Gemini heart which is why they thrive in self-employment or possibly two or three jobs on the go at once. This all might sound precarious to many but it’s the Gemini strength and they are extremely good at bringing home some substantial bacon from many sources.

What they do with their money could be quite another story. Gemini’s next-door signs, Taurus and Cancer, are very conscious of where money goes and how much must be saved, which means that Gemini is quite the opposite. It loves to spend, not in the sense that it must have all the latest gadgets or some luxury pad and all that goes with it, but on its hobbies, interests and endless small purchases that amuse or are reminders of something it has enjoyed. Like Pisces, they seem to fritter money away. With their income being slightly irregular, Geminis are adept at working out how best to obtain new credit and there’s not much they won’t know about the financial websites. On the whole, this isn’t a sign that’s likely to gamble or to take a huge risk with its money and it’s usually quick to spot a scam. If nothing else, Geminis are shrewd and very canny and it’s not impossible that some Twins will have very good ideas about making money in ways that are perhaps not quite so commendable! Savings and pension plans tend to get pushed to the back burner as they are reminders of that ‘boring’ work scenario they are so keen to escape. Inevitably, there are many Geminis who work well into their later years because they’ve ignored the necessity of early decisions about their financial future, but there are plenty more who revel in being employed way past retirement age.

Money spent on education will, in the Twin’s mind, be money well spent as it values the acquisition of knowledge in all its forms. Many Geminis are generous donors to anything associated with academia, whether it’s a school fair or giving financial help to schemes that encourage learning. Geminis are also some of the best fund-raisers: they usually have a very full contacts book and have no qualms about approaching the great and good for help. Their communication skills are formidable and few leave a meeting without a significant donation to a good cause. As the Gemini interests tend to ebb and flow they usually rush in early both to give money and to raise funds and, having done that, move quickly on to the next group that needs help. Gemini often seems a bad financial bet, but this is a sign that, against all the odds, usually provides extremely well for those it loves and doesn’t contemplate bad times. It knows it can survive the difficult days with aplomb.

Gemini at Home

Gemini is the sign of the Twins and as such their home frequently has something of a split personality. There will be parts that are cluttered and in a seeming state of chaos and others that will be tidied and organised in the extreme. In addition, expect to find a lot of reading material and plenty of gizmos that help to run the Twin’s very busy schedule and keep it in permanent touch with friends, colleagues and what is going on in the world. Geminis also tend to have multiple phones. Books in this home are more likely to be instruction manuals and advice booklets on how to make the most of your time than classic pieces of literature, but the Twin is still partial to a good page-turner. For a sign that prefers to skim subjects rather than study in depth, reference books will be there aplenty and access to Wikipedia an essential. Everything Gemini does must be done quickly – and that includes reading.

Geminis, on the whole, don’t theme their homes: they have a very eclectic taste and, whether it’s china, glass, materials, colours or ornaments, it’s a pick and mix selection and all will fit together, beautifully and imaginatively. The Twin is associated with many colours but it’s predominantly yellow and the agate, aquamarine, crystal and beryl are all linked to Gemini. Lily-of-the-valley and lavender are considered to be Gemini flowers and appropriately so because the Twin tends to go for smaller arrangements rather than grand displays. Twins love to entertain and an invitation to one of their parties is often highly valued because of the interesting guest list and the fun and laughter that will be the hallmark of the occasion. Debate, of course, will take up a lot of time but rarely an out and out argument. Geminis are always fundamentally children at heart and show an enthusiasm for the practical joke or games that test everyone’s acting skills or verbal dexterity. Embarrassed guests probably learned early on that anyone could be the butt of the jokes which are never meant to harm or hurt. Geminis laugh with you.

Sentimentality is not something Gemini goes in for as it is a sign that lives for today and tomorrow and rarely thinks about yesterday. However, there will be one or two mementoes of the past around the home, but far more likely is a collection of items that remind the Twin of something very amusing or are extremely saucy. Being thoroughly up to date, the Twin will probably have the latest version of a witty slogan on the wall, together with a couple of homilies designed to encourage and/or praise. Communication in all its forms is the key to happiness in any Gemini environment.

With change and adaptability such an important part of the Gemini personality, it’s inevitable that things are forever being moved around in the home. Whatever the placing of the furniture, the Gemini home will always be a hive of activity and social interaction: very probably it will sometimes feel like a meeting of the United Nations as Geminis, with their linguistic skills, make friends from all over the world. The most endearing aspect of the Twins at home is their ability to bring out the best in friends and acquaintances. The guest feels valued, intelligent and amusing and has enjoyed good food and drink. Who could ask for more than that?

Gemini at Leisure

Gemini does ‘leisure’ in a way that many of the other astrological signs wouldn’t recognise at all and would consider to be hard work, but the Twins thrive on the action and the intellectual challenge. For a sign that is ever on the move and fidgets if sitting around for too long, a beach holiday is probably not going to cut the mustard unless, of course, children are involved when it will be a feast of games and challenges. No Gemini turns its back on a few days of complete leisure, but with batteries re-charged, sight-seeing and anything from wild swimming to bungee jumping could be organised. America comes under the sign of Gemini, and many Twins feel very much at home in that huge country which has opportunities for everyone to enjoy their favourite pastime. London and San Francisco are also associated with Gemini, as is Wales.

Whilst Gemini isn’t generally considered to be at the top of the league for team games, many Twins are excellent gymnasts, athletes, fencers and archers and generally thrive in sports where a personal best is important and it’s one individual versus another. The sharp, active Gemini mind also needs constant stimulation and a quiet day for a Twin would involve reading the back of the cereal packets if a paper or book is not available. This is also the sign that picks up guide books and leaflets from anywhere and everywhere. Their first choice of reading matter is likely to be a true story, packed with verified information. Gemini really doesn’t do conjecture or spin, although they are often masters of both: it likes facts. With their need for being on the go, many Geminis are happy to go for a quick stroll (an oxymoron but Geminis will agree with that concept) or a cross-country run or, perhaps, join in a walking tour of a city centre. They are also likely to be the most well-informed people going around any major tourist attraction: they will have done their research.

Whilst most Geminis are not gamblers, they certainly know how to win a few pence at cards! With an almost photographic memory and tactical nous they are often excellent bridge players and, with their slightly cunning nature, are formidable at the poker table. Anyone who thinks they can read a Gemini should perhaps think again! Their other skill is the card trick which they often learn very early on and use to entertain young and old. The Gemini child is innately fascinated by cards and frequently beats the older generation at Pelmanism! A very good memory starts at an early age for Geminis.

Gemini is versatile and rarely refrains from trying a new hobby. Many are adventurous cooks and talented flower arrangers and the Twins are some of the leading lights in amateur dramatics, whether on stage or behind the scenes. An extremely good eye for design gives them an interest in art and there will be quite a few Geminis armed with paintbrush and easel trying to capture a view or likeness. Their musical tastes are wide-ranging and ever-changing. As a sign that can be inconsistent and sometimes superficial they tend to go with what’s in vogue rather than form very definite tastes. Gemini is a sign of many colours and many facets and, thankfully, never boring. Its myriad interests make the Twin a person who, even on a surface level, can somehow relate to everyone.

Food, Drink and Diets for Gemini

With their lean and lanky build, it often looks as though Geminis eat sparingly but nothing could be further from the truth. Their energy levels, both mental and physical, are such that they happily sit down both to large helpings at a main meal and to endless smaller snacks during the rest of the day. For many, it takes time for their system to get into gear in the morning and breakfast isn’t always their favourite meal, especially if it has to be rushed. However, with coffee shops everywhere, their later hunger pangs can easily be assuaged. In typical Gemini fashion, they have their favourite dishes for a certain length of time and then something else tops the list. Many will never reminisce about their favourite meal as a child because it was forever changing. Certainly all Geminis will at least try everything and if they are going to binge on something it will possibly be pasta rather than a large steak. Whilst not averse at all to a very full plate, heavy and stodgy meals are not top of their list.

The Gemini associations with parts of the UK suggest that beer is often a favourite, and the growth in British vineyards could tempt them to try English wines. The American link to Gemini perhaps makes the Californian wines very palatable to the Twin but Geminis, on the whole, tend to drink a lot of cordials and water and rarely overdo the alcohol, although are not immune to problems with liquor. The hands, arms and lungs are astrologically ruled by Gemini and these are the areas of the body that can be vulnerable when the Twin is stressed. This has absolutely nothing to do with serious illness, more that aches and pains are likely and perhaps shortness of breath when the Twin is very tired or worried. Colds can also quickly go to the Twin’s chest.

 Very few Geminis will be going on any type of diet before middle or even old age. Rarely do the Twins over-eat and they are constantly on the go: that combination is frequently enough to keep the weight at bay if their lean build is beginning to fill out. Far more important for the Twin who diets is to get a quick result: patience is never their strong point and having to wait days before seeing any improvement is not for them. Geminis really enjoy their food and drink and combining conversation and debate with a treat for the palate is one of life’s very special pleasures.

Presents for Gemini

Anything that helps Gemini communicate and be in touch with the world is always appreciated, whether it’s a collection of notebooks, stationery, pens and pencils or a new app. The latest phone as a present is clearly a no-brainer. At the other end of the scale are the quiz book and the latest addition to the “facts you really want to know” genre. With their sense of humour and fun, a book that is guaranteed to make the Twin laugh will surely be welcomed.

Just like an Aquarian, Gemini has a very individual take on jewellery and something very different from the norm is usually much appreciated. This sign doesn’t do bling and glitz – it’s far more attuned to something simple but very stylish. For the Gemini man, however, the quirky cufflinks are right up his street and potentially a conversation opener: this is someone who rarely takes the conventional route.

Reminders of holidays and visits tend to abound in the Gemini home for a short time: this is a sign that tends to renew the fridge magnets and postcards on an annual basis. Anything that pertains to a recent visit or trip abroad could be welcome and best of all would be a book about a place or country on the Twin’s next itinerary.

With their interest in the arts, many Geminis would love a ticket to the latest exhibition or show: they like to be up to date and to be able to say they have enjoyed a ‘must see’ event makes them very happy. Anything that is an addition to a particular hobby or interest will also make the grade with Gemini.

For foodie Geminis, anything from a box of home-made biscuits or locally made chutney to the finest smoked salmon would appeal to the Twin, just as much as something very new on the market which isn’t yet in the general domain. Geminis love to be different.

Perhaps most importantly for Gemini is never to forget its sense of fun – or perhaps mischief! A new board game which calls for strategy and guile and for which, of course, the Twin can work out the winning moves is dear to its heart as is an outdoor game which means family competition. The Twin is a very open-hearted character and isn’t considered snobby or fussy: the idea that people want to spend time and money choosing something special is the very best present.

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