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Category: Venus in Signs

Horoscope Venus in Pisces

Your response to emotional stimuli is a good deal deeper than you are able to get across to those you love. What you feel is difficult for you to express, and frequently you are misunderstood and imposed on because of this. Your muscles react to emotional stimuli – your impulse is to do something for […]

Horoscope Venus in Aquarius

Your emotional responses are frank and heartfelt, even when they are directed toward generalizations and groups, as they often are, or toward art in some form. Your emotions serve your aesthetic sense; you are capable of a detached and spiritual form of personal love which you relate to beauty rather than to passion. You worship […]

Horoscope Venus in Capricorn

You are wise beyond your years where emotions are concerned, accept naturally the dictates of society, and will rarely be found in a compromising position. Emotional response will genuinely be along the lines of the conventions, sometimes even of the main chance; you won’t marry beneath you, and understand. You could love more easily where […]

Horoscope Venus in Sagittarius

You react to emotional stimuli eagerly. Your heart is unafraid of love; you dare to feel, and to follow your instincts to the last outpost of experience. You are not an experimenter in love; you don’t trifle with your emotions; but others may, because your eagerness may be mistaken for lightness. You see no reason […]

Horoscope Venus in Scorpio

You have passionate, profound and controlled emotional responses, and a deep need for love, which must be satisfied according to very high standards. The directness and obvious sincerity of your reactions to social contacts earn respect, while your willingness to “give all for love” frequently brings you love without requiring your all in return. Sex […]

Horoscope Venus in Libra

Your emotions are simple, direct, crystal clear. You are one of the young and pure in heart. The difficulties of life don’t destroy your faith in the beauty of love, and since this is the sort of faith that vindicates itself, you are likely to find more genuine happiness in life than most. You are […]

Horoscope Venus in Virgo

You relate emotional experience to a well organized code of conduct. You have strong family feeling and generally have genuine affection for your relatives Your belief in the proprieties is so strong that you just don’t have emotions that would involve their violation. Your impulses are usually strictly proper; if you stray from the beaten […]

Horoscope Venus in Leo

You dramatize emotional experience to the hilt. Your emotional responses are both honest and calculated. They aren’t spontaneous, but they aren’t hypocritical. They are geared to serve your total personality and to insure that they will make the right effect. You know how you look when you’re kissing or being kissed; and you’re clever enough […]

Horoscope Venus in Cancer

Your emotional responses are related to a simple and direct standard, your need for security and a home. Since this is a basic life urge, your love is loyal and devoted, and deep with the depth of self preservation, which does not, however, make you selfish. Your whole nature hides in a protective shell till […]

Horoscope Venus in Gemini

You are emotionally aware, very susceptible to emotional stimuli, sensitive in that you react to them swiftly. But in the other sense you are not sensitive or touchy. Your emotions color your life and your reactions in a very lively manner; they are like a constant sheet of clear warm water that bathes you always, […]

Horoscope Venus in Taurus

You have a robust, physical, sensuous (or sensual) response to emotional vibrations. You are demonstrative, affectionate and passionate. You love to touch, to hold and be held by, the loved one. You are both sensational and passional; to know the difference, and to let the true instinct replace the false one is to achieve mastery […]

Horoscope Venus in Aries

Your reaction to emotional stimuli is highly personal. You will do anything for someone you love, and little for anyone or any group that has not won your personal affection. Love, sympathy, human kindness are all related to yourself; you are therefore not a great humanitarian, nor especially interested in group social problems. But you […]

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