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Category: Uranus in Signs

Horoscope Uranus in Pisces

Your genius is for inner truth and self-sufficiency. Rugged individualism in the economic sense will not appeal to you, but in the security of a new social order you will achieve a new individualism, based on self-knowledge and self-respect. You will take for granted the new world in which your maturity will be spent, a […]

Horoscope Uranus in Aquarius

You know instinctively that your individual genius requires a mass expression, that there is no personal freedom for anyone till everyone is free, and that no individual can be happier than the sum total of his society is happy. You are the lamplighters of the new birth of freedom in the hour of the world’s […]

Horoscope Uranus in Capricorn

Capricorn is the so-called World sign and it is natural that the genius Uranus therein should produce a generation that would upset old traditions. With this position, you are likely to feel that you are giving expression to your truest genius in rebellion against things as they are, or as they were, for you still […]

Horoscope Uranus in Sagittarius

Your originality requires scope and proceeds from vision. You generalize readily, feeling yourself most at home, and in the sphere of your greatest mental efficiency, when dealing in large terms, ideas, symbols. This can make you a great artist or thinker or philosopher or preacher – or it can make you just a fuzzy thinker, […]

Horoscope Uranus in Scorpio

Uranus in Scorpio causes your genius to work through deep wells of the subconscious and makes for tremendous power for good or bad. You are angel or devil – or, at different times, both. Your personal magnetism is powerful, and you seek for your originality personal tribute from the world or from individuals. You can […]

Horoscope Uranus in Libra

Yours is a peculiar hidden genius, for you tend to identify yourself with large groups and interests and to “lose yourself in order to find yourself.” You can be a great leader (if your expression of originality works outward to the rest of the world) or a dreadful eccentric (if it works inward). If you […]

Horoscope Uranus in Virgo

Your originality is most likely to assert itself along lines of organization, routine, or social welfare. If you work along your most characteristic lines, it will be to make some contribution to social or business systems. You can be an efficiency expert in the service of capitalist industry and make your genius valuable along that […]

Horoscope Uranus in Leo

This position represents an extraordinary confidence in the dramatization of the total personality. Because of Uranus’ position in the self-conscious and dramatic Leo, you are impressionable to the prowess of great people. A kind of hero worship is natural to you; and the individualistic creative expression which will suit you best is the sort which […]

Horoscope Uranus in Cancer

Your genius is exerted along lines of material expansion. Inventions increase your comfort, and the wonder of new things suddenly becoming familiar influences you greatly. Your originality finds its most characteristic expression in seeking security in change and improvement; you are restless, a pioneer eager to move your home (literally or figuratively) onward to new […]

Horoscope Uranus in Gemini

This position of Gemini represents the genius of America in all its phases. It was in force when the Declaration of Independence was signed, and again during the Civil War it brought the Emancipation Proclamation. It stands for freedom, liberty, independence of action and of conscience. It makes you mentally alert and is one of […]

Horoscope Uranus in Taurus

This is a “property” position, and favors wealth if other things in the reading don’t upset the promise. Uranus in Taurus tends toward individualism in property matters. At worst this makes a selfish and self seeking person; at best a socially-conscious and highly effective crusader for Security (Taurus) for all (Uranus). This position adds glamour […]

Horoscope Uranus in Aries

Uranus in Aries causes you to express your genius directly and openly to the world. You have around you a cheerful forthrightness that can make for great honesty, simplicity and charm. You are protected from sensitiveness by having a good solid sense of your own worth and a willingness to believe that other people accept […]

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