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These people are unassuming, and they aim to please—but they’re a tad secretive. Peaceful Pisces’ “don’t rock the boat” mentality has an interesting effect on chatty Gemini. The non-combative, unassuming qualities of Pisces the cosmic traveler blend pretty well with Gemini’s sincerity. These Geminians avoid disagreement and disapproval at all costs; they keep their mouth [...]

Here we have a friendly and humorous conversationalist. Aquarius’ magnetism is a good complement to Gemini’s quick-mindedness. So with a good attitude, these people are informative and willing to share what they know—often with a hilarious delivery. The alert awareness of Aquarius rising gives depth and enlightenment to Gemini’s sometimes superficial understanding. And these Geminians [...]

There’s much more orderliness here than with other Geminians. This is a responsible personality coupled with a quick and efficient ego. So “do what’s expected, plus!” is the name of the game. As children, these people act older than their years, taking a serious approach to most things and happy to be helpful. They’re in [...]

Great combination! Sagittarius is the smiley-face Pollyanna of the zodiac, Sagittarius is the wizard of winning ways, and with a sociable dinnertime birth bestowing people skills galore, these Geminians are popular, well-connected conversationalists. Even when their Happy-Go-Lucky Sagittarius foot-in-mouth syndrome kicks in with Gemini’s scatterbrained chattiness, they’re likely to come off as charming and harmless. [...]

Now this is an odd combination! Secretive Scorpio coupled with chatty, informative Gemini is a strange fit at best. These people focus better than other Geminians, but their secretiveness works against them. They need to learn how to trust. If they over come their aversion to feeling vulnerable and possess enough courage to risk rejection, [...]

These are some delightfully nice people! When Likable Libra’s obliging people-skills adorn Gemini’s natural chattiness, personal interaction is practically recreational, and everyone gets their fair share. Geminians with Libra rising usually know how to say just the right thing at just the right time; they’re genuinely interested in the people and things around them, unusually [...]

These are the busiest minds on the planet. These people are world-class analyzers with an insatiable curiosity. When Virgo’s natural helpfulness and productivity combine with Gemini’s Mr. Nice Guy approach, an extremely modest and well-intended person is likely to emerge. Their helpfulness is second to none. Both Virgo and Gemini hold intelligence in the highest [...]

These are the well-informed people who inspire your confidence and hold themselves responsible for their deeds. They’re not as prone as other Geminians to gloss over things and miss the point. And with their cordial open-mindedness, they are always willing to listen to objections. What’s not to like? When we mix Gemini’s “smart aleck” with [...]

These people have all the congeniality of Gemini, but they’re considerably more emotionally cautious and sensitive. This makes them more aware of how they’re being received and gives them a willingness to adjust themselves to fit the occasion. They love to be accepted! Cautious Cancer avoids rejection like the plague, so they’re very sensitized to [...]

These people are busy-minded chatterboxes! They’re full of questions, and they give new meaning to multi-tasking. No one juggles two, three, or four things at one time as efficiently as these quick-minded, quick-moving flit-arounds. They might be unsettled, but they’re incomparably pleasant! Geminians with Gemini rising are Jitterbug Gemini through and through. They never get [...]

These are the most focused, determined, articulate Geminians of all, and unlike most Geminians they prefer to slow down and bask in the sensual—or even stop to smell the roses. They love beauty and their animal comforts. And their clever minds conjure all kinds of ways to treat themselves better. If they like you, you’re [...]

Here’s a childlike conversationalist who probably talks faster than anyone you’ve met in weeks. They’re full of ideas and questions, and they’ve an unusually disarming charm. We open up to them because they’re interested in everyone, and very non-threatening. Their honesty is second to none: They tell it like it is—or at least how they [...]