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Category: Moon in Signs

Moon in Pisces

Pisces Moons are often in touch with what Jung called the collective unconscious, a wellspring of intuitive understanding of the needs and pain of all of us. Inspired by this universal connection, some of the greatest creative geniuses of all time had Moon in Pisces, including Leonardo da Vinci, Goethe, and Michelangelo. Even those who […]

Moon in Aquarius

Ordinary folks with this Moon are likely to be anything but ordinary, with unusual ideas and predilections that set them apart from people around them. Diehard modernists, they’re likely to be the first to adopt a new idea, trend, fad, or gadget. Naturally the minute the fad becomes popular, they’re likely to reject it and […]

Moon in Capricorn

Like the mountain goat that symbolizes this sign, Capricorn Moons are climbers. They have the self-discipline to put aside immediate gratification for long-range goals and career advancement. They have an instinct for organizing, planning, and bringing structure to situations, so they are excellent administrators. Given all these traits, this ambitious Moon sign, with its drive […]

Moon in Sagittarius

Growth is the key word for Jupiter, the planet most connected to Sagittarius. Growth is the primary motivation and impulse for Sagittarian Moons. Thus many seek out advanced education and others, more self-taught, read avidly all their lives. People of this Moon sign put great energy and enthusiasm into their search to know and to […]

Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio Moons have the urge to dig deeply into motivations, emotions, and other hidden subjects, the sign being excellent for researchers, therapists, and occultists. They can focus energy and concentrate on their interests for long periods of time—or, in less positive cases, on their obsessions. A prime example is Pierre Curie, who literally dug through […]

Moon in Libra

The personal appeal of people born with this Moon sign is considerable, since they seem to have an instinct for putting themselves into other people’s shoes and doing the thing that pleases and makes others feel cared for. They put others first, often ignoring their own best interests, because they so much want loving connections. […]

Moon in Virgo

More than anything, Virgo wants to be perfect, and the instincts of Virgo Moons are quick to hone in on anything wrong with themselves or others—sometimes none too tactfully. The archetypal Virgo Moon was Emily Post, with her emphasis on correctness and refinement in manners. The sign has a built-in memory bank for precise detail, […]

Moon in Leo

Leo Moons often have star quality and a certain pizzazz. No one can ignore them, for their arrival is like the sudden flare of klieg lights. They love a production—and many have been accused of being prima donnas. Just as the lion is the king of the jungle, these regal folks are the natural kings […]

Moon in Cancer

You’ll find that Cancer Moons are even more sensitive, more emotional, and more easily wounded than Cancer Suns—but, on the other hand, they also score higher on the positive traits of the sign. Giving and receiving nurturing can be strongly emotionally fulfilling. They are protective, caring people who know how to make other people feel […]

Moon in Gemini

These people have an instinct for words, so the sign produces wonderful teachers, writers, and speakers. Gemini Moons have a gift for molding communication into a form their listeners can absorb, often uncannily using their audience’s own words or language. They seem to almost instinctively know how to reach people on their own terms, so […]

Moon in Taurus

The Taurus Moon person is a veritable Ferdinand the Bull, with a basic serenity, taking time to smell the flowers. They often have a gift for raising them as well, for nature is dear to them. They have fine physical instincts, being especially good at caring for themselves or for sick people. These physical instincts […]

Moon in Aries

Aries is the best Moon sign, at least according to those who have it. They have to be the best at nearly everything they do—otherwise it ruins their whole day. They’re not always aware of this instinctive competitiveness, for the Moon’s traits are often unconscious. Nonetheless, Aries represents the urge to be out in front […]

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