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Category: Moon Aspects


With the Sun in quincunx aspect to the Moon, you are being challenged to integrate your ego and emotions. You will need to adjust the way you view your feelings, or the way you express yourself in order to feel at ease. The sun inconjunct the moon indicates that your ties to the past and [...]


Sun sextile Moon: Favorable Sun/Moon aspects suggest a congenial personality. Most likely you grew up in a supportive family, and this background helps you to overcome any inner conflicts that might otherwise hinder progress in your career. You may benefit through real estate or through matters related to domestic issues and the home. Some with [...]


Sun in soft apsect to the Moon: Confident and basically self-assured, you know how to work for and not against, yourself. Your life goals are in sync with your emotional nature. You are basically well balanced and this aspect supports favorable outcomes even during crisis times. Mom and Dad were probably quite satisfied with their [...]


The square aspect between the Sun and Moon energizes the mentality giving drive, force, and quickness to the mind, and tends to objectify the desires (unless Sun is in Aries and Moon in Libra, Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo). It adds quickness and perceptive power to whatever other intellectual gifts are indicated, and [...]


Sun in hard aspect to the Moon: Your innermost will feels like it’s in a constant state of trying to make peace with your feeling, emotional side. Even so this lack of complete harmony within yourself can provide the spark that motivates you toward personal achievements. Most likely there existed some kind of tension between [...]


This lends concentrative force to the nature. In a woman’s horoscope, this is a bad position for health, and indeed in any horoscope the health needs watching. This position warns you against pushing your mental energies past the limits of your physical capacity. Grant Lewi You may have little objectivity and often little appreciation for [...]

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