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Category: MidPoints

Ascendant Midpoints

Ascendant conjunct with Midpoint Moon/ Mercury         The place where the family talks and communicates is a manifestation of this. It relates to the home or place where one has a sense of happiness and is able to easily express their feelings. Sometimes there is a feeling of having been there before, a sense of déjà […]

MC midpoints

MC conjunct with Midpoint Moon/Mercury         The family business or the successful women, who have a strong sense of intuition, is a manifestation of this energy.  One can have sales ability that helps their career grow quickly due to the ability to emotionally connect and bond with others. This also relates to psychotherapists who have the […]

Node Midpoints

Node conjunct with Midpoint Moon/Mercury Females in the family are a representation of this energy. There is an ability to easily communicate the love for one another. This also relates to the associations that revolve around nurturing and healing along with the gift of being able to reflect the past.  There is usually a desire […]

Pluto Midpoints

Pluto conjunct with Midpoint Moon/Mercury       There are deep connections from the past that link family members together.  One has the potential for intense communications that could be transformational, as well as the capacity to love deeply. There is a feeling of being very expressive with one’s emotions. Many times there can be transitions of female […]

Neptune Midpoints

Neptune conjunct with Midpoint  Moon/Mercury Gifted artists who express their connection to the past through their art carry this energy. There may be intuitive abilities, as well as having psychic connections amongst family members. On a professional level, one may have perceptive skills in the communications area, or automatic writing or channeling of the thoughts […]

Uranus Midpoints

Uranus conjunct with Midpoint Moon/Mercury   One has a high degree of aptitude for many different subjects. There can be attraction to unusual or different types of friends where the common denominator is the ability to communicate in an avant-garde manner. Many times one’s friends become family; in fact, they’re usually closer then one’s own family […]

Saturn Midpoints

Saturn conjunct with Midpoint Moon/Mercury There may be inhibitions in communications due to early family conditioning which causes one to emotionally develop at a slower pace. One may be shy when communicating their needs to others, as well as having a lot of difficulty amongst family members, due to old patterning. There may be security […]

Jupiter Midpoints

Jupiter conjunct with Midpoint Moon/Mercury    Traveling great distances to see one’s family is a manifestation of this, as it gives an interest in genealogy as well as having interest in historical information about the past. There’s a tendency to focus on the belief system of the family and/or the philosophy of what one perceives to […]

Mars Midpoints

Mars conjunct with Midpoint Moon /Mercury      One has the ability to express their emotions easily, thus this relates to the excitable person. On the shadow side, one may have outbursts. The best way to use this energy is to have a sense of purpose that one can get involved in or a direction in which […]

Venus Midpoints

Venus conjunct with Midpoint Moon /Mercury There’s a capacity to create beauty within the environment, much like an interior decorator. One can have artistic, singing, and writing skills, especially in writing about the past emotional issues surrounding one’s early family patterns. There can be love bonds or unions developed that have ease with communications. This […]

Mercury Midponts

Mercury conjunct with Midpoint Moon/Venus     This energy gives one the capacity to write about their feelings of happiness and/or make decisions regarding future marriage plans; hearing from a loved one is also probable now. Many time’s one makes plans to travel to see a family member and/or to have a family get together, like a […]

Sun Midpoints

Sun conjunct with Midpoint Moon/ Mercury One has the ability to communicate effectively, which can manifest in sales, as well as having ease in the expression of ideas and concepts. Usually there’s happiness in the family and overall good family relationships. Communication skills are usually used in one’s career and one can rise quickly to […]

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