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Category: Mercury in Signs

Horoscope Mercury in Pisces

Your sensitiveness to impressions from the outer world is conditioned by the use they can be to you personally. You see, hear, feel and taste what you want to. If you want to like a pie (because someone you love made it for you), it will actually taste to you like the best pie in […]

Horoscope Mercury in Aquarius

All your senses are keen, alert, strong and sensitive. There is a robustness about your contemplation of the real world that is not injured by a very keen sense of beauty. Your great ability is to see beauty in things without finding it necessary to deny their reality. Conversely, you make all useful things as […]

Horoscope Mercury in Capricorn

You never miss a trick. You can hear the grass grow, see out of the back of your head, smell garlic three blocks off, taste the faintest suggestion of flavoring, and feel the difference in the diameter of two hairs. Your sense impressions are right down to earth: you see things for what they are, […]

Horoscope Mercury in Sagittarius

You tend to overlook what is right before your eyes, to neglect what is shouting right in your ear, because your attention is on bigger, or anyway farther-off, things. You don’t see details. Sometimes you don’t hear little squibs of conversation and thus miss the whole point. Your senses were wool gathering or else fixed […]

Horoscope Mercury in Scorpio

You see, hear, experience with the legalistic attitude of a judge. Anything that stands before the bar of your senses isn’t likely to get off easily, for you interpret critically what passes before your eyes, and not always kindly. As a result, when you give expression to your judgment, you may earn the reputation for […]

Horoscope Mercury in Libra

Sense impressions reach you through a strict moral and aesthetic censor. You see, hear, taste, smell and feel with the proprieties of art and society in mind, and have few sensory reactions that do not have to submit to this type of judgment. A color is not just red to you; it is a warm […]

Horoscope Mercury in Virgo

Sense impressions never reach you till they have been interpreted. What you see, hear, smell, taste and feel is swiftly given significance before it arrives at the reacting center of the brain. You never see just a chair; you see a beautiful chair, an old chair, a charming chair, a chair that looks comfortable or […]

Horoscope Mercury in Leo

Your reaction to sense impressions from the outer world is less important than the way you react to the sound of your own voice, the figure you are cutting in the world. You see yourself in everything you see. You’re hard to impress, for though you are detached enough in some ways, you haven’t got […]

Horoscope Mercury in Cancer

What you hear, smell, taste, feel and see are of intimate and close concern to you. You are sensitive to every breath of air; you take it to your heart and cherish your reaction to it. The smell of the garbage truck is a personal affront to your nostrils, while the rose was created exclusively […]

Horoscope Mercury in Gemini

All the senses are keen and alert. The ability to react to shades of difference of light, color and sound makes you sensitive to beauty and needful of gratifying your senses with art (visual) and music (auditory). Too great awareness of everything that goes on around you tires your nerves, and you need solitude and […]

Horoscope Mercury in Taurus

You are eye-minded; that is, you get your maximum sense contact with the world through sight rather than through sound. You get more from reading a book than from hearing a lecture. Silent movies are almost as good for you as talkies. Since what you see is important, you will always strive to make your […]

Horoscope Mercury in Aries

Your reaction to sense impressions is keen and alert. You detect smells, sounds, sights and tastes acutely and are very much alive to what you do or don’t like in the world of sense impressions. Your sense of touch is not as alert as the others, though you are capable of training this sense if […]

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