Category: Mercury in Houses

MERCURY IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE will tend to keep you back in life and not allow you to exercise your mind as fully as you should. You may suffer from secret enmity or slander, deserved or not. You will be in some temporary danger of mental affection at some time of life and it would [...]

MERCURY IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE strengthens the intellect, giving a firmer, stronger and more comprehensive mind. It gives scientific and literary ability and increases the power of concentration, enabling you to fix your ideas. It strengthens the whole mind, and according to your education will make it original and expansive. Tile intuition is improved and [...]

MERCURY IN THE TENTH HOUSE will keep your mind exercised in matters to do with employments or position in life. It gives you an ambitious and somewhat restless mind but inclines towards literature or Mercurial pursuits. It is good for commercial affairs, also tor recogmtion from those who have influence in the literary world. You [...]

This position will give you . a splendid mind for science or philosophy, and discrimination in regard to religion. It will help you in literary pursuits and give you a general all-round knowledge of many subjects j your mind will always be active and fond of knowledge. You would do well abroad or by taking [...]

MERCURY IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE will make your mind more positive and it will be difficult for you to be convinced against your will. It inclines your mind to mysticism and occultism, and there is a tendency to look below the surface for the cause of things. It gives you an enquiring mind, making you [...]

MERCURY IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE will tend to keep your o mind exercised on matters pertaining to partnerships, marriage and things concerning others more than yourself. Be careful to avoid wrangling or disputes, or you may find yourself involved 10 much disputation and may be drawn into litigation over what may appear to be trifles. [...]

MERCURY IN THE SIXTH HOUSE favors the study of hygiene and medicine. It warns you against over-study or over-worry as this would affect your health. If you worry you will have many petty annoyances, and this will give a tendency to acute nervous troubles or dyspepsia. You may have much trouble through inferiors at times [...]

MERCURY IN THE FIFTH HOUSE will make your mind somewhat easy going, fond of pleasure and at times self indulgent. It makes you fond of children, music, poetry, singing and the drama. You should not over-study or you will affect the heart. Your mind is loving and affectionate, but you should guard against inconstancy and [...]

MERCURY IN The FOURTH HOUSE of your nativity will considerably modify this planet’s general influence. I t will bring many changes, especially in business, and you may frequently change your place of residence. You would do better by travelling than by settling down. This position will bring you in touch with occultism or bring you [...]

MERCURY IN THE THIRD HOUSE considerably accentuates your mental ability. It tends to quicken your mind, making you studious and capable of embracing many subjects. At the same time it will enable you to readily change from one subject to another, making go you versatile, and competent to deal with Mercurial subjects. It will give [...]

This is favorable for gaining by correspondence, letters and writing, also for financial success in literary pursuits, and in professional and artistic affairs generally. Although a good position for Mercury on the whole, and when under favourable directions you would be successful as regards travel and short journeys, it is on the other hand not [...]

This will accentuate the mental characteristics, making you quick witted, sharp and keen, gifted in writing and in speaking, quick at retort and repartee, and also liable to a little exaggeration at times, and to some sarcasm. It will make you mentally enthusiastic, and when you are under the influence of much feeling, you will [...]