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Category: Mars in Signs

Horoscope Mars in Pisces

Mars tends to disappear in Pisces, and your vitality is likely to be low and jumpy. You tire easily, and thus withdraw a good deal into yourself. Energy can waste itself in brooding, introspection, and fears, if you aren’t constantly on guard against these. You should select for yourself activities that don’t tax the physical […]

Horoscope Mars in Aquarius

Your energies flow into social channels which may be quite idealistic or quite personal. The more idealistic you can make them, the more you can prevent the social urges from becoming centered in yourself, the greater will be your success and happiness. There is a constant struggle within you between self and others; you are […]

Horoscope Mars in Capricorn

You have practical control over your energies, which normally express themselves in a way that promotes your highest and most worldly aspirations. Controlled actions and speech come naturally to you; your vitality works well in the harness of the world as it is, and you can master details as well as the executive functions. You […]

Horoscope Mars in Sagittarius

You lead your energies into physical channels. Exercise is important to you; vigorous activity helps both body and brain. Any tendency to become studious or bookish will have an admirable balance here, for this is one of the most vital positions of Mars, leading to proficiency in sports and a love for games and contests […]

Horoscope Mars in Scorpio

This is the most impressive position of Mars in the horoscope. It can be the best or the worst of all possible things to find in the chart. In its best form the energies flow into channels that make for deep personal security, through business and love. Magnetism is powerful; the vital forces serve the […]

Horoscope Mars in Libra

Your social urges are powerful – sometimes too powerful for your own good. You are emotionally impressionable-your energies flow out to others and carom back to you with the added magnetism of other people, good or bad. You are sensitive to what you call love, and one way or another will have a lot of […]

Horoscope Mars in Virgo

Your energies are directed to system, or, in the negative manifestation, to no-system. “When it’s good it’s very very good, and when it’s bad, it’s horrid.” One way or another, your effort is related to the order of your life. You will be the most systematic, logical, orderly, precise person in the world. Or else […]

Horoscope Mars in Leo

Energy flows normally in self-centered channels, serving the main bent of your nature by insuring that you will always, as if by instinct, put your best foot forward. You have abundant animal magnetism and charm, and can “get away with murder”: people take things from you that they’d be angry at another about, and you […]

Horoscope Mars in Cancer

You are at a disadvantage, for the aggressive energetic urges work here through the defensive sectors of the horoscope, and the result can more often than not be an undermining of the very security you think you are working for. In its best manifestation, this makes you a gentle and peaceful soul, content to give […]

Horoscope Mars in Gemini

Your energies flow naturally into adventurous paths. Movement, physical and mental, is essential to you, and you express best when working, playing, living actively, preferably at high speed. You are rarely bored or boring, but you can wear others, and yourself, out by the ferocity of your attack on life. You are extraordinarily aware of […]

Horoscope Mars in Taurus

You work most naturally along lines related to security, and are your best self only when this is assured. Worry over money throws you off balance: you need to be able to take for granted at least the essential comforts of life, and can get to demand a good deal more on the luxury side. […]

Horoscope Mars in Aries

Your usually abundant energies are directed primarily along lines of ego assertion. You feel best, act best when you are not limited or restricted by elders, superiors, authority of any kind. You are swift to anger at any intrusion on your personal rights; you are quick on the trigger – the adrenal gland, controlling fight […]

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