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Category: Mars in Houses

Mars in 12th House

Before you can take up any purposeful activity, you must have a reasonably firm foundation. Your childhood environment may have taught you the importance of having your own roots, just as your parents needed theirs so they could accomplish their objectives. When you feel secure, you should be less apprehensive about doing the right thin […]

Mars in 10th House

You are eager to prove yourself to even the most determined challenger. When you focus on an objective, your enthusiasm is nearly boundless, which almost always gains the attention of the important people you are trying to impress. You will certainly succeed in your endeavors because you believe in your ability. At times, your actions […]

Mars in 9th House

We might think that there is a chance to breath some fresh air when we enter the realm of the 9th – the house of religion, philosophy, long journeys and higher education. But history has shown that in many respects this is the stickiest and bloodiest battlefield of them all. With Mars in the 9th, […]

Mars in 8th House

You are demanding in your relationships, and you feel bitter if rejected. You may bide your time when your wishes are not granted immediately, as long as you know that eventually you will get what you want. You want to become self-sufficient because you dislike being obligated to anyone, which limits your plans and ambitions. […]

Mars in 7th House

An argumentative person, you must try not to get angry when people disagree with you. If you can be objective, you will understand that no-one is trying to threaten you – they are simply presenting an alternate point of view. This could be an opportunity to expand your knowledge and get the benefit of someone […]

Mars in 6th House

Your willingness to really apply yourself in your chosen field of activity helps assure your success. You work hard to develop your creative potentials, for you believe that your skills will be appreciated. You are able to effectively capitalize on your basic resources to increase earnings. You have confidence in the value of your creative […]

Mars in 5th House

Although you do everything enthusiastically, you sometimes lack the self-discipline required to get the most from your efforts. Your impatice makes you less efficient but your aggressiveness is useful when the time comes for action. You have the courage and daring to take advantage of your creative potentials. When your plans go awry, you may […]

Mars in 4th House

You are annoyed when conditions force you to submit to other people’s demands. As you grew up, you felt resentful when you had to fulfill family obligations or take on other people’s responsibilities. You wanted to be independent as soon as possible, even though it caused some bitterness at home. You especially want to make […]

Mars in 3rd House

You are a master at debate, and no one who has provoked you will ever forget the verbal attack you unleashed. While you may not be physically violent you lack tact and self-discipline when challenged. This same lack of control also causes some problems in getting your ideas into shape so you can more effectively […]

Mars in 2nd House

You capitalize on all your resources to get what you want when you want it. A free spender, you will always need a good income to maintain stability, but sometimes you are careless in handling money. You are wary about forming close ties until you know the other person’s motives, and you are cautious about […]

Mars in 1st House

You have a driving ambition to make an impression on the world. When stimulated, you energetically accept any challenge that will demonstrate your courage and ability. You thoroughly enjoy competition and the thrill of meeting problems head on; and when you succeed, you literally glow. But don’t neglect the formal training you need for greater […]

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