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Category: Mars Aspects

Moon square or opposition Mars

With all your emotional energy your physical body may be broken down faster than it can be repaired. You need to learn how to slow down and not try to do everything all at once. You are temperamental, irritable and impatient and can be very difficult to live with. You seemingly like to go out […]

Moon trine or sextile Mars

You have a lot of energy and vitality and this aspect adds to your good health and emotional well-being. You are assertive and you face your difficulties in a direct, no-nonsense sort of way. You do not brood about your problems, you simply go ahead and try to eliminate them by working through them. You […]

Moon conjunct Mars

You have a great deal of emotional energy and you need to learn how to channel it into constructive endeavors in order to keep your balance and sanity. You feel that you have to be constantly busy and you become impatient and irritable if something or someone slows you down or makes you wait for […]

Mercury square or opposition Mars

You have the capacity to be very clever and cunning, trying to take advantage of anyone if you get the chance. Your mind is alert, quick and always ready for an argument. Your speech is sometimes too hasty and you lack tact. Your tongue is a sword you use to lash out at other people […]

Mercury trine or sextile Mars

You have an alert, quick-witted, sharp and decisive mind. You love to debate and discuss almost any subject and you love any kind of mental game (especially ones that involve strategy) or challenge. You love to read and soak up knowledge. Your mind is always full of ideas and you can present them with a […]

Mars opposition Pluto

With Mars in opposition to Pluto, you have a defiant attitude toward the effects of your aggression. Lacking sufficient control of your energy, you are surprised at the response you stimulate in others. You challenge people to be on the defensive in their dealings with you. You tend to overdramatize your competitors’ motives and may […]

Mars opposition Neptune

The opposition is focused more on your outer relationships with people, although inner projections are often the key to their problematic nature. As with the square aspect there is the presence of the unconscious mind being activated by a frustrated Neptune, which lead to distortions in action and expression. Inner motivation is often unclear in […]

Mars opposition Uranus

With Mars opposition Uranus, you have a genius for arousing others to challenge you. You enjoy competition, and have a flair for gaining dominance over others. The simple fact is, you are arrogant demanding, and authoritative in your dealings, which tends to disarm people. You seem to thrive on bickering and argument even if you […]

Mars opposition Saturn

The opposition between Mars and Saturn indicates some conflict between your desires and your sense of responsibility. You alternate between moments of intense activity and periods when you cannot seem to gather the energy to accomplish anything. Your temperament is either aggressive or completely apathetic. You find it difficult to maintain a moderate position that […]

Mars opposition Jupiter

The opposition from Mars to juptier shows that you enjoy challenges and eagerly seek them out. You are physically competent to take on any adversary to prove to yourself that you can succeed, and you do need to prove it. You use competition to reassure yourself of your capabilities. You might fail, but you are […]

Mars opposition Venus

The opposition of Venus and Mars shows that you are a glutton for punishment. You have a strong desire nature, and you are lively, aggressive, and even sparkling at times. But you are not a very compromising person, which makes for some problems in relationships with others. You tend to be argumentative when people object […]

Mars opposition Mercury

The opposition between Mercury and Mars shows that you have an active mind with limitless resources of intellectual ability. You are restless and impatient to demonstrate your competence whenever you can. But people who feel threratened by your mental superiority will oppose you, and you seem to attract such individuals. You have to resist the […]

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