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Category: Jupiter in Signs

Horoscope Jupiter in Pisces

Opportunity will appeal to you directly as it relates to your own private dream of self-justification. You can pass by material gain if there’s something undesirable connected with it. You can neglect doing for others if you don’t happen to want to. You may seem capricious or whimsical in your selections, but there is nothing […]

Horoscope Jupiter in Aquarius

This position causes you to see opportunity in very broad social, artistic, political matters. If your aim gets broader than your capacities – and it may! – you can be a drifter with high principles and little to show for them. If your abilities are up to your aims, you go far, for then you […]

Horoscope Jupiter in Capricorn

This position presents opportunity to you through very practical glasses. Anything will appeal which helps present you as an authoritative and consequential person, and you will follow most readily those beacons that lead to the mountain tops of public acclaim. You combine daring and caution in a nice mixture. Money is not important in itself, […]

Horoscope Jupiter in Sagittarius

Opportunity appeals to you only if closely related to ideals. Work for its own sake means little, for to you the prime opportunity of life is not labor, but knowledge, philosophy, adventure. If, however, work gets related to a philosophic ideal (such as duty, security, making the best of things, or whatever), then you can […]

Horoscope Jupiter in Scorpio

You relate opportunity to deep personal needs, and are generally successful because there is no inharmony between the inner nature and what the outer world makes important. The lens of the spirit eliminates what would make unhappiness and follows instinctively what satisfies. This is a good position for acquiring and spending money; you give a […]

Horoscope Jupiter in Libra

This is a curious position, capable of seeing opportunity almost everywhere. There is a certain perversity about it, because you seem willing to do anything except what your nature is best fitted for. The opportunity that will appeal most to you is very likely to be the last thing in the world you ought to […]

Horoscope Jupiter in Virgo

This position enables you to find opportunity in small beginnings, to take infinite pains with the little things that underlie success, and to plug along at a hopeless cause until – lo and behold! – it amounts to something. The effect you give is of care, caution, and routine perfection of details; and because of […]

Horoscope Jupiter in Leo

Opportunity appeals to you most when it includes a chance to exhibit your special virtues and abilities. No obscure job for you, no matter how much money there is in it. You’ll pass it up in favor of the worse-paid job that gives more publicity. You can be a prodigious worker for little pay if […]

Horoscope Jupiter in Cancer

This position causes you to see opportunity along lines that promote security and luxury, and is therefore an excellent business, money-making position. You aren’t grasping, but you are careful, because your wants are comparatively great, and you strive in every way you can to satisfy them. The final end of opportunity is to you a […]

Horoscope Jupiter in Gemini

You have an adventurous attitude toward opportunity. The far off, dangerous, exciting venture is where your chance lies, and you will be found following the light that never was on land or sea. Tends to make you impractical and charming; you’re willing to try anything once, for opportunity to you means, not a chance to […]

Horoscope Jupiter in Taurus

Opportunity and security are one in your mind. You wilt not see those openings that require taking a chance. This frequently accompanies a sheltered life which has always had security, doesn’t have to exert itself much for material necessities, and consequently doesn’t react much at all to material opportunity. In a life less sheltered, it […]

Horoscope Jupiter in Aries

Opportunity appeals to you along lines related directly to ego justification. This can take the aggressive “I-can-do-anything” form or the passive, timid “Am-I-fitted-for-that-am-I-capable-of-doing-that?” Opportunity isn’t primarily a chance to make money, to achieve glory, or to serve, but is something more, and personal. Depending on the biases of your ego, this will be a broad […]

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