Category: Jupiter in Houses

Jupiter in the 3rd House

In the 3rd house, Jupiter has a great deal to say. At best, the energy and inspiration which give rise to thoughts or words can be communicated and channelled to others, who are then ‘fired’, enlivened and expanded by what those with Jupiter in this house have shared or made accessible. At worst, they waffle [...]

Jupiter in the 2nd House

Those with Jupiter in the 2nd may seek to expand their resources and possessions as a means of gaining greater joy and fullness of life. Taken to an extreme, it could mean the god Mammon is worshipped as the be-all and end-all of existence, or a religious or numinous value is bestowed on monetary and [...]

Jupiter in the 1st House

The house placement of Jupiter indicates where we are open to higher inspiration. Those with Jupiter in the 1st house of the self are natural philosophers who attempt to answer some of the ‘big’ questions of existence. In whatever they do, they have the ability to inspire and arouse new life and interest, throwing themselves [...]