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Let’s start with the good news, from August 12, 2015, you can rise to power in whatever field you choose, in other words you’ll be lucky and will benefit from many opportunities. New love relation may appear in your life. The lovers may be idealized and put up on a pedestal. You may expect ultimate [...]

aries horoscope for 2015

Following your dreams and work to acomplish them! Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo will allow you plan, create, invest and following your dreams. From August 12, 2015, it’s time to work and harness what you’ve done before. You may seek (or should seek) to experience meaning in life through work and service to [...]


This year you will feel a need to reassess goals for the future. The goals you presently hold are no longer practical in light of new situations you are moving into or new information you are receiving. They are outdated either because of external changes in your environment or internal changes in your personality. Perhaps [...]

This will be a year of much study or mental work. You take your studies seriously and knowledge is probably crucial to what you hope to accomplish in the future. This is an excellent time to concentrate on difficult mental tasks or complex topics of interest. You can be involved in a major project or [...]

Saturn in Scorpio can be for Leo a sign of increasing commitment and responsibility within the home environment. Usually this newfound sense of responsibility involves the physical home itself, though the manifestation is not limited to the physical structure alone since emotional responsibility is also an issue. The condition of your home, apartment or dwelling [...]

Normal self-expression is affected by present circumstances this year. For one reason or another, you feel very unsure of yourself and find it difficult to express who you are without fear of criticism from others. Most likely, your social milieu has changed. You may feel like a fish out of water and you no longer [...]

Horoscope for 2013 Gemini Reassessing your health and work habits is a positive way to use the aspects from your Horoscope in 2013 and may be crucial to continuing good health. Minor health problems such as colds and sore throats are likely if you overtax your body, but as a rule, most health problems will [...]

Horoscope for 2013 Taurus This year your close personal relationships are defined, limited or structured in order to establish a greater degree of safety and security. For those dating and not married, usually the relationship is defined as not ready for marriage during this solar return year. Although this can be a time of great [...]

The most common interpretation for Aries Horoscope aspects in 2013 relates to financial concerns caused by either debts or limited shared resources. Debts are an issue, and it is not uncommon to borrow a large sum of money during the year for an expensive purchase such as a car or house. But it is more [...]