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The texts on Lilith are dispersed and contradictory; according to the ZOHAR she was both the mother and the wife of Adam. In the kabbalistic tradition Lilith is the name of the woman before Eve, made not from a coast of Adam but coming directly from the Earth and therefore they were equal. She presides […]

Lilith Aspetcs

Sun-Lilith Lilith meets Apollon. Metaphysics of the Light: the Light contains the vacuum… Vacuity. It is the spark which reconciles the night with the day but attention with “the reason of the reason “. Conscience (and surconscience) of the Eternal Present. Integrity, inaccessible height (in conjunction with the meridian line). In House V, meets penis […]

Lilith in Pisces

I Nature enigmatic, imperceptible, irrational, emotive and likely. But the infinite one escapes all measurements… II Inconsistency compared to the profits (especially with Neptune). Mobility in the profits. III Feel meditation on an interior level. Outside, difficulties with the entourage. Speed in displacements. IV The conscience of original chaos rejects the subject at the bottom […]

Lilith in Aquarius

I In situation of harmony, the communication is reduced to essence and in dissonance the refusal of the communication is expressed. It is about a refractory nature but where energy “Lilith “likes to circulate. One observes a release of the prejudices, runnings away or eccentricity. Possibly homosexual leanings (mainly with a birth during New moon). […]

Lilith in Capricorn

I The Black Moon is very at ease in this Sign of interiorization, clearness and intransigence. With the “Door of the Gods “, Lilith camps the aristocracy of the spirit and the ascetic control. The correspondences are also obvious between Priape and Pan (Aegipan). In the distance and the verticality from interior order, we observe […]

Lilith in Sagittarius

I Lilith seems nonconformist initiator. The arrow is launched, hunting in the honor of Hécate starts. Diffuse erotism of Diana the Huntress, lunar Artémis. To push back the horizon, to destroy the limitations… Discontinuity. II Financial fluctuations. Precaution put at fault. Average private individuals designed to grow rich (especially with Jupiter). III Intelligence in the […]

Lilith in Scorpio

I Lilith is particularly at ease in this Sign of rebellion, this privileged place of all the sexual phantasms (being able défouler by Priape). Obstinacy, desire of strange, irony and derision (with Mercury)… The dart and venom. II Financial risks and wastings. Possible dishonesty in dissonance. III Refractory nature. Stimulation in research and the writings. […]

Lilith in Libra

I Lilith tends to lead to intolerance this Sign which generally looks after the accuracy of its judgements. It encourages with the handing-over in question of the choices (from where hesitations) and shows a fascination of the singularity with sometimes romantic tendencies (with Neptune). II Balance material imbalance. Profits by the art in a diverted […]

Lilith in Virgo

I Lilith is in joy in this double Sign: Wise virgin or insane Virgin? Assumption of the Blessed Virgin or redemption of Marie-Magdeleine? The Amazon or Lady with the Unicorn? It in any case upsets the Virgin disciplined by making it doubt itself. Here, Lilith is “blocking “and Priape “wasting “. II Material sacrifices on […]

Lilith in Leo

I Lilith is at ease in this Sign of beauty, pride and narcissism. Magnetism, pride and disproportion. Sublimations. Frozen will. Spirit of domination. Assertion of oneself until self-centredness. II The money is included/understood like a particular power. Tendency to carry out a way of life above its means. III In the House of God (corresponding […]

Lilith in Cancer

I In this House known as of “the generation “, Lilith is little at ease, the ground is too “fertile “for it. But in this receptive nature, Lilith influences psychism with a certain desire of dissolution irradiating daydreams and sensuality of the imaginary one. II Tendency to the renouncement of the goods and the profits […]

Lilith in Gemini

I The intuition of Lilith carries to the subtlety of ambivalences, with the significances of the Androgyne. The search for its identity, thanks to the direction of the analogy or of antagonism, revêt the aspect of the double and its mask to the mirror of the behavior. Incentive with the running away (with the Moon […]

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