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Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope

Sandwiched between adventurous Sagittarius and idiosyncratic Aquarius lies Capricorn, the most conventional and prudent sign of the zodiac but also possibly the most ambitious, though Aries and Scorpio might like to dispute that. Capricorn has the advantage because it understands the slow but sure approach to the top while Aries tends to crash and burn a few times on its way there and Scorpio invariably makes too many enemies on its way up to stay there for very long. The symbol for Capricorn is the Goat and, in this case, it’s the mountain goat whose hooves are very firmly planted on steep slopes and perilous outcrops and who carefully negotiates seemingly impossible odds to attain the highest peak and achieve its ambitions. There are a few members of this sign who, for one reason or another, are more like the domestic goat, tethered to a stake and confined to a very small space. This situation is probably governed by a lack of confidence and inhibition which makes them feel the heights are unattainable.

 Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and lies at the zenith of the astrological heavens. In ancient times Capricorn was always considered to be a sacred sign because during the Goat’s birth dates came the winter solstice, the time of the unconquered sun when daylight increased in the northern hemisphere. Symbolically Capricorn represented the head of government, a business or family and has always been associated with the father, just as its opposite sign, Cancer, is connected to the mother. In the mythology of the Greeks and Romans Capricorn is seen as synonymous with the gods, Pan and Bacchus, who would seem to be totally at odds with the rather austere and very responsible traits of the Goat. Capricorn, however, has quite a bawdy and earthy attitude to life which is also in keeping with the Saturnalia, the late December festival dedicated to Saturn. According to the poet, Catullus, it was the “best of days” and the philosopher, Seneca, noted that the “whole mob has let itself go in pleasures”. In some respects it was clearly a glorious orgy but for many it was a time of giving presents and visiting friends and family. To say that Capricorns today never really let their hair down would seem to be denying their very rich history. As Saturn, the hard task-master of the heavens is their ruling planet and very much concerned with perseverance, traditional values and self-denial, a little levity is really essential.

Capricorn is an earth sign which gives it a very practical and pragmatic nature and the need to build something tangible as it goes through life. Capricorn sets out its aims, never forgets them and patiently secures its standing in life. To add to the mix, the Goat is a cardinal sign which, astrologically, means it has the ability to initiate action and to achieve. Capricorn babies often appear to be taking life very seriously from the word go, as though they instinctively know they are here to make their mark on the world and it’s going to be hard work. It’s also a sign that is conscious of two perhaps rather old-fashioned virtues: duty and honour, both of which loom large throughout Capricorn’s life. Capricorn pensioners, however, can be the best company around: they tend to retain (or gain) a youthful demeanour and exhibit a much more relaxed frame of mind. It’s as though they need to catch up on the fun and excitement they missed out on while climbing the career or social ladder.

The Capricorn quest is for power and authority and it revels in any role, whether from behind a desk, a title, or money, where it can exert both. This is not to say that they are autocrats or power-junkies: they just expect a lot from themselves and others. On the one hand they are extremely patient and encouraging to those who see things from the Capricorn perspective and can be marvellous mentors but, on the other, are incredibly intolerant of people who don’t match up.

The organisational and problem-solving skills of the Goat are second to none and their tremendous self-discipline and a tendency not to panic make them indispensible at times of crisis. Disciplined thinking and common sense are their guiding lights rather than risky adventures or fanciful dreams. Saying and doing the “right” thing and pleasing the “right” people are inherent in all Capricorns who are totally aware of status and who’s who! They are also very concerned with how things are done. What was appropriate for earlier generations is certainly all right for them today and clearly this is not a sign that moves quickly with the times. At worst they can come across as stuffy and dismissive of anything new, frequently taking refuge in what they see as a better and more interesting past.

 Behind the rather austere personality that is presented to the world lurks a totally different character which is definitely in the mould of Bacchus and Pan. For a start, they have a wonderfully dry wit which comes to the surface when many are wondering whether the Goats have anything to add to the occasion at all. They listen, take in exactly what is being said and then come out with a highly amusing comment that sums up the conversation and shows Capricorn in a totally new light. Capricorns do not, on the whole, rush into gatherings of any kind full of joy and chit chat. They assess and work out a strategy for who they want to talk to and, more to the point, for those they want to avoid. The Goat, though sometimes seen as rather prim or prudish, is no stranger to a thoroughly Bacchanalian event and, like the other earth signs, can also be tender, caring and very sensual but these qualities, unfortunately, are often very well hidden.

 Capricorn’s next door neighbour, Sagittarius, is the most optimistic sign in the zodiac and, to redress the balance, the Goat suffers from bouts of extreme pessimism. Add to that a rather fatalistic attitude and suddenly Capricorn seems nothing but a deep well of negativity. If this side of the Goat’s character gets the upper hand too often and for too long, it tends to breed the domestic goat that can only look at the peaks and know that it’ll never get there. Most Capricorns snap out of the ‘can’t do’ attitude quite quickly: shoulders are squared, deep breaths taken and determination revived.

Capricorn is not a sign that radiates jealousy but it can be quite grudging and resentful of bestowing praise if, in its own mind, someone’s success is not warranted. Where its own success is concerned, however, Capricorn’s generosity in entertaining friends, colleagues and family is legendary. It’s so much better, too, if there’s a good financial deal on the catering! Capricorn is fiscally cautious at best, ridiculously miserly at worst. In its own mind, money is about to run out although the coffers are clearly telling a very different story. Despite the fact that the Goats are obsessed with the tangible, they tend to surprise everyone with their insight into people and situations. Rather like their humour coming as a wonderful addition at an unexpected moment, their take on events, colleagues, friends and what’s going on with the neighbours, also comes as a bit of a light bulb moment. After probably much thought and not saying much, out comes Capricorn with exactly the right assessment of the situation. Other signs can only look on and admire.

Capricorns start planning for the future when they first set foot in the kindergarten. It begins with wanting to be the boss and then working out exactly how and in what field it’s all going to happen. The biggest problem in this scenario is events beyond their control as the Goat doesn’t cope well with the unexpected, from a simple change of venue to a life-changing incident of immense importance. In fact, through fear of leaving the safe and secure, many Capricorns miss out on all sorts of opportunities as they go through life.

Most Capricorns have many acquaintances but few real friends as they don’t suffer fools gladly and often try the patience and goodwill of people along the way.  Anyone to whom the Goat has given loyalty and friendship will benefit hugely from his or her generosity and kindness. However, even to close friends, Capricorn will still sometimes take a rather aloof stance and seem uncaring of problems and unhappiness. The Goat has an innate dislike of public displays of emotion which it finds both embarrassing and awkward.

It is easy to dismiss Capricorns as rather dour and difficult to know as well as far too concerned with their ambitions and social connections. On the other hand, they are conscientious, reliable, and hard-working and take their responsibilities to those they love very seriously. Their dry wit and immense charm (often firmly hidden) can move their personality rating from zero to hero. Their behaviour might sometimes irritate or depress but Capricorn is a rock in a turbulent world which makes every member of this sign both very special and much treasured.

The Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man embodies ambition, patience and perseverance. He does not make a performance out of life but quietly gets on with the business of climbing life’s ladder. If any sign of the zodiac could be called in any way old fashioned – it’s the Goat. His ideals were forged in the past which is not to say that he hasn’t come into modern times, but his values and core beliefs are ones that have stood the test of time. Capricorn men are usually very well mannered, courteous and considerate, all of which covers a steely desire to be the boss and to exert control. Capricorn hates the unexpected and these men work very hard to be ahead of the game and, hopefully, to avert situations over which they have no say.

Despite an often slightly dour demeanour, the Capricorn man has a very distinguished look and an innate charm which is invariably in full flow with people he wants to impress. At any business or social occasion he will quietly circle the room, make discreet enquiries about who is who and then make a calculated move to the most important person at the gathering. Capricorn likes to mix in the best company. Once he has the ear of whoever he wishes to speak to, his dry wit and general self-confidence come to the fore and he makes his presence felt. Yes, the Capricorn man can be snobbish, but he seeks to make contacts that will help him in business rather than gain access to a very grand social scene. Amidst all the glad-handing and making the right contacts, however, there is something in the Capricorn man that contradicts all this self-confidence. A lot of the time he is quite convinced that nothing is going to go right and his pessimism can play havoc with those around him. He needs a very positive partner or associate to jolly him along. Difficulty in dealing with his emotions is always a problem for the Capricorn man and only slowly does he come to understand that talking about them can be the best therapy.

The fact that Capricorn men are happier saving money than spending it means that they choose their wardrobe very carefully: they wear classic clothes with great style and are certainly not averse to throwing money in that direction on the basis that they will last for years. All Goats have their favourite patched jacket or darned sweater which they are so very reluctant to part with. Equally they will buy a car which is more about reliability and practicality than ‘look at me’.

Sometimes the Capricorn man can be over-conventional and quite rigid in his thinking and it can be very difficult to get the Goat out of a rut and onto a new path. Eventually his prudent and pragmatic side will come to the rescue and, at best, his slightly wacky sense of humour will lift any black clouds that have descended. Capricorn always wants to do the right thing, and to be seen doing so. In many ways this man is worth his weight in gold. He’ll do his utmost to achieve his ambitions and to be a good provider: not only will he want the best for himself but also for those he loves. A real champion!

The Capricorn Woman

Just like her male counterpart, the Capricorn woman has ambition at the heart of her personality. For many of them this used to manifest as being a tremendous support to the career prospects of a husband or partner. She would throw parties and dinners or change plans at the drop of a hat to join in with business occasions and host visiting VIPs. Her store cupboards and freezer were usually prepared for a siege. Whilst many are still happy to be in that role, other Capricorn women today are extremely successful in their own right. As the epitome of excellent organisation, this efficient group administer not only very successful businesses but also manage the home and family. Add in some charity work and a neighbourhood project and you have the Capricorn woman. Whichever situation they are in, they take a lot of beating when it comes to success and achievement. Perhaps only the Scorpio woman stands under the same spotlight.

Although perhaps not so dyed-in-the-wool as the Capricorn man, the lady of the sign also has a great attachment to family values. Her own background and upbringing will play a large part in her thinking and she will also be particularly keen to retain family belongings, whether it’s furniture, pictures or jewellery. This is a very stylish woman who knows that less is more, and for whom the little black dress was invented. She knows exactly how to carry off the simple look with huge aplomb and, with jewellery too, she wears one beautiful piece and that’s enough.  Bling and Capricorn will never mix.

Sometimes the Capricorn woman can seem a little distant and cool and even, at times, rather prim, but this aloofness is really nothing more than her innate caution on show. She is certainly not one to go rushing into every gathering, hugging and air kissing all and sundry, and usually sees public displays of affection of any kind as very undignified. With friends and family she can be very amusing and even a bit cynical and waspish but she is both circumspect and careful when dealing with people she doesn’t know that well. She’ll also make it very clear that anything personal is not up for discussion. Despite her preference for keeping her feelings under wraps, she is far better than her male counterpart at coping with the Capricorn negativity, hiding worries and stress behind a slightly tense smile. One of her mantras is to believe that all good things come to those who wait and she can be patience personified, thus helping to keep pessimism at bay. Managing a tight budget so that money can be put aside for anything that is needed at short notice is definitely one of her skills, as is presenting her life as being problem-free. This is a woman who understands about keeping up appearances.

In every aspect of her life, the Capricorn woman has very high standards. Never will she be guilty of leaving things in a mess and she’ll expect good manners from everyone. Self-discipline is also one of her key traits and she has little truck with gossip and tittle-tattle. Despite being one of the quieter members of the astrological family, the Capricorn woman is a force to be reckoned with. Many have cause to be thankful for her understanding, unflappability and common sense, and to be party to her wry humour is one of life’s great joys.

Capricorn Zodiac

Capricorn Zodiac

Relating to Capricorn

Capricorn is an earth sign and by rights should be most attracted to the other earth signs or to the water signs who can nourish them. Inevitably they go straight for the fire signs who warm them before burning them, or the air signs who totally unsettle them.

Capricorn and Aries

To Capricorn the arrival of an Aries on the scene is a very happy jolt to the system. The confident, energetic and quick-witted Ram rapidly enchants the more conservative and disciplined Goat, and Aries is very taken with the pragmatic Capricorn and its dry wit. Both are highly ambitious but problems arise because each feels the need to call the shots. A competitive instinct can also take hold between these two which adds spice to the relationship to begin with, but soon becomes exhausting and, at worst, bitter. On the plus side fiery Aries energises Capricorn and gives a positive shove to help it up the ladder while the Ram’s endless ideas for making millions are sensibly grounded by Capricorn, who picks out the plan that will work and helps to get it up and running. Socially these two can make a great team: Aries makes its voice heard and is happy to work a room while Capricorn’s more gentle charm and its ability to pick out the right people to talk to, is just as appealing. After a time, however, Aries despairs of Capricorn’s cautious and prudent approach to life and Capricorn starts to see Aries as irresponsible and extremely selfish. Money matters also can lead to this relationship becoming unstuck: Capricorn saves for the long term and can be miserly while Aries is financially incontinent. It can take time for these two to establish a really strong bond. Fiery Aries needs to be reined in occasionally and Capricorn should try to embrace a bit of adventure: difficult for both, but not impossible. Sexually, these two are magnetically attracted. As neither is completely at home with its emotions, the physical intimacy is their way of dealing with both positive and negative feelings and often keeps the relationship on track. Many Aries/Capricorn partnerships fall at an early hurdle, but many more celebrate decades together having, probably with much angst and compromise, found a way to make their relationship a great success.

Capricorn and Taurus

Capricorn and Taurus are both earth signs and therefore share a need for life to be stable, organised and safe. Adventure, risk and anything the remotest bit reckless is not on either agenda which ensures that this duo will feel grounded and content, especially since neither is likely to sink the financial boat. Both will ensure that they make steady progress through life, and Taurus will appreciate the Capricorn’s ambitious nature and its desire to do well. In turn Capricorn will love the Bull’s sure-footed business acumen and grasp of money matters, to say nothing of its reliability and patience. These two will also ensure they have a very comfortable domestic scene where they will doubtless do plenty of entertaining. Taurus, in particular, loves to show off its prowess in the culinary arts and Capricorn knows just the right people to invite. Unfortunately, this seemingly perfect relationship has one or two drawbacks. Excitement, fun and happy expectation are often missing for these two which tends, after a time, to make both feel that life is becoming a bit dull and even boring. Whilst Taurus is definitely steady and caring, it can also dig in its heels and be totally inflexible or decide to charge, showing a temper that stays long in the memory. The Taurean’s self-indulgence and greed can also rear their ugly heads. Capricorn can be fatalistic and thoroughly grudging and, if finances are shared, almost miserly at times and under threat will lose sight of any kind of compromise. Because both signs are wedded to safety and security both fear taking the initiative to improve the relationship. As earth signs, they have a lusty sexual nature and neither the Venus-ruled Bull nor the Bacchus-inspired Capricorn is backward at coming forwards in the bedroom. Generally this is a relationship that can span many anniversaries and, as a couple, they are often seen as the backbone of a social circle or community. However their relationship develops, a deep and lasting companionship is invariably the key to their happiness.

Capricorn and Gemini

For the solid and steady Capricorn, the lively, witty and very busy Gemini comes as both a shock and a boost to the system. Gemini is an air sign that blows the Capricorn earth all over the place, making it feel slightly troubled. The Capricorn earth, in turn, squashes the Gemini vivacity and versatility. So, with these potential difficulties there at the start, it’s inevitable that they fall for each other! Gemini tends to be permanently youthful, always feeling that life is going to get better and looking to a brighter future. Capricorn, who takes a rather sombre view of life, is enchanted by this intelligent being that seems so positive and is such a great communicator. In turn Gemini feels that it is on very safe ground with Capricorn and loves the Goat’s wit and its ability to listen rather than try to compete with the ever chatty Twin. Capricorn also has the ability gently to rein in Gemini and to focus its thoughts and actions while the Twin encourages Capricorn to look at a broader picture and not to be all work and no play. Money matters, however, are likely to cause major problems between these two. Gemini is a tad scatty with money which Capricorn finds totally unnerving, but the Twin becomes irritated with the Goat’s endless queries about how and where cash has been spent. Gemini also spends vast amounts of time and energy changing its plans after taking on too much which the conventional Capricorn finds both bad-mannered and detrimental to any kind of good working practice. Both signs are wary of emotions: Capricorn finds it very difficult to talk about feelings and Gemini tends to rationalise everything, thus blinding itself to what is really going on. Sexually this relationship starts with great promise, but Capricorn’s business before pleasure attitude combined with the Gemini’s frantic busyness usually brings intimacy to a halt sooner than later. For these two to prosper together a great deal of understanding and indulgence is required and, if both really want to be together, they will somehow make it happen.

Capricorn and Cancer

Capricorn and Cancer are opposite signs in the zodiac and initially have much to offer each other. Cancer craves stability and security which Capricorn is able to provide in spades and Cancer is able to nurture and protect the Goat. Both are also very ambitious and natural leaders. Capricorn loves the tender care shown by the Crab, and its ability to talk about its feelings, as well as the Crab’s very capable way of running things, whether it’s a company, the home or a community venture. Cancer is also a very good listener and seems to be able to deal with the Goat’s more pessimistic moments. After a time, however, both signs find that there are definitely some stumbling blocks. Capricorn is surprised to find that the gentle, loving Crab can, when unhappy or stressed, scuttle into its shell and descend into a rather moody silence. Even worse for Capricorn are the very sharp comments that frequently follow the silence. Cancer may well be able to soothe Capricorn’s fatalistic tendencies but as Cancer itself is one of the zodiac’s great worriers, they frequently descend into a pit of stress and concerns neither are able to deal with. Capricorn certainly gives structure and practical help to Cancer when the Crab can’t see the wood for the trees and Cancer is adept at dealing with the social side of life with which Capricorn isn’t so naturally comfortable. Eventually Capricorn finds Cancer’s overt emotions, tears and neediness somewhat disconcerting and Cancer can’t fathom why it seems to be talking to a brick wall and getting no real understanding from the Goat. Financially these two see eye to eye: neither likes to waste money and both want to plan sensibly for the future. Sexual compatibility rests very much on whether they can work for shared goals and develop a strong friendship. If they can, sex is a joy to them both. If not, time for intimacy will suddenly disappear. Many Cancer/Capricorn relationships are very happy but, if it’s not going to work, they’ll decide to abandon ship before any real commitment is made.

Capricorn and Leo

This is a power couple of the zodiac and there is an element of the “all or nothing” about this relationship. Earth (Capricorn) and fire (Leo) can be a tricky combination wherever it occurs and with these two there are the grand ambitions of Capricorn up against the Leo determination to be the boss. At the start Capricorn is captivated by the Leo force of nature that spreads sunshine and good cheer to all and sundry, while Leo immediately seizes on Capricorn’s ambitious nature and aura of power. Both think they have found a soul mate and both understand the excitement of achieving goals and being at the top of their game. Capricorn is particularly happy that Leo is so gregarious and seems to have all the right contacts while the Lion works hard to ensure Capricorn is seen in all the best places and can use its charm and wit to great effect. After a time both realise that they look at life in very different ways. Capricorn can take life far too seriously for Leo who suddenly seems a bit too flash and intolerant for the Goat. Capricorn certainly doesn’t appreciate that behind all the Leo bombast and warm-hearted generosity is a much more sensitive soul who finds criticism and negativity very hard to take. Money matters also become an issue for these two: Leos are the last of the big spenders and Capricorn resents the Lion’s seeming frivolity and very flashy and expensive taste. Capricorn plans for the future and spending today is firmly in second place. On the plus side, Leo’s organisational skills are second to none and it is probably one of the few signs that can drag Capricorn out of its pessimistic moments and encourage it to carry on through difficult times. Sexually this relationship can be very hot, Leo bringing out Capricorn’s very earthy nature. Much compromise and adjustment will have to be made by both signs if this partnership is going to flourish but the patient and slightly reserved Capricorn and the outgoing and faithful Leo have the ability to surmount all obstacles to their joint number one status.

Capricorn and Virgo

Virgo can be a wonderful partner for Capricorn. Both are earth signs and both relish the practical, pragmatic and sensible. Neither is particularly interested in making grand statements or being the ‘in’ couple and both will put security and stability at the top of their list of life’s essentials. Both are very industrious and take great pride in each other’s achievements; Capricorn aware of the work Virgo puts in behind the scenes and Virgo very happy to see Capricorn making steady career progress. Virgo’s quick intelligence and humour is a good match for the Capricorn dry wit and within the relationship there will be no sense of competition. Outside the home, of course, Capricorn would prefer to take centre stage! Problems come for these two in the emotional arena where neither is particularly comfortable. When Capricorn is in a rather negative phase and Virgo in the depth of all sorts of worries, their answer is invariably to focus on business, work harder and ignore the real problems. The ambitious Capricorn sometimes despairs of Virgo’s perfectionist tendencies and over-analytical take on every situation. Virgo is very much more adaptable than Capricorn when push comes to shove and gets irritated at Capricorn’s reluctance to abandon a course of action before it all goes pear-shaped. If anything is really lacking in this partnership it’s a bit of fun and adventure but, with both perhaps aware of the situation and neither prepared to throw caution to the winds, some kind of adjustment can be found that keeps the couple together. Money matters are most unlikely to be a bone of contention as both are very conscious of rainy days. Sexually, they are usually very compatible as both have a sensual, earthy nature and at the start of the relationship their sex life brings great satisfaction. Later, a business before pleasure approach can take over and the intimate moments seem to vanish. This relationship, however, is between two signs that don’t rush into a separation despite the fact that a few will crave new pastures.

Capricorn and Libra

The romantic and urbane Libran in a relationship with the prudent and practical Capricorn sounds like a recipe for all sorts of problems, and yet these two often manage to fall headlong for each other. Although both are cardinal signs and therefore very high-achieving, they are effectively not in competition as each wants something different. The Capricorn ambition is to reach the top of the ladder. The Libran would also like to be extremely successful but will always balance that with the demands of a relationship and is often prepared to put a partnership before personal ambition. To Capricorn, the Libran represents everything it desires in a partner: accomplished, sociable, diplomatic and wishing for a life of peace and harmony. Libra, in turn, feels safe and valued by Capricorn, quite sure that its patient and disciplined approach to life will ensure nothing upsets the Libran equilibrium. The first smidgeon of doubt in this partnership comes over money matters as Libra is a very big spender and lives for the best in life while Capricorn values quality and anything that lasts, but certainly doesn’t want Libra regularly to clear the accounts. The second difference of opinion comes with the Libran’s inability to make a decision up against Capricorn’s rather pessimistic attitude. Neither possesses a lighter touch that stops a small problem from becoming something of a drama. As Capricorn isn’t one of the best at dealing with emotions, it doesn’t understand the Libran’s need for a constant affirmation of its worth. Once Libra goes down that demanding route, Capricorn tends to back off, whereupon Libra starts to make a right song and dance until it is reassured that it is still loved and valued. Capricorn soon finds this kind of scene thoroughly draining and starts to realise it could be in a trap of its own making. Libra also fears that Capricorn isn’t as accommodating as first appeared. For those that stay together, with certain ground rules firmly in place, this can be a very happy and loving relationship.

Capricorn and Scorpio

A Capricorn/Scorpio relationship is potentially one of the most powerful and successful in the zodiac as it’s based on mutual respect, an equal partnership, huge ambitions and a very strong sexual attraction. Capricorn admires Scorpio’s forceful and determined attitude to life while the Scorpion is very comfortable with the Goat’s highly ambitious yet disciplined approach. For Capricorn, who has difficulty expressing its feelings or developing a close rapport, the Scorpion’s passion for life, its magnetic personality and canny ability to get under the Goat’s emotional armour is wonderfully liberating. Scorpio is also able to chivvy the Goat out of its darker moods and inject energy and a can-do attitude. In turn, Capricorn can help Scorpio to focus its boundless energy and, even more importantly, bring a bit of humour into the relationship. Scorpio, in its quest for power and importance, often forgets that life has its funnier moments. The Capricorn’s rather conventional behaviour and thinking sits very happily with the Scorpion’s secretive demeanour and generally both Capricorn and Scorpio like to keep their cards close to their chest. Difficulties can arise between these two if the Scorpio jealousy and envy come into play or Capricorn’s grudging and, more to the point, miserly, thinking. The resulting clash of personalities can be quite seismic and either silence or bitterness can descend or, at worst, bags get packed. Both signs look for the good things in life and are very keen to climb the social ladder: therefore having a very healthy bank balance is an essential. Scorpio perhaps understands the “speculate to accumulate” principle while Capricorn frets about how money is being spent. Sexually, this can be a highly passionate relationship but once the initial excitement is over Scorpio can become frustrated at Capricorn’s “everything in moderation” approach. Generally these two thrive on a mutual goal and want to achieve it together.

Capricorn and Sagittarius

As next-door signs, Capricorn and Sagittarius are radically different, but Capricorn is absolutely fascinated by the outgoing, honest and rather intellectual Archer, to say nothing of its wonderful self-deprecating sense of humour. As neither is particularly comfortable in the emotional arena there is no question of getting into deep and meaningful conversations and both like the light-hearted tone of their relationship. For the Sagittarian it’s the very practical side of the Capricorn nature, together with its dry wit and ambitious plans that are so attractive. Together they think they could make things work brilliantly. Capricorn soon realises, however, that Sagittarius is prone to exaggeration and over-optimism, taking an “it’ll be all right on the night” approach to life which completely rattles the Goat. Equally the Archer cannot understand the Capricorn caution and over-conventional attitudes which grate against the Sagittarian’s breadth of vision and need for independence. For Capricorn, who likes to settle down when all the necessities are in place and certainly wouldn’t contemplate starving in a garret for love, the rather devil-may-care Sagittarian is a mystery. The Archer’s cavalier attitude to money is also at odds with Capricorn’s need to stick to a budget. However, with a bit of give and take, Capricorn’s existence can be very much enlivened by the Sagittarian who takes the Goat out of its comfort zone both socially and personally. At the same time, Capricorn can teach the Archer about realistic goals and toning down its forthright comments, thus ensuring friends and colleagues are not lost! Sexually the earthy Capricorn and the fiery Sagittarius get off to a great start, but over time find they have very different needs in the intimacy stakes and, without a real emotional rapport, find it all too easy to drift apart. For those that stick with the relationship it can bring much happiness and comfort to both, but honesty and self-knowledge on both their parts, plus an agreement on compromise, will be absolutely necessary.

Capricorn and Capricorn

Same sign relationships pose all sorts of problems after the initial feelings of meeting a soul-mate have flown out of the window. Initially two Capricorns feel very safe with each other as neither is into boat-rocking of any kind and both value a sensible and sure-footed way through life. They make sure the budgets are adhered to and that the plans for the next week/year are fulfilled. Even more importantly, they’ll grace the right occasions and entertain the people who matter. Thankfully, amidst all the rather conventional behaviour and practicalities, there will be a great sense of humour: the Capricorn wit will get a double outing. They are also likely to have interests in common and will take great pleasure in each other’s success unless, as is sometimes the case, one is rather resentful of the other’s achievements. When problems and difficulties rear their ugly heads Capricorns often find it tough going. Neither is equipped to look at the positives or to see light at the end of a tunnel. Sometimes they suffer a massive loss of self-confidence: failure is not part of their life plan and pessimism can take over. Spontaneity isn’t in their DNA either and they run the danger of life becoming very routine and lacking in fun or adventure. However, for these two it’s really about building for the future, and in that concept they will totally see eye to eye. If it’s a bit of a struggle from time to time, well, so be it, because they know that come middle to old age they will be in clover and will start to let their hair down in a way that is truly surprising. For all Capricorns life isn’t about immediate personal gratification. Sexually this can be a dynamic relationship as both have the Capricorn lusty sensuality and for many of these couples, this intimacy really helps to maintain the relationship. Later on, both will probably fall into the trap of arranging special dates for sex, and if both choose the same times – all well and good. Many Capricorn duos soldier on through the bad times, but others decide to throw in the towel and seek a dose of positivity.

Capricorn and Aquarius

Next-door signs in the zodiac generally don’t have the best chance of forging a successful partnership and yet Capricorn begs to differ. With Sagittarius, one neighbour, and Aquarius the other, it acts as a steady parental figure to two rather wayward children. So, although there are plenty of potential problems between Capricorn and Aquarius, there is a strong likelihood that they will somehow deal with the tensions and prove, again, that there are exceptions to every rule. To begin with, Capricorn is delighted and a bit flustered at coming across the Aquarian as it seems to be everything Capricorn is not. Capricorn is all about the conventional and doing the right thing whilst Aquarius is idiosyncratic and not averse to a spot or two of rebellion. Each, therefore, has a chance to gain from the other: Capricorn’s views are broadened and Aquarius is encouraged to be more discerning in the causes it takes on. Capricorn possesses fortitude in abundance whereas Aquarius has a tendency to change its views almost on a whim. For both signs there is an opportunity to find a better way of coping with situations and perhaps to learn about compromise, something neither is used to. On the social scene, both will enjoy meeting people from each other’s world and Capricorn in particular will be surprised at how much it likes many of the Aquarian’s friends and acquaintances. Money matters will be quite another story and both will feel they are on a hiding to nothing in trying to change each other’s attitude to spending and saving. This could be their biggest hurdle although if Capricorn could just relax the purse strings a tad and Aquarius curb the expenditure, much stress could be alleviated. This is perhaps not the hottest sexual relationship but it certainly isn’t a non-starter. Because neither sign is really comfortable in the realm of emotions, this is often their best way of developing real understanding. Many Capricorn/Aquarius relationships last longer than predicted and, as neither sign sees flight as the best option, they often stay the course and find a genuine companionship along the way.

Capricorn and Pisces

Earth (Capricorn) needs water (Pisces) so as to be nourished and water needs earth in order to be channelled. Capricorn is initially enchanted by the Piscean’s gentle, kind and selfless nature and particularly fascinated by its seemingly uncanny intuition. Pisces, in turn, sees Capricorn as inherently stable and happy to take charge of situations, thus making the idealistic and dreamy Fish able to indulge its escapist tendencies and not have to worry about the practicalities of life. The other great gift the Piscean has for Capricorn is the ability to soothe and to comfort and somehow to drag the Goat out of its darker moods and worries. Even better, Capricorn begins to let go of its very conventional approach to life and enjoy a few slightly bohemian moments. Where the difficulties for these two arise is in the Capricorn’s need for order and discipline in its life up against the Piscean’s tendency to function amidst a bit of muddle or even, as Capricorn would see it, chaos. Pisces is very difficult to rein in as it tends totally to ignore Capricorn’s controlling net, whereupon the Goat loses its patience, deriding all those wonderful qualities it first saw in the Fish. Pisces also finds the Capricorn’s snobby attitude to people and situations slightly irritating. Pisceans are open hearted and don’t judge anyone until an offence has been committed. Financial matters for Capricorn also become a nightmare as Pisces loves to fritter money away and cannot understand the Goat’s obsession with spreadsheets. Despite these potential drawbacks, this is often an extremely positive and happy relationship, with the Piscean able to widen Capricorn’s social circle and interests and the Goat starting to appreciate aspects of life that do not involve work and making money. Sexually this may well not be a major hearts and flowers partnership, let alone hitting the heights of intimacy, but it is likely to bring much fulfilment to both and will probably improve over the years, rather than diminish.

Capricorn and Sex

Most Capricorn men like to get into the sexual arena at a relatively early age but are often fearful of being seen as inexperienced and nervous. So, their first attempts at intimacy are often with someone much older from whom they learn anything and everything, thus ensuring that they are confident and even skilled when a really serious relationship comes their way. Capricorn women are also very cautious (compared with, say, the adventurous Sagittarian and Aquarian) and like to think that if something is worth having, it’s worth waiting for. The other factor, for all Capricorns, is that sex is never about a quick fumble behind the bike sheds or anywhere else vaguely insalubrious or, even worse, public. As with everything else in the Capricorn life, it all has to be right, and perhaps rather conventional, and the Goat is not going to be a pleasantly surprising lover until it is confident the relationship is going to last for a lot longer. This is not a sign that, generally, goes in for one-night-stands: it seeks stability and commitment.

For all Capricorns, who definitely like the good things in life, despite despairing about the cost, the setting for any sexual encounter has to fulfil their quite exacting standards. Forget anywhere cluttered, messy or in need of a good clean. On the other hand there’s no need to worry about flowers, candles, subtle lighting or any of the usual romantic touches. Capricorns are not comfortable in the realm of the emotions and, for them, sex is about pleasure and certainly not about any soul-baring disclosures or any chat at all about feelings. As an earth sign under the aegis of Bacchus and Pan, Capricorn is sexually very sensual and whilst not particularly tactile in everyday life, can be wonderfully sensitive in the bedroom. Where Capricorn can lose out in the sexual stakes is by forgetting to tell the partner he or she is loved. Capricorn may think its partner is a mind-reader or just knows it anyway, but what Capricorn takes for granted isn’t so obvious to everyone else.

 Many members of this sign like to start a sexual relationship in very grand surroundings, giving the partner an idea of what Capricorn aspires to later in life. It is a sign of its confidence in its own future and, from time to time, it will want to re-visit the opulence of that first occasion. That is when the generous gifts and a more romantic scene will be in the offing. Capricorn certainly doesn’t want to make a bad investment and has to be sure of the returns!

When thinking of Capricorn it’s easy just to focus on its rather serious take on life but its association with two rather raunchy gods indicates that there is more to this sign than meets the eye. Laughter and fun may not be obvious very early on in the relationship, but when it does make an appearance Capricorn will be happy, relaxed and at his or her best: the road to a loving partnership should be clear.

Capricorn and Commitment

Capricorn takes commitment very seriously and for that reason often doesn’t settle down until much later than many of its contemporaries. For a start, the Goat doesn’t see any necessity for having to go through some financial nightmare or, even worse, living in conditions which aren’t up to its exacting standards which an early relationship could involve. With that thought in mind Capricorn saves diligently and plans its future very carefully, making sure everything is totally in order for the partnership phase of its life. Unfortunately it often happens that by the time the Goat is ready for commitment it finds that the world has moved on and suddenly it’s not quite so easy to find the right relationship. On the other hand, some Capricorns meet the right partner early on in life but insist on waiting for job and financial security before taking the plunge. Unless the potential partner has both an abundance of love and great staying power over quite a few years the relationship can be severely tested and often breaks down.

There is also another consideration for Capricorn when it comes to commitment. Firstly, Capricorn has a great sense of honour and will do nothing to jeopardise that. Secondly, as with everything in its life, it needs to be seen to be doing the ‘right’ thing and a partnership has to proclaim its social standing. Having struggled to achieve all of the above, no Capricorn is going to walk away in a hurry. In fact, if separation is ever on the cards, the Goat will fight tooth and nail to prevent it happening, unless of course it sees disgrace on the horizon and then it will walk away with its dignity more or less intact. On a more prosaic note, financial matters will greatly concern Capricorn and the thought of lawyer’s fees and a division of assets is enough to focus the mind wonderfully on staying in a relationship.

A further reason for the Capricorn delay in settling down is its very earthy nature and enjoyment of sex. Capricorn wants to enjoy a varied sex life as much as anyone else but, once in a committed relationship, infidelity is never likely to be considered. The Goat doesn’t want to worry about loves and affairs that never were but remember that it had some great experiences between the sheets! Once committed, if Capricorn has a partner who is drawn to someone else, it’ll be quick to forgive in order that the settled appearance of the relationship isn’t compromised. Patience and perseverance are needed to catch a Capricorn, but once in a committed partnership, that’s exactly where it’ll stay.

Capricorn and Money

Capricorn and money have a very close relationship: in fact most members of this sign would secretly confess that the bank balance matters more than anything else. No member of this sign would like to be called ‘miserly’ but that is often how they are portrayed as one of their mantras is ‘look after the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves’. There is no doubt that Capricorn is an excellent financial manager and nothing gets past its very beady eye when it comes to balancing the books. Always one to obtain the best deal from bank accounts to groceries, Capricorn studies the small print and will, if possible, try to strike a deal over everything. It takes the view that any price is negotiable. Its weak spot is the very special offer to elite clients: anything that makes Capricorn feel it is a cut above the rest is irresistible and, the one time it should be on alert for a scam of some kind, common sense flies out of the window.

No-one could accuse Capricorn of being a big spender in the sense that it is permanently frittering away the cash. However, it likes quality and labels that have stood the test of time and when it makes a purchase it’s bought in order to last a life-time. Many Capricorns, of course, are very proud of the fact that they are still wearing a parent’s jacket, coat or suit: that to them is the very reason they buy top of the range clothes – so that they can be passed down to the next generation. In the same way, Capricorn will always buy a sensible car which is value for money and designed to do a considerable mileage. With the idea that saving money is very important to the Goat’s well-being, hunting for a bargain is essential. However, their thinking on this isn’t always logical: driving miles to get the cheapest petrol, grabbing the BOGOF items when they’ll not be used or taking up a subscription offer without, for once, reading the small print and realising it’s going to cost a lot more than first thought.

Lest it should be thought that Capricorn doesn’t have either generosity or the ability to splash out a bit, the Goat can surprise all and sundry by making a hefty donation to a favourite charity or coming up with a very kind gesture to someone in need. Loved ones are also thrown when it decides that an exotic holiday is just what everyone needs. Of course, having made a dent in the accounts, there will be much fretting about how to build up the lucre, but the holiday and the unexpected gifts will be remembered for a long time. When Capricorn loosens the purse strings it comes from the heart. Capricorn, of course, goes into old age with a massive pension pot and all sorts of plans for enjoying a very pleasant retirement. For many of them, however, there is an unspoken regret that they never really enjoyed their money when younger. Advising a younger Capricorn, they would possibly mention that it’s good to release funds at all stages of life and generosity brings wonderfully unexpected rewards.

Capricorn at Home

Capricorn and Cancer are the two signs of the zodiac who most value heritage and family connections and in many Capricorn homes there will be items that have come down through the generations. Often it’s pieces of furniture that have been inherited, but there will be anything from china and glass to smaller items that have a special link with a former home, a grandparent or some other time or place from the past. Capricorns are always keen to keep memories alive and, even if an object isn’t particularly liked, it’s kept for family reasons. Photos of the achievements of previous generations are also usually on show.

Whilst Capricorn doesn’t feel it actually has to live in a very grand place, it would definitely like to. A charming, but cramped country cottage will probably not fit the bill but the Goat will feel totally comfortable in houses with high ceilings and spacious rooms. No Capricorn home is likely to be cluttered or in a mess: there will certainly be a sense of order and there’s usually an elegance about the Capricorn home but at the same time a welcoming warmth. This is a sign that knows how to do things well and, despite their sometimes seemingly reserved behaviour, usually throws an extremely good and stylish party. A well-appointed kitchen is on the wish list of most Capricorns, but a rather haphazard kitchen supper and taking pot luck won’t be on the menu. The Goat likes to impress, wants everything to run like clockwork, and hopes its domestic scene is where everyone will feel totally at home.

Although the colours associated with Capricorn are basically very dark – black, grey, brown and dark green, all can be adapted or used in small doses in the home. Their birthstone is the garnet – a beautiful red – and astrologically onyx, jet and the sapphire all have associations with Capricorn. Trailing ivy and small, colourful flowers such as pansies also have connections with this sign, although any flower arrangements in the home are likely to be big but not blousy. The Goat’s musical tastes are invariably rooted in the classical and they are often avid concert and opera-goers. There are plenty of Capricorns, however, who champion modern music of all kinds.

 On the whole, Capricorns don’t have the catholic reading taste of their Sagittarian neighbours, nor are they likely to possess the huge amount of shelving given over to books. Their reading matter is likely to be far more specialised whether it’s the latest best seller, bought so that others can see that Capricorn is bang up to date, or books concerned with the Goat’s particular interests. Some Capricorns are known to buy a full set of Dickens novels or have the Iliad or Odyssey in a prime place, but this is usually a promise to themselves that one day they will read the lot – probably after retirement when they have time for pleasure rather than work.

Generally the Capricorn home is impressive for one reason or another and the Goat takes enormous pride in what its hard work has achieved and likes to feel it deserves respect. Once the Goat has joined what it considers to be quite an exclusive club, it’s not going to hide its success. It’s made the grade and is more than happy for everyone to know it.

Capricorn and Leisure

For the hard-working, diligent and thoroughly responsible Capricorn, the idea that there is such a thing as leisure can come as a bit of a surprise unless retirement looms and it is wondering how to fill its time. Luckily the Goat usually has plenty of interests and, although they have possibly been rather neglected when business takes up so much of its time, they’re certainly not forgotten. Many Capricorns are very capable mountaineers and rock climbers and also excellent sailors, whether it’s the local dinghy or a yacht. This is not quite so surprising as it may seem, because Capricorn was not only associated with the mountain goat, but the mythological sea goat and therefore water and every sport associated with it is a very natural fit with this sign. As most Capricorns really don’t want to go to seed they are often keen cyclists and happy to partake in exercise of some kind. Gym membership is probably not their preferred method of keeping fit unless, of course, it’s an exclusive club with restricted membership.

Holidaying with Capricorn is never likely to involve a fortnight on the beach, soaking up the sun. This is a sign very much concerned with heritage and will want to seek out anything from the Taj Mahal or a local church to a palace or a modest building which oozes history. India, and particularly Delhi, has associations with Capricorn, and Mexico City, Brussels and Oxford are also linked to the Goat. When places are linked to a particular sign, it’s often indicative of a feeling of connection with that particular country or city or, quite the opposite, a total alienation. Whichever way it goes, strong emotions are generated.

Like Taurus and Virgo, the other earth signs, Capricorns are often green-fingered and enjoy getting their hands into the soil. For the Goat, however, it’s often much more about the overall planning of a garden than dealing with the intricacies of planting. However, there are clearly many members of this sign who take enormous pleasure in spending time in the greenhouse, taking a great interest in flowers, shrubs and trees and deciding what will go where. As to the lawn, Capricorn will spend hours perfecting that! For those without a garden, their balcony or window box will be the most colourful in the vicinity.

Going to concerts and the theatre as well as talks and lectures are all on the Capricorn’s leisure agenda and books or music associated with any of them are invariably on the ‘to buy’ list. Despite its fondness for the past, Capricorns also like to feel they are keeping up with what is going on in the world right now. At retirement, the business before pleasure principle which has been the Goat’s driving force for years suddenly gives way to something completely different. Capricorn is just delighted that its financial planning has come good and it can travel to all parts of the world and even throw caution to the winds. Capricorn gets younger in spirit as it gets older and by pension age, it’s ready to embrace leisure and pleasure with great fervour. Capricorn has the last laugh!

Food, Drink and Diets for Capricorn

Heritage means a lot to Capricorn and, as far as food is concerned, this sign is invariably wedded to meals that bring back memories of childhood and were the favourites of earlier generations. The Sunday roast is rarely discarded as Capricorn loves its meat and two veg and, whilst not averse to trying out a few different cuisines, it invariably comes back to the dishes that a parent or grandparent made so well. This is not a sign for experimenting with all sorts of new culinary trends just for the sake of it: Capricorn knows what it likes and invariably sticks with it.

For Capricorn, of course, labels are important and as far as wines are concerned they tend to stay with the tried and tested and like to feel that they are providing real quality for guests. In the privacy of their own kitchen, they might well open a bottle or two from a new vineyard or one that has been recommended by the connoisseurs, but as always, Capricorn must be seen to be embracing the best. Champagne is also their tipple and, again, it’ll be the genuine article. As far as matching parts of the world with an astrological sign, Greece and various parts of Eastern Europe are associated with Capricorn and liquor from those regions might suit them just as well. The South American countries producing excellent wines could also gain favour with this sign.

Capricorn enjoys its food and drink but, as befits this very prudent and cautious sign, understands “moderation in all things” and “a little of what you fancy does you good”. Unlike certain other signs, it is unlikely to binge and to put on vast amounts of weight. The knees are one of Capricorn’s vulnerable areas and it’s often a twinge or pain in that area that signifies a bit of excess is being carried. Another Capricorn health domain is the skin and many members of this sign have a smooth and glowing countenance well into old age. If a Capricorn should need to diet, it’s probably going to respond to one that is pretty strict and regimented and preferably relatively short. Capricorns understand that a little bit of suffering can bring great rewards.

Presents for Capricorn

Capricorn is probably the least showy sign of the Zodiac so the favourite presents will always be discreet, very tasteful and a reminder that the Goat favours the finer things in life. Although all Capricorns worry about their own expenditure, they are always secretly delighted when they are given very generous presents or, even better, someone has made a huge effort to find exactly the right gift – for a song. Capricorn understands that mentality and thinks highly of anyone else who can be so clever.

Flowers, chocolate and wine seem like a bit of cliché, but for Capricorns they’d be perfect, and anything for the garden would be welcome too, especially a rather unusual plant that can be a conversation point. Also for the garden, an outdoor game of some kind will enliven any gathering. A box of very special chocolates or a particularly sought-after drink – perhaps the latest artisan gin – won’t go amiss and as Capricorn has associations with India, a rather exotic tea might be very appropriate. A small gift of a very special gourmet food will appeal to Capricorn, and especially if it smacks of exclusivity.

Beneath the Capricorn lady’s sometimes rather severe exterior exists a very foxy lady and racy lingerie could be her hidden vice. She’ll also love small but exquisite and understated pieces of jewellery, preferably from a local craftsman. This very clever woman has a wonderful knack of finding statement pieces which don’t cost a fortune and loves it when someone gives her a present in the same vein. For the Capricorn man, it’ll be something very discreet that says a lot. Anything vulgar is not for this gentleman.

The Capricorn sense of humour must never be forgotten and it is often the mug with the witty slogan, the amusing poster or the book that brings tears of laughter that is a treat for the Goat. However demanding and particular Capricorn might be, no-one is better pleased with a well-chosen present and, to mark its appreciation, a charming letter of thanks will be quickly in the post.

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