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Aries Sun Aries Moon

aries-sun-aries-moonYou belong to the positive or executive group. Whatever anyone else can say about you, it will never be that you don’t know your own mind. In fact, it’s far more likely that they will say you know your own mind too well and are too ready to express whatever comes into it, for independence is the outstanding trait of your nature – independence in both intellectual and material matters. You are an individualist, first, last, and always; you believe in yourself, and in your own ability to overcome the forces of heaven and earth, man and God, in order to arrive at that goal of personal ambition which is so clearly defined in your mind as to be already an actuality.

You are likely to be somewhat intolerant of divergent opinions on the part of others. Not only are you intolerant of them, but you may just plain not understand them, for understanding is not your strong point. The troubles of other people are not especially interesting to you, although by a paradoxical twist you frequently expect other people to listen to your troubles, at some considerable length. Not because you want or need or expect or would be likely to use advice, but just because you are so absorbed by your own problems that you expect everyone else to be willing and even anxious to listen to them. You express readily and forcefully and with considerable dramatic effect.

All in all, you are a rather impressive person and more likely than not to go places and do things with that excellent quick intelligence and that absorption in your own life, your own problems, and your own ambitions. Even if you haven’t had a college education – and you are so energetic and ambitious that it’s likely you would leave formal schooling behind, out of sheer impatience – your mind is always active: reading, talking, discussing. You are not a student in the profound sense of the word, but you get things readily and will keep on getting them as long as you live.

There’s nothing the matter with your head – nor with your heart either, as far as that goes. But despite an affectionate nature which craves understanding, you are not likely to get it until you have learned to be more interested in other people. You have to overcome a tendency to appear hard-boiled through being too matter of fact. You see the intellectual and sensible solution to personal problems so readily that you don’t quite get the emotional turmoil of less intellectual people who feel more and analyze less. Try to see things from the other fellow’s viewpoint. Learn to temper your independence with cooperation and tact and with consideration for the wishes and feelings of others, and there is nothing you cannot do. This is one of the best combinations of Sun and Moon and leads far upward, once you have mastered the more self-centered leanings of your nature and learned to objectify.

Grant Lewi

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