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Aries Horoscope 8 – 9


A woman ironing white linen.

She drags the heavy iron over the white linen, pushing the shadows out of it. A place must be made for the light, a place where it may fall evenly. Linen to cover bodies, to wrap mummies, to hang on the wall where it may receive pictures, moving or still. The linen bears the imprint of whatever touches it, is prone to infestations of darkness which come to live in its shadows. She the protector of the linen, the disperser of darkness.

Azoth Oracle

A man slowly grinding the picture off a stone.

When the seer Anarand died there were many pictures of him which had been painted on stone. the reason stone was chosen as a basis on which to depict him is that he was famous for having taught of the means of addressing those most hard and difficult places within the self.

It was decided, though, by the wise that all depictions of him must be rubbed clean, the stone ground down until his image disappeared. For he also taught that personality and identity are the most difficult challenges the self faces, and to go beyond these is the goal.

It has since become traditional in Aab to paint portraits of this great Sage and then deface them in the manner described, many of these blank stones adorning the homes and temples of Aab.


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