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Aries Horoscope 7 – 8


A man journeying far north to the mouth of a river.

Water looks to collect – seeks wholeness – the sea, where it may rest for awhile, immersed in itself, before it ascends, becomes clouds, takes up tenancy in pools, mirrors itself in drops, being separate and yet not. The man wonders, when he arrives at the mouth of the river, what will it have to say?

Azoth Oracle

Palms bending and twisting in a hurricane.

To the far south of Peth the palm trees on the Cipafic sea are known to suddenly begin to writhe violently, their fronds whipping about even in still air. It is from this that inhabitants know a hurricane is coming soon, and also know that they have ample time to prepare for it. For this reason they are known as the Psychic Palms of Aab, and by some as Guardians Against the Anger of Air and Waters.


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