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Aries Horoscope 5 – 6


An actor forgets his lines and makes up new ones.

Lines are coming out of the actor’s mouth – ones no one’s ever heard before. They wash over the other actors in the play like fresh-fallen water. One actor continues with the proper lines, which in the context of the new ones cease to make sense – the audience laughs at the delightful surreality. Another actress feels herself freed of the script – she drinks in the new words and finds new words of her own. Behind them, the scenery is melting, the lights taking on a life of their own. Even the costumes’ fabric feels itself beginning to reweave.

Azoth Oracle

Mathematical formulae on a blackboard are wiggling and dancing.

When Irnad taught his classes on Alchemy at the university of Peth it was always observed that when he wrote formulae on the blackboard the lines always danced and wiggled like tentacles or newly hatched insects. When new students were surprised at this he always told them, “Do you think these formulae which describe the processes of life are just abstract concepts? Dead ideas? No! They live because I will them to! My chalk is the conduit through which my imagination flows. Look! They cannot wait to escape this board and wiggle their way into your head. Inspiration is a virus, and is highly infectious!”


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