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Aries Horoscope 3 – 4


A man destroying a wall as he attempts to eradicate black mold from a house.

He swings the bright axe. The wall cracks, chunks of plaster crash to the floor, the black mold’s tentacles exposed to the light.

As he hacks away he remembers – not one thing but a residue of many things, a dark blur of dreams and fragments of memories which have slept and grown and accumulated in these walls for untold generations.

The roof caves. Sun and wind flood in, finding a new home. The darkness is freed.

Azoth Oracle

Letters formed of writhing glowing snakes.

The Temple of Knowing in the province of Zimbar is famous for the snakes it raises, which are trained by Alchemists. These snakes, under certain astrological influences occurring periodically and known to their trainers, will display themselves together and, beginning to glow, will shape themselves in the form of the words of sacred texts, and not only this, but will writhe into new patterns that continue the text’s words.

It has been found that over many generations of these snakes that there are ones who have been born which have ceased to form the words already recorded in books, and who, instead create words of their own.

It is in this manner that the Snake Texts of Zimbar continue to be written.


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