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Aries Horoscope 20-21


A woman drying flowers and carefully preserving their colors.

In past lives she had been skilled in the art of mummification. Mummifying flowers was much more difficult, for colors preferred to inhabit living flesh, rather than a lifeless tomb. She performed her work by talking to the colors – by telling them of future eyes to which they would bring joy, and future imaginations, which they would brighten. For the sake of joy and imagination the colors decided to stay, at least for awhile.

Azoth Oracle

Piers Alzan, notorious pirate had come by a gold coin which was said to be a part of a great treasure, which he sought for many years but never found. He have it to his love, the Lady Taria Tsarkhan, who, fearing the wrath of her husband fled to the far north. It was in a village on the shores of the Caladan Sea that she found herself overwhelmed by a strange, persistent obsession to board a boat headed for the Northern Wastes.

Finding a ship to take her there she arrived on the desolate shore she was abandoned in the icy wastes. It was here that a most marvelous event occurred: The coin began to glow white hot, and rising into the air became like a little sun, and for a several miles around her, which stretched to the nearest mountains, the ice melted, and all manner of grasses, herbs flowers and fruit-bearing trees sprang forth from the land, along with birds and deer and streams full of fish, creating a miniature paradise.


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