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Aries Horoscope 19-20


Streets littered with many colors of confetti.

The celebrations were over and cars were running over the colored confetti. The rainbows had been thrown from high buildings, glittering down onto the arade. Now the thousands of pieces strewn everywhere were merging with the rest of the city’s trash and dirt. But even as they were increasingly obliterated, they left behind a residue of joy that all felt, even those who weren’t aware of it.

Azoth Oracle

Irnad said, “People are always looking for remedies to heal them, but remedies look even harder for people. The problem is, the aspects of people which need to be healed hide themselves, and can sometimes be as elusive as carefully concealed treasures, or the secret tombs of magicians. And so I, being a healer, am a private detective in the employ of the remedy. When a patient comes to me it is I who stalk the source of the discord, and, once it’s discovered, the remedy too is always there asleep at its core, and only needs to be awakened.”


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