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Aries Horoscope 16-17


A man is riding a horse north as he searches for the Kingdom of the Fairies.

The terrain is becoming more and more desolate and rocky. And the voice of the stream along which the man is riding his horse seems increasingly crystalline. The man feels he can hear directions in its voice, telling him that, yes, he is on the right track. The stream becomes smaller and smaller dwindling to nearly nothing until the man sees that it is being wept from a tiny pearl of incredible beauty that lies on the ground. Swallow me, whispers the voice, and I shall take you to the land you seek.

Azoth Oracle

It was not until Irnad’s birth that, trough his far-seeing, the mystery of how the circle of Giant stones know as Hengestone and the many other great stone circles that are found all over Aab came to be erected.

Irnad said, “You look for a single method, but through my voyages into the past I have seen that the ancients had many technique at their disposal — sometimes they enlisted the forces of lightning, at other times violent circular winds came to their aid, sometimes through special levers and the power of men and horses, and sometimes through the singing of specially designed songs to make the stones light. Also through meditation.

“And, of course, sometimes they simply explained to the stones their intentions, and stone, being more reasonable and willing to give assistance than many realize, were then most happy to arrange themselves according to expectation.”


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