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Aries Horoscope 15-16


To rejuvenate himself, a man is partially buried in the earth.

With just my arms and head sticking out of the ground I have become a plant. I feel my toes elongating and growing hair roots, my fingers spouting leaves. My eyes are disappearing, in fact, all my features are melting away, becoming the center of a flower. You know, flowers actually do have faces, although they are invisible, for they’re meant to be seen with something other than the eyes.

Azoth Oracle

The great sages Imbar and Aspeth had never met, for they lived a great distance from each other, Imbar in the east and Aspeth in the west. Both of these sages were known for their warmth and charity, and their devotion to healing through the power of love. When the two had reached a very great age they were invited to a grand convocation of Wise Ones in Aab, to which both journeyed.

It is said that when they first met each shook the others’ hand and that many who witnessed this touch saw a light emanating from it, a glow full of colors clear as a northern rainbow.

From that moment on both their right hands continued to glow in this manner, and the healing powers of these hands was much magnified and potentized and sought out by those who suffered.

It is due to this event that thereafter both sages were known as “Seer of the Single Hand.”


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