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Aries Horoscope 11-12


Before the end of a movie, a man leaves the theater.

He’s already seen this movie. Wasn’t he the one who made it? No. But he’s almost sure that he’s the actor playing the lead. He can’t remember making this film. It’s hard to focus on the plot when his curiosity will not let go of these questions. Burning to answer them, he leaves the theater, before the movie ends, to find a mirror so he can see if he is, in fact, the actor on the screen.

Azoth Oracle

There is a demon who lives in the foothills of the Iridar Mountains and who takes the form of a cave. He usually looks like a rather small one into which a traveler wanders, but as he explores further he finds many passageways which draw him onward deeper and deeper into chambers both vast and small and endless branching tunnels.

At last, fearing that he might not be able to find his way back he tries to return, but the cave is mutable and continually changes his shape. Eventually the travellers loses his light and find himself wandering endlessly in the dark, which delights this deamon for he feeds on fear.

Some unlucky travelers eventually die of fright in the unlimited bowels of this demon. The lucky one’s exhaust themselves and falling into a deep sleep wake to find themselves in a meadow far from the Iridar Mountains.

There are ones who have gone to look for this cave, but it has never been found. The cave is little interested in such people, who have a deficit of fear and prefers, rather,to appear at will to the anxious and apprehensive, who it considers rich morsels to satisfy its appetites.


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