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Aries Horoscope 10-11


A hospital for birds.

Candles burn all night in the bird hospital, their flames fluttering like wings. The doctors have lit these candles, for they are imbued with sky magic – the trembling flames bring life back into wings.

The flames enter the birds’ dreams and carry them high into a vast blue. It is the sky that heals them, brought there by the mysterious fluttering flames, anchored to their candles by little pieces of sky.

Azoth Oracle

From a slowly moving swan rippling circles spread out over a pond.

On the lake of Azad there is a single white swan who is used by the seers of Peth as an oracle. They say that when this swan swims in the lake it creates ripples on the water whose patterns carry visions of future events, and answers to unsolved mysteries. And as the disturbances that the swan’s body makes as it swims spread out across the lake the seers are able to recognize wider and wider implications and subtleties concerning what they have asked.

It is said that this swan is the incarnation of Harpoka, Goddess of Silence, for the swan has lived by the lake for centuries, and is said by the wise to be deathless.

And as Irad the Loquacious has often remarked, “Truth is a gentle disturbance that arises softly and spontaneously, from the void.”


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